The number of seiyuu hopefuls has increased, and so has the number of vocational schools for training seiyuu. Each year about a thousand people attend such schools, but not all will have an opportunity to make a debut as a seiyuu when they finish. Not a few of those who graduate from such vocational schools will then attend one of the training schools which are related to certain seiyuu production companies. Furthermore, there are many seiyuu applicants who don't enrol in the vocational schools but rather go straight to the training schools. Since the training schools have affiliations with seiyuu production companies, applicants hope to get picked up by the seiyuu production companies, but because of this, competition within the training schools is fierce.

The number of seiyuu wannabes is increasing. Although the number of TV anime being broadcast is on the increase (and therefore more opportunities to land a role), even if a newcomer is able to make a debut as a seiyuu, there are few newbies who can find continual work, so it's not easy to earn a living working just as a seiyuu.

Below is a list of the main seiyuu production companies and the training schools with which they are related (seiyuu production company is listed first, then the related training school):

There a lot more smaller seiyuu production companies.


Source: Animation Grand Prix magazine (published by Shufunotomo Infos Jouhou Sha).

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