31 October 2004  

  • Updated. Minor updates to what I've written before...
  • Umm, you know how I said I wasn't going to update much until November...? ^_^;; Well, I was hoping my heavy workload would be over by the Friday just past. Unfortunately, it's not over yet, and I'm not sure when it'll continue until. I won't be as busy as I have been for the past couple of months, and I'm not sure how busy I'll be from now on. If I'm lucky, I may be able to start updating this site again shortly. If not, it may not be until December, if not January 2005, if not February 2005 ;_; Also, after all this work, I need a holiday... -_- Another friend is getting married, again in Singapore. Why do my friends like to get married in Singapore? In this case, neither my friend nor her fiance live in Singapore. They live in Sydney. Still, they've decided to get married in Singapore ^_^;; I hate having to wear formal clothes at any time; do you know how it feels wearing formal clothing in a hot and humid country like Singapore? -_- Oh well, still, it provides an opportunity to have a holiday ^_^ While I'm at it, I'll see if I can't slip in a side trip to Japan or South Korea or something ^_^ But I digress... the really heavy workload is over now (I took Friday evening, Saturday and most of today off \^_^/ ) but I'll still be busy for now, and then hopefully I'll be overseas in January, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to updating this page properly. Sorry m(_ _)m
  • Due to work commitments, I haven't been keeping up with things anime and manga. Well, not much, anyway. I've tried to keep up with my purchases - no matter what, the shopping must continue ^_^;; The other pleasure I allowed myself was to attend a performance of Carmina Burana, the classical composition by Carl Orff, back in late July. Tickets went on sale last year, but since I could see my work getting heavy, I thought I'd leave the booking til later when I'd have a better idea of which day I might be free. In July I suddenly realised I hadn't booked a ticket yet - by then the three performances were all sold out ;_; Who'd think classical music performances would sell out? ;_; Then again, this was the first ever production featuring the combined talents of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Ballet and the West Australian Opera, as part of the centenary celebrations of His Majesty's Theatre in Western Australia - one of two last remaining "His Majesty's" Theatres in the world (the other being in Scotland, I believe). But as luck would have it, I was able to secure a cancelled booking for a seat \^_^/ And as luck would have it again, as I rushed to the theatre from work that night, I walked into the theatre minutes before the curtain rose and was able to snatch up the very last program booklet they had on sale \^_^/ Tough luck for the lady who walked in only seconds behind me :P There was a Noh performance in October, which also featured an introductory seminar on the Japanese artform, but unfortunately I was too busy with work to attend that one... ;_;
  • I got my first edition limited edition version of volume 4 of the manga Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn) by Iwahara Yuji, which comes with diorama featuring main character Kasumi. Also got my first edition limited edition version of the manga Ichigeki Sacchuu!! Hoihoi-san (Interceptor-doll Hoihoi-san) by Tanaka Kunihiko (of Ruin Explorers Fam and Ihrlie fame). The limited edition version came with different manga cover and 10 minute OVA DVD. Looks like the limited edition version sold out pretty quickly and is worth a bit more nowadays ^_^
  • Got my copy of Oh! great's manga volume Naked Star. It contains one new story but otherwise basically collects together almost all of Oh! great's miscellaneous works (whether for adult or general audiences) previously published in various places: his G^3 doujinshi volumes, Comic Rei-shiki magazine, Manga Hot Milk magazine, Monthly Shonen Ace magazine, Ultrajump Megamix volume 1. The only finished manga of his which I'm aware of which is not in this compilation is A+ (A Plus), which was published in an issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2000. The G^3 volume 1 doujinshi also had a manga in an unfinished form.
  • On Tenjou Tenge: there was no chapter of the manga in the November 2004 issue of Ultrajump magazine (published in October) nor will there be a chapter in the December 2004 issue (published on 19 November 2004). However, the December 2004 issue will instead come with a TenTen pinup and rather than a chapter of the normal manga, it'll contain a "bangai hen" (ie something outside the normal TenTen story - eg it could be some TenTen side story, or TenTen parody or something). The Shueisha website for the manga has also updated with a wallpaper you can download, but you need to enter a password available in November 2004 issue of Ultrajump magazine, which I don't have yet ;_;
  • The December 2004 issue of Ultrajump magazine (to be published on 19 November 2004) will also come with an article on South Korean game creator/artist Kim Hyung Tae in the wake of the release in Japan of the game Magna Carta (for Playstation 2) on 11 November 2004. Furthmore, on 25 December 2004, enterbrain in Japan will publish the mook Kim Hyung Tae Gashuu (art collection) "Oxide 2x" (pronounced "Oxide 2 ecks" if you get my meaning), price 2,625 yen (including tax), 176 pages. Apparently it'll be like the original Korean book Oxide but with additional pages. B5 size, which doesn't seem that large if you ask me... If you like Kim's artwork, you can download three wallpapers from the official Japanese website for the Magna Carta game linked above by clicking on the "extra" button on that site, then the first button that appears thereafter. And if you buy the Magna Carta game for Playstation 2, looks like it'll come with a 44 page of illustrations and design works (while stocks last).
  • I picked up volume 8 of the Ikki Tousen manga by Shiozaki Yuji. His artwork gets better and better, though the characters often look too posed. I also thought I'd try out the much maligned English translated/adapted version "Battle Vixens" by TokyoPop, so I picked up volume 4. It sucketh mightily. That's not a translation - that's a disgrace. Here's a sample for comparison purposes:
    Ikki Tousen manga volume 4, original version (rough-ish translation by me)-
    Page 79, panel 3- Choushou: N-No, two years ago... there was an omen that a toushi would come to the Hyakkuhekitou lodged here and draw it out easily . The omen that troubled times would be visited upon this age...
    Panel 5- Ryomou: Master [or teacher], what's that strange ki?!
    Page 80, panel 1- Choushou: Ryomou, take this girl back to the house.
    Ryomou: B-But, Master.
    Battle Vixens manga volume 4, English adapted version-
    Page 93, panel 3- Choushou: Two years past... the omen... "Big of breast and small of brain, a toushi will come, the Hyakuhekitou to free." I thought they were yankin' my chain! Her?! This "Chrissy" in training?! Even her ki screams "bimbo!"
    Panel 5- Ryoumo: Master! I sense a disturbance in the force!
    Page 94 panel 1- Choushou: Take her inside. And never quote Star Wars to me again.
    Ryoumo: But... something comes...
    Well, you get the idea. I don't think I'll bother buying the rest of the English adaptation - reading it was sort of... annoying and unsatisfying. BTW, sorry, I'm not up to date with US vernacular: what's a "Chrissy"?
  • I watched Millennial Actress again recently (over a few occasions). Better than Tokyo Godfathers IMO. In fact, if I had to pick a favourite anime movie (I don't normally think about things like favourite series, favourite character, favourite song etc), it would have to be Millennial Actress. I've also got the Millennial Actress visual book which was released by Madhouse (who did the animation production). An excellent book of scenes from the movie (albeit small pics), background explanations, interviews, lineart etc. Two thirds of the text also has English translation, including an interesting interview with director Kon Satoshi. The book can be a bit hard to track down, but worth the effort IMO.
  • Got my copy of "robot" volume 1, edited by Murata Range. Cover illustration by Murata, first short manga is by Murata but it's only four pages long and has about seven words of text. The book is a nice A4 size and full colour. Haven't had time to read though it (except the seven words in Murata's manga ^_^ ) but I note that "robot" volume 2 will be released in January 2005.
  • Managed to get a copy of the Matsumoto Izumi Official Fanbook Volume 1 "Recurrence" which was released at Comic Market 66 (ie back in August). The contents are mainly comprised of a long interview with Matsumoto (who is of course the mangaka who created Kimagure Orange Road), illustrations including a few of Kasuga Kyosuke's mother and an early KOR manga in rough form featuring a Hiyama Kenji (originally planned as Hikaru's older brother and a rival for Kyosuke) and Akemi (Kyosuke's mother, who is alive in this early draft).
  • The Genshiken TV anime has started \^_^/ From what I've heard, the anime seems to pretty much follow the manga. I hope they include the chapter from volume 4 of the manga where Kanako (the Genshiken's resident cosplayer) falls sick and non-otaku Saki has to fill in for her - that's a great scene ^_^ I've seen one episode of the anime. One thing which struck me was the backgrounds - they're done by Studio Easter (sp?). Easter has fast become my favourite animation production company for backgrounds (based on its work for Genshiken and R.O.D - The TV -) - their backgrounds are exquisite. Too bad I can't find a website for the company... Anyway, back to Genshiken: volume 5 of the manga by Kio Shimoku will be published by Kodansha on 22 November 2004 (price 530 yen including tax). First edition will come with a bookmark. As with volume 4, there are four different types of bookmark, so you have to buy multiple copies if you want to collect all the bookmarks -_- Also on 22 November 2004 Kodansha will publish the "Genshiken Official Book", price 980 yen (including tax). BTW, I note that the Genshiken manga has been licensed by Del Rey for publication in English starting April 2005. In the Genshiken manga Kujibiki Unbalance (KujiAn) is a manga that all the club members read. In the Genshiken anime, KujiAn is an anime that all the club members watch. A KujiAn anime has been created as well. Mainly it just appears in the Genshiken anime as the show which the characters watch, like Gekigangar 3 appears in the Nadesico anime. However, three KujiAn episodes have been animated (1, 21 - a digest episode - and 25 - effectively the final episode of the series) and will be released as OVAs - apparently only available by buying the three DVD box sets for Genshiken (as opposed to the individual DVD volumes). I'm not going to set out the release details for the DVDs, by now you get that info elsewhere. I got my copy of the December 2004 issue of Afternoon magazine (published 25 October 2004), which came with a bonus DVD containing the first half of episode 1 of the Genshiken anime, the first half of episode 1 of the Kujibiki Unbalance OVA (albeit with advertising text scrolling across the bottom of the screen) and a couple of trailers for Shinkai Makoto's upcoming anime Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bassho "The place promised in our early days" (which has been licensed in the US by ADV Films). Oh yeah, back on 22, 23 and 24 October 2004 there was the Tokyo International Entertainment Market 2004 convention. A friend picked up the Genshiken and KujiAn design works collections for me there \^_^/
  • To matters Shirow Masamune. His final booklet poster was enclosed with issue number 20 of Uppers magazine (published in early October IIRC). The following issue 21 (published a week or two back) was the final issue of Uppers magazine, which has stopped publication after about six and half years. Details about the release of the Galgrease artbooks are still unclear.
  • Got a copy of the Kawamoto Toshihiro Cowboy Bebop Illustrations ~ The Wind ~ artbook, which was published about a week ago. ISBN 4-7973-2781-2, price 2,800 yen (excluding tax), from Softbank Publishing. A thick book but actually only 144 pages (the paper must be thick). Even so, it's packed with 276 rough sketches and finished works, mostly finished works. Art from the TV series, movie and a few for the game as well. Furthermore all text in this book is bilingual Japanese and English (except for two pages of interviews). If you want Cowboy Bebop artwork, this is the book to get. Kawamoto was of course the character designer for the series.
  • Got issue number 1 (October 2004, published on 10 September 2004) of the new magazine Pash! which describes itself as dealing with "cute characters, hobbies, goodies, animation films and more! A brand-new subculture magazine for *adult women only*". Not too different from other magazines, but in this case the target market is adult women. For example, main features in this issue are Full Metal Alchemist and Gundam Seed Destiny and the magazine covers the usual stuff like anime, games (including boys' love games), interviews with seiyuu, stage events (eg Prince of Tennis etc), upcoming movies (including live action), music (fandom related and otherwise), DVDs, books, manga, toys. In addition, there are sections on "Cute Guys on TV" (live action doramas), live action TV shows and dolls.
  • There's other stuff which I've bought and news which I've come across in the past three months or so that I've been away from this website, but I can't remember it at present ^_^;;

25 September 2004  

  • Going to be very busy again. I expect even less updates than what I'm doing now. To repeat, probably won't update much until November...
  • For Evangelion (and Keroro Gunso - Sgt Frog) fans, the December 2004 issue of Shonen Ace-A magazine (on sale 26 October 2004) will come with a coupon to apply for an Asuka action figure by Masaki Apsy, who also created the Rei action figure which came with the first limited edition of volume 9 of the Evangelion manga. Here's another pic of the Asuka figure. Note: the magazine does not come with the figure - instead, the magazine will contain a coupon. You'll need to cut out the coupon and send it in (with money - it's not a freebie) to purchase the figure. Source: Mangaoh Club. Presumably applications won't be accepted from overseas... The December 2004 issue will also come with an Afro Gunso strap.
  • The December 2004 issue of Comic Gum magazine (on sale 26 October 2004) will come with a box to hold all eight volumes of the Mahoromatic manga. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • No release details yet, but I might as well post it up before I get really busy. Tenjou Tenge figures to be released by Kaiyodo (and avex) in future. Exhibited at the recent summer Wonder Festival 2004, the figures consist of:
    Action figures sculpted by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa.
    Display models sculpted by Miyagawa Takeshi (who created the figures for the limited edition versions of volumes 9 and 12 of the manga). Pic of the faces here.
    Busts by Enoki Tomohide.
    Display models sculpted by Bome of Natsume Maya and Natsume Aya.
    As stated above, no release dates nor prices are available at present. Source: Shokugan Honpo. (The Tenjou Tenge figures appear on this page of the Shokugan Honpo website. Note the figures from Kurosawa Akira movies on that page as well ^_^ The diorama there is a scene from the Yojimbo movie ^_^ ). This page on the Omakezuki Takara no Ukifune website has more pics of the Tenjou Tenge figures (see the second group of photos, click on them for enlargements). BTW, I like this Robin Sena figure (from Witch Hunter Robin) as well ^_^ (pic linked from the Pure Plastic Planet website).

22 September 2004  

  • On 23 August 2004, I wrote about first pressing of DVD volume 4 of the Tenjou Tenge anime coming with a box. The official website states that the box will hold all (eight) volumes in the series and further it'll be illustrated by Oh! great \^_^/ Release details here at CD Japan's site but note that the release date may have been put back a month to 25 November 2004 ;_;
  • In brief:
  • ABC article on "marathon monks" of Kyoto.
  • Volume 8 of the manga Ikki Tousen by Shiozaki Yuji will be published by Wani Books on 25 October 2004, price 945 yen (including tax).
  • The November 2004 issue of Ultrajump magazine (on sale around 19 October 2004) will come with a Tenjou Tenge postcard. There are four varieties of postcard to collect, including previously unpublished artwork.
  • Final brief article of mine on the anime industry. This time it's anime studios, and the article more than a "brief" while to type up >_< I've provided links to the four articles on my homepage, in case for some bizarre reason someone wants to refer to the articles later. Ciao.

18 September 2004  

15 September 2004  

11 September 2004  

  • Sorry, still busy, tired, headaches etc. Haven't been keeping up with the anime/manga world. May still be a while before I feel I have the time to update with any frequency. But never fear, my online shopping for anime and manga goods continues unabated ^_^
  • As I wrote before, there'll be a limited edition version of volume 6 of the School Rumble manga. It'll come with strap figures of main character Tsukamoto Tenma together with Karasuma Ooji - ie, figures attached to a strap which you can presumably use for a mobile phone, zipper etc. The manga volume will be published on 17 September 2004, limited edition version 1,400 yen, regular edition 410 yen. Source: Mangaoh. The TV anime of the series will commence broadcast on 5 October 2004.
  • For Full Metal Alchemist fans, volumes 1 and 2 of the anime comics will be released in early and mid- December 2004 respectively, prices 1,890 yen and 1,575 yen respectively (including tax). Each book is B6 in size, 256 pages. Volume 1 covers episodes 1 to 5, and first edition will come with jigsaw puzzle of the cover illustration and box to hold all the anime comics. Volume 2 covers episodes 6 to 9 and first edition will come with jigsaw puzzle of the cover illustration. Source: Mangaoh.
  • Adults only: for Urushihara Satoshi fans and figure collectors, the January 2005 issue of Comic Tenma magazine published by Akaneshinsha will come with a PVC figure kit designed by Urushihara Satoshi (and sculpted by Merde - hope none of you understand French ^_^;; ). Note that this is a kit (albeit pre-painted), not a completed figure. You need to assemble the figure yourself, but from the looks of the ad (which contains nudity - don't click on the link if you're underage ^_^;; ), it doesn't look like too much assembly is required. A 70mm 1/8 scale bust of Russian bishoujo maid Irina. Note also that Comic Tenma is an adult magazine. Not for kiddies. On sale 13 December 2004, price 990 yen (including tax). Preorder cutoff date is 15 September 2004 so you don't have much time... Source: Mangaoh.
  • Don't know if other websites have mentioned it but a Fujimishibo will be putting out a new anime DVD and goods magazine Anicolle Dragon with issue 1 out on 9 October 2004, price 980 yen (including tax). A4 size, 132 pages (96 in colour, 32 monochrome), planned to be a quarterly magazine. Seemed to be marketed as aid to discerning which anime to collect out of the plethora of anime which is released nowadays. The cover article for volume 1 will be Fafnir, with additional feature articles on Girls Bravo, DearS and Galaxy Angel. Looks like each issue will come with a DVD with samples of various anime and special "messages" (ie presumably interviews with cast or staff). The volume 1 DVD will be about 40 minutes long and will deal with 10 works. There will also be limited edition goods available only by mail order through the magazine (but unlikely to be much use to people living outside Japan). I presume the title is short for "Anime Collector Dragon" magazine. Well, if Newtype USA only includes DVDs with subscriptions now, you could always try an issue of Anicolle Dragon... Source: Mangaoh.

31 August 2004  

  • Busy again. Won't type up much today.
  • The A$ slipped again today. Buying 78.422 Japanese yen.
  • Starting 21 September 2004 will be the Weekly Gundam Fact File magazine, published each Wednesday. First issue will be 290 yen, subsequent issues 560 yen. Will cover all the Gundam series, planned to be a total of 100 issues. First issue will come with a binder. Eight main sections: mecha file, personal file, theory of MS deployment, UC chronology, historical focus (on important events), UC Guide (introduction to the UC Gundam world - army units, uniforms, politics, customs etc), series outside the UC world (introduction to the mecha, characters and themes of each series), Gundam glossary. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • A couple more packages arrived today \^_^/ Included was the final volume 3 of the tokusatsu series Evolver. I got my bonus book for purchasing all three DVD volumes from Jungle as well \^_^/
  • Mainichi Shimbun's English language website presently has a pic of a bejewelled platinum Hello Kitty figure (41mm tall) worth 10.5 million yen. See also here. Pics probably won't be up for long...

30 August 2004  

  • I seem to be getting further behind in the news... ;_; More to type up but no time... See youse.
  • Sankei Sports reports that Miura Rieko, the voice of Yomiko Readman, is to appear naked in a photobook. Again ^_^;; (She appeared naked in the photobook Hugs which was published in 2001.) This new book will be published on 10 September 2004, titled "Gekkan (Monthly) Miura Rieko", price 980 yen. The book will be produced by Australian Christopher Doyle (the best cinematographer in Asia - known for his work with Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai - but a terrible actor ^_^;; ). To tie in with the photobook, a DVD with the same title will be released on 29 September 2004. Source: Tentative Name.
  • The October 2004 issue of Comic Beam magazine (on sale 11 September 2004) will contain information about an anime version of the manga Emma to be produced. Or at least apparently one of publisher Enterbrain's webpages originally stated this fact (the webpage was changed soon after). Emma is a manga by Mori Kaoru set in Victorian Britain at the end of the 19th century, a romance about the maid Emma and the aristocrat William. Source: Tentative Name.
  • TBS Anime Festa 2004's website for the upcoming Oh! My Goddess TV anime. Nothing to see at present though.
  • Received one of my orders today. Among the stuff was the MariMite Premium Book. I nice little book including design works data etc. Shame it's only pocket book sized.
  • infoseek anime cites an NTT Publishing report on Wonder Festival 2004 (Summer). Note the Asuka Langley figure in the first photo. Seems to be an interesting merger of Asuka and Eva Unit 02...
  • The October 2004 issue of Comic Birz manga magazine (on sale today) has announced that the Rozen Maiden TV anime will commence broadcast on 7 Ocober 2004 at 1.55am on TBS. Source: Chuosha. The manga version of Rozen Maiden is serialised in Comic Birz.
  • On 7 July 2004 I wrote about the next three issues of Dengeki Animaga magazine (starting with today's issue) coming with figures. Issue number 14 (on sale 30 October 2004) will come with Futakoi figures. Now the October 2004 issue of Dengeki G's magazine (on sale today) has announced that its January 2005 and February 2005 issues (on sale 30 November 2004 and end of December 2004 respectively) will come with Futakoi figures as well. The January 2005 issue will come with Shirogane Shoujyu figure while the February 2005 issue will come with sister Shirogae Sara figure. Source: Chuosha. Dengeki G's is a game magazine. BTW, if you visit the Dengeki Animaga website you can see a pic of the Maya figure which comes with today's issue. Note that today's issue comes with a Tenjou Tenge poster as well \^_^/
  • VAP has a website up for Otogizoushi. DVD release will commence 25 November 2004 (eight volumes in total). There'll be a first pressing limited edition version of volume 1 as well as a regular edition. First pressing limited edition version will come with case, bonus disc and booklet, price 6,300 yen (including tax). Regular edition will cost 5,040 yen (including tax). Volume 1 will contain three episodes.
  • Official website for the Basilisk - Koga Ninpou Chou TV anime which will commence broadcast in April 2005. The manga version (based on the original novel) finished serialisation in Uppers magazine not too long ago.
  • The A$ today is buying 78.562 Japanese yen. An ever so slight dip, perhaps caused by the uncertainty of a national election in the coming weeks...
  • The DVD for the Ryokan-san anime (about the 18th/19th century Buddhist monk) will be released by Toho on 10 December 2004, price 4,725 yen (including tax). Source: dvd catalog.

29 August 2004  

  • Fourth update. That's all for today. Sorry, still very much behind in the news.
  • Anime ga aru Seikatsu has a list up of anime which will be broadcast in October 2004. Including anime which is already on the air, they are:
    Mondays 00.00 Chiba TV - Genshiken (commencing 10 October 2004)
    Mondays 00.15 Chiba TV - Kujibiki Unbalance (commencing 10 October 2004)Mondays 00.30 Chiba TV - Ryuusei Sentai MusuMET (commencing 3 October 2004)
    Mondays 18.30 TV Tokyo - Get Ride! Amdriver
    Mondays 19.00 NTV - Black Jack (commencing 11 October 2004)
    Mondays 24.00 Channel NECO - Kannaduki no Miko (commencing 4 October 2004)
    Mondays 24.00 Kids Station - Uta ~ Kata (commencing 25 October 2004)
    Tuesdays 1.00 TV Tokyo - Fantastic Children (commencing 4 October 2004)
    Tuesdays 1.30 TV Tokyo - Tsukiyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ (commencing 4 October 2004)
    Tuesdays 18.00 TV Tokyo - School Rumble (commencing 5 October 2004)
    Tuesdays 18.30 TV Tokyo - Bleach (commencing 5 October 2004)
    Tuesdays 19.00 TV Tokyo - Yakitate!! Japan (commencing 5 October 2004)
    Wednesdays 0.40 NTV - Monster
    Wednesdays 1.00 TV Tokyo - Haruka naru Toki no Naka de ~ Hachiyou Shou ~ (commencing 5 October 2004)
    Wednesdays 1.10 NTV - Otogizoushi
    Wednesdays 1.30 TV Tokyo - tactics (commencing 5 October 2004)
    Wednesdays -- TV Asahi - Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Christo) (commencing October 2004)
    Wednesdays 18.30 TV Tokyo - Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Genex (commencing 6 October 2004)
    Wednesdays 19.00 TV Tokyo - Prince of Tennis
    Wednesdays 19.27 TV Tokyo - Naruto
    Thursdays 1.00 TV Tokyo - Futakoi (kanji) (commencing 6 October 2004)
    Thursdays 1.15 TV Tokyo - Futakoi (kana) (commencing 6 October 2004)
    Thursdays 1.30 TV Tokyo - Beck (commencing 6 October 2004)
    Thursdays 18.00 TV Tokyo - Onmyou Taisenki (commencing 30 September 2004)
    Thursdays 18.30 TV Tokyo - Bouken Ou Beet (Beet the Vandel Buster) (commencing 30 September 2004)
    Fridays 0.30 WOWOW - Grenadier ~ Hohoemi no Senshi ~ (commencing 14 October 2004)
    Fridays 0.30 Kids Station - Final Approach (commencing 7 October 2004)
    Fridays 0.45 Kids Station - W ~ Wish ~ (commencing 7 October 2004)
    Fridays 1.30 TV Tokyo - My - HiME (commencing 30 September 2004)
    Fridays 2.12 TV Asahi - Kurau Phantom Memory
    Saturdays 8.06 NHK BS2 - Gakuen Alice (commencing 30 October 2004)
    Saturdays 18.00 TBS - Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny (commencing 9 October 2004)
    Saturdays 18.00 NHK Educational - Major (commencing 9 October 2004)
    Saturdays -- Sky Perfect! - Windy Tale Fuujin Monogatari (commencing 11 September 2004)
    Saturdays -- AT-X - To Heart ~ Remember My Memories ~ (commencing 2 October 2004)
    Sundays 8.30 TV Tokyo - Zoids Fuzors (commencing 3 October 2004)
    Sundays 8.30 TV Asahi - Futari wa Pretty Cure
    Sundays 9.00 Fuji TV - Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
    Source: Rakuga Kidou. I haven't tried to independently confirm those times and dates ^_^ Monster is already running, but aside from that, I can't say the rest of the list really interests me. As an anime and manga fan perhaps I might have a look at Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance. Or Beck. Possibly Bleach.
  • TV anime Onmyou Taisenki will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 30 September 2004. TV Tokyo's website is here, but there's not much to see at present. See also Bandai's related webpage. Source: ultimatum.
  • The November 2004 issue of monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! magazine (on sale 27 September 2004) will see the start of Koge Donbo's new manga Koihime Soushi (tentative title). Source: ultimatum.
  • The TV anime of Zipang will commence broadcast on 7 October 2004 on TBS. TBS' website for the anime is here, though there's not much to see at present. Direction and series composition by Furuhashi Kazuhiro, main character design by Umakoshi Yoshihiko, main mecha design by Obara Shouhei(?), music by Sahashi Toshihiko, animation production by Studio Deen. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Old ITmedia report stating that Gundam Seed Destiny is to commence broadcast on 9 October 2004. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • TAB Pro's website states that a Bleach TV anime will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo at 6.30pm on 5 October 2004. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • An anime movie titled "Nagasaki 1945 ~ Anzerasu no Kane" (don't know how to render the katakana "anzerasu") will be released next year, the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city. Director will be Arihara Seiji, director of movies on the themes of war and peace. The movie will focus on the doctors immediately after the bomb is dropped. Source: Nifty Animation Online.
  • Official website for Shinkai Makoto's upcoming anime Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bassho "The place promised in our early days". There are two new trailers there for download. Source: Nifty Animation Online. The anime is set to be released in the (northern) autumn of 2004.
  • My - HiME will commence broadcast on 30 September 2004 on TV Tokyo. Source: Chuosha.
  • The CD single for the OP & ED for the upcoming TV anime of School Rumble, performed by Horie Yui with Unscandal, will be released on 27 October 2004. There'll be a limited edition version (with promotion DVD) and regular edition. Limited edition catalogue number KICM-93085, price 1,890 yen (including tax). Regular edition catalogue number KICM-3085, price 1,050 yen (including tax). Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Kouda Mariko will release a new CD single on 3 November 2004, title yet undetermined. There'll be a limited edition version (with music clip DVD) and a regular edition. Limited edition catalogue number KICM-91122, price 1,890 yen (including tax). Regular edition catalogue number KICM-1122, price is also stated to be 1,890 yen (including tax) but I wonder if that might not be a mistake...? Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The A$ yesterday was buying 78.700 Japanese yen (credit card exchange rate).
  • A new Stratos 4 OVA series will be released in the (northern) spring of 2005. Further, the Special Fan Disc II, being a first pressing limited edition item, will come with box to hold the new OVA as well and a mini-vignette(?) of the four main girls. Contents of DVD will be travelogue by staff and cast of a trip to Hamamatsu, a new short anime (four parts), more mecha commentary by Okabe Isaku, and info on the new OVA series. Source: Bandai Visual's Digital Beat.
  • Official website for upcoming TV anime Uta ~ Kata. To commence broadcast in October 2004.
  • Official fan website for the upcoming TV anime of "Haruka naru Toki no Naka de ~ Hachiyou Shou ~". To commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 5 October 2004. TV Tokyo's website for the anime is up here, but there's not much to see at present.
  • Old news, but an Asahi Shimbu English language article on the size of the otaku industry in Japan. Manga otaku make up 16% of the manga market in Japan (measured in terms of sales).
  • The live action Casshern movie will be released on DVD on 23 October 2004. CD Japan has the details up here and states that it'll come with English subtitles.

28 August 2004  

  • Second update. The second update is only brief. Feeling tired. Going to lie down. Perhaps no further update until tomorrow...
  • Although I haven't updated much this week, you'll be happy to know I've had a very productive and fruitful week securing various goods in Japan \^_^/ Further, about four packages should now be en route to me ^_^
  • Yesterday one Australian dollar was buying 77.218 Japanese yen (at a typical credit card rate, not the inter-bank rate), finding a more stable position after sliding against the Greenback during the week. Which is slightly better news if you live in Australia ^_^ Don't forget to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page...
  • First pressing of DVD volume 2 of Kurau Phantom Memory will come with box to hold four volumes. First pressing of volume 5 will also come with a box, to hold the final five volumes. To be released 25 November 2004 and 25 February 2005 respectively, each price 5,250 yen. Source: Musicmarket.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion will be broadcast in Australia on SBS this Thursday 2 September 2004 at 10.10pm. IIRC Death and Rebirth was broadcast subtitled, so I assume EoE will be the subtitled version as well (subtitled by SBS).
  • Been busy. Plus caught a bit of a bug at the start of the week, so I was feeling tired and getting headaches.
  • According to a post to the Evangelion Mailing List by Bochan_Bird, the December 2004 issue of Shonen Ace-A manga magazine (on sale 26 October 2004) will come with a figure of Asuka Langley.
  • A two hour special episode of the live action dorama adaptation of Ace wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace!) is to be broadcast on 23 September 2004 starting at 8 on TV Asahi. Title will be "Ace wo Nerae! ~ Kiseki e no Chousen ~".
  • DVD volume 1 of Mahou Shoujo Arusu will be released on 22 October 2004, price 5,040 yen (including tax), containing four episodes. A seven volume release. First pressing will come with a special figure and a box to hold all seven volumes. Source: dvd catalog.
  • DVD volume 7 of Hikari to Mizu no Daphne (Daphne in the Brilliant Blue) will be released on 22 October 2004, price 6,090 yen (including tax), containing two episodes. First pressing will come with a special disc and box (presumably to hold the last five volumes of the DVD). Source: dvd catalog. CD Japan states that the special disc will contain a previously unbroadcast episode.
  • DVD volume 1 of "Ninin ga Shinobuden (2 x 2 = Shinobuden) ~ the Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction" will be released on 22 October 2004, price 5,800 yen (including tax), containing two episodes. It'll come with omake CD and box to hold all volumes. Source: dvd catalog.
  • A Stratos 4 Special Fan Disc II will be released on DVD on 23 December 2004, price 6,090 yen (including tax). Source: dvd catalog. The contents of the first Fan Disc seem to have been spread across the individual volumes of the R1 Bandai release. I wonder if the company will do the same with the release of the OVA series (assuming it's licensed the OVA)?
  • DVD volume 1 of the adult OVA Front Innocent will be released on 25 October 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition version and a regular edition. First pressing limited edition version will come with special outer case illustrated by director Urushihara Satoshi and a booklet: catalogue number HODA8, price 7,980 yen (including tax). Regular edition catalogue number HODA6, price 7,140 yen (including tax). Source: Mangaoh Club. Previously it looked like it was going to be a single volume release - now it looks like it'll be two volumes.
  • Media Works will published an Onegai Twins Official Fan Book Lien on 30 September 2004, price 2,756 yen (including tax). Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Just as the October 2004 issue of monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! magazine came with a figure of Ren from DearS, the November 2004 issue of the same magazine will come with a 11.5cm tall PVC figure of Miu from DearS. To be published on 27 September 2004, price 750 yen. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • I'll just mention the Watase Yuu Perfect World Fushigi Yuugi magazine again. Volume 2 was published two days ago, price 690 yen (including tax). Contained 80 new pages of the Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden manga as well as a reprint of chapters 8 to 14 of the FY manga. Also includes discussion with Watase and comes with card collection for the seven Seishi and illustration postcard book. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • On 8 November 2003 I referred to 360 voice actors suing a production company. now has an English language report up that the court has upheld the actors' case.
  • Animaxis also has an article up about the fact that companies are now providing insurance to anime-related companies in relation to licensing products overseas.
  • In addition, Animaxis has an old article up about the novel Basilisk by Yamada Fuutarou being adapted into TV anime by Gonzo and the particular financing method. Basilisk has previously spawned a number of manga adaptations.
  • The shop also points out that promo clips are available for download for the upcoming TV anime versions of Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance.
  • Old news, but ABC in Australia reports on fake Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards seized by Customs in Australia.
  • Exclusive to Animate is the DVD Hunter x Hunter A Longing for Phalcnothdk. To be released 20 December 2004, price 7,140 yen (including tax). Is this one of those live action performances...?
  • DVD volume 1 of the Akane Maniax OVA will be released on 25 November 2004, catalogue number ZMBZ-2046, price 6,090 yen (including tax). First pressing limited edition will come with a Rumbling Angel figure of Akane, Rumbling Angel trading card, picture label, reversible jacket and booklet. This will be a three volume OVA. Those who purchase all three volumes will be able to apply for a soundtrack CD and a chance to attend a "secret live" performance. Volumes 2 and 3 will also come with a figure. Visit this Animate page for a pic of all the figures.
  • The manga Tsukiyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ (by Arima Keitaro, serialised in Monthly Comic Gum magazine) is to be adapted into a TV anime to commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 4 October 2004. Director will be Shinbou Akiyuki, character design by Aizawa Masahiro, music by Kume Daisuku, animation production by Shaft, produced by Victor Entertainment. Not to be confused with the Moon Phase fan news website...
  • Kodansha has set out its shonen manga and shoujo manga releases for October 2004. Among those items is the Art of Steamboy book, to be released 22 October 2004, price undetermined.
  • The website for the Air movie updated earlier in the month with a TV commercial for download. The movie was to be released in the (northern) autumn of 2004, but now it looks like it'll be early 2005. Advance tickets are now available in two flavours: regular (1,300 yen including tax) and with bonus picture-labelled DVD. The bonus DVD version itself has three flavours, seen on this page. Version 1 comes in a digipak (with space for three discs), catalogue number AIR-0001, price 3,000 yen (including tax). Versions 2 and 3 each come in a jewel case, catalogue numbers AIR-0002 and AIR-0003 respectively, price 2,500 yen (including tax) each. Contents on each DVD are the same: image clip, interview with seiyuu, two versions of a TV commercial for the movie. The DVD version item will be available for a limited time only: until 19 September 2004. Available at selected stores including Animate, Comic Toranoana and Gamers. See also this Toranoana page for a slightly larger pic of the discs.
  • CD Japan has details up for the Girls Bravo DVD Box 1. To add to that, the first pressing limited edition DVD Box 2 will be released in December 2004 (24 December 2004 I think). It'll contain volumes 5 and 6 to round out the "first season" and come with figure. Price 9,240 yen (including tax). If you collect all four boxes (presumably the "second season" will be released over two boxes as well), you can complete a diorama with the figures. Buying boxes 3 and 4 will also give you a complete set of 36 trading cards (you get 12 with box 1). Source:
  • Volume 6 of the School Rumble manga will be published on 17 September 2004. There'll be a limited edition version, price 1,400 yen (including tax). Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble finding out what the bonus item(s) will be ^_^;; Source: Manga no Mori. The TV anime of the series will commence broadcast in the (northern) autumn.
  • I fought my way back to equal first place in the footy tipping last week \^_^/ Then this week, my rival and I probably picked the same teams for this final week - save for last night's match, when Carlton beat Collingwood 108 to 107. Unfortunately I picked Collingwood... -_- Second again! ;_; I've never been so sad to see Collingwood lose a match in my life.

23 August 2004  

  • Second update. Sorry, I'm too tired today, so that's all I'm doing to type up today. And did some shopping online :P
  • Volume 10 of the Keroro Gunso (Sgt Frog) manga by Yoshizaki Mine will be released in February 2005. There'll be a limited edition version which comes with Natsumi figure, price 1,785 yen (including tax). The figure will be a "powered Natsumi", but by changing parts you can turn it into a figure of Natsumi in her swimsuit ^_^;; This limited edition version will also feature an original cover for the manga. Source: Manga no Mori.
  • A pic of the Air Gear 2005 calendar. Visit this page showing Kodansha's 2005 calendars. Ignore all the other CLAMP, Negima, School Rumble etc calendars and scroll down to the Air Gear pic. Then click on the orange button in the corner of the Air Gear pic. A new window will pop up showing you what a "stand type" calendar is.
  • A few more upcoming releases which I can't be bothered going into in detail. CD Japan lists the first pressing of DVD volume 4 of the Tenjou Tenge anime as coming with a box. Secondly, the first pressing of the Madlax OST 2 CD will come with a mousepad.
  • Various DVD and CD releases (or more details regarding them) have been announced in the month since I stopped updating. I'm not going to go over them - it'd be waste of my time. You can find the details on places like the AoD Forums, or by checking out somewhere like CD Japan. I'll just mention that those upcoming releases include:
    Hitsuji no Uta Memorial Box in December (3 DVDs featuring a "director's cut" of the OVA and 4 CDs)
    Monster DVD Box 1
    Kita e ~ Diamond Dust Drops ~ DVD Box 2 (a first pressing limited edition item)
    Howl's Moving Castle CD OST
    Appleseed movie DVD (Collector's Edition and regular edition)
    DVD volumes 1 to 3 of Galaxy Angel X (there's as a limited edition Special Pack including all three volumes)
    GiTS:SAC 2nd GIG Official Log 1
    DVD volume 1 of Soukyuu no Fafnir - Dead Aggressor
    6 volume DVD release for Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Haru ~ (there'll be Collector's Editions and regular editions again)
    7 volume DVD release of elfen lied (first pressing of volume 1 will come with box and CD soundtrack)
    the remastered version of Top wo Nerae! (Gunbuster)
    9 volume DVD release of Kurau Phantom Memory
    5 volume DVD release of Kyou Kara Maoh!
    Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho OP & ED CD single (limited edition version comes with DVD)
    Peacemaker Kurogane Character Discs (three types)
    Source: Mangaoh Club.

22 August 2004  

  • Second update. Sorry, that's all for today. Tired.
  • After a month without updates, it's hard to know where to start. So updates will be particularly slow until I get back into the groove of things again... First up, I'll just point out a few recent articles by the English language website for
    Episode 1 of Samurai Champloo is available for streaming download for a limited time.
    Using copyright as collateral to finance the production of anime. (Actually, although this is a relatively new way of trying to raise finance, it's not something that's just developed over the past month. I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but since Animaxis has written up an article, I'll be lazy and just link their news.)
    A TV anime based on the boys' love PC game Sukinamonowa Sukidakara Shouganai!! (SukiShou!! for short) is to be produced.
  • Well, still busy, but not as busy as I was before. I'm going to start updating again, but for now (perhaps even until the end of October), updates may still be erratic and briefer than I'd like. Plus I'm too tired to go over what's happened in the past month. I don't know myself what's been going on - I haven't had the time to keep up with stuff. If things which I type up seem like old news, you'll know why. I will try to write up a few brief articles about the anime industry, but these may be spread out over a bit of time. They'll just be brief overviews of the companies involved and some of their corporate relationships. Don't expect anything flash.
  • Firstly, let's deal with news related to Oh! great: Tenjou Tenge anime goods, available from Animate. There are three types of clear sticker (Maya, Aya and Nagi) and a pencil board. There'll also be a fan (the folding type) available in about a week's time.
  • The October 2004 issue of Ultrajump manga magazine (to be published 18 September 2004) will come with an alternate version cover for volume 12 of the Tenjou Tenge manga. Volume 12 was released just 4 days ago.
  • The Tenjou Tenge anime website has updated with more details of "Great Disc 1" CD to be released at the end of September. It'll contain character song(s) by Natsume Aya and Kounoike Chiaki, soundtrack (approximately 20 tracks), mini drama (approximately 15 -20 minutes long) and two wallpapers. For release details, see my 12 July 2004 entry.
  • As previously stated in early July, an Air Gear calendar for 2005 will be released in mid-November 2004 by Kodansha. Price will be 2,100 yen (including tax). Dimensions 210mm x 297mm, 4 pages. This will be a "stand type" calendar, which I assume means it'll be able to stand on its own on a desk etc. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • On 2 and 4 July 2004, I wrote about a book by Oh! great titled "Shabon" to be published in September. Looks like the title has changed to "Naked Star". As previously stated, to be published by Core Magazine on 13 September 2004, price 1,050 yen (including tax). I can't be bothered checking, but I believe the ISBN is still ISBN 4-87734-756-9. Source: Sa-i. This will be an adult book - a collection of short manga stories. Manga no Mori has a pic of the cover here.
  • Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn) goods at Cospa \^_^/ ie related to the adventure manga by Iwahara Yuuji. There's a tote bag and a mug cup. There are also two types of T shirts available. I don't really like any of the designs used for the goods or shirts, but it's still nice to see Ibara no Ou stuff ^_^
  • I note that in the end Intron Depot 4 was released earlier than the Seishinsha website stated.
  • As to writing about the anime industry. Firstly, here's a brief look at some of the companies involved in anime related publishing.

10 August 2004  

  • Still very busy, but the end is in sight. Last week I was working until 12.30am at the beginning of the week, then 1am, by the weekend 2am. Co-workers took pity on me on Friday and try to buy a lunch for me -_- This week I'm taking things a bit easier. Back home by midnight. Meh, having a life is overrated anyway... The good news is my bosses are very happy. But not happy enough to pay me any extra for basically doing three weeks' work in one week. (21 August 2004: Umm, that should be 1am and 2am... ^_^;; )
  • In other news, I have lost my lead in the footy tipping. Last year you may recall I was in front from round 2 all the way up to round 21, only to lose in the final round 22. This year, I've been in front ever since the first round. Except last week, with three rounds to go, I stuffed up. In Australian parlance, I "went down in a screaming heap" >_<

3 August 2004  

  • Just really a quick update to say that I still won't be updating much (or perhaps at all) for the next fortnight... and to complain about my life at present. Nowadays my general routine is that I wake up around 7.30am, go to work, have lunch (generally), work late, take about two hours off to rest and have dinner, work until about 1am then go home, sleep and wake up about 7.30am again >_<
  • I will quickly mention that a Tenjou Tenge 2005 calendar will be published by Shueisha on 3 December 2004, price 2,000 yen (including tax). It'll be seven A3 size posters in a case, presumably the same sort of format as with the 2004 calendar. Since this'll be a Shueisha product and since the listing on Mangaoh Club refers to Oh! great, I assume the calendar will feature artwork by Oh! great, rather than anime artwork.
  • I'll also mention that a fortnight or so back, I got my copy of the Tsuya - Nakajima Atsuko Style artbook. As the title suggests, art by Nakajima Atsuko. 112 pages, 76 in colour, 36 in black and white. Lots of You're Under Arrest and Get Backers illustrations (16 pages and 35 pages respectively). Also 28 pages dedicate to miscellaneous series including Peacemaker Kurogane, Rurouni Kenshin, King of Bandit Jing. There are probably only three new illustrations in the book: the cover, one YUA pic and one Get Backers pic, the latter two done in a rougher style that Nakajima's normal slick illustrations - I think she used marker pens for those two illustrations). There's a 32 page interview with Nakajima, but it's filled with black and white pics and design works from YUA (the OVA, the two TV series and the movie) and from Get Backers - in fact, there's actually only about 8 pages of interview text. Price 2,095 yen plus tax, ISBN 4-86127-049-9, published by Mag Garden.


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