16-31 JULY 2004 NEWS

19 July 2004  

  • So tired... Just one thing today. The Shirow Masamune Galgrease 2nd Series Poster Books will be released on 26 August 2004. Three volumes: Wild Wet Quest, Hellcat and Galhound 2. Source: Uppers magazine. I'm presuming at this point that the contents will be similar to the first series, ie that each Poster Book will come with the four booklet posters which were previously published in Uppers magazine and some illustration cards. Bear in mind that release dates with Shirow products always seem to be a tad unreliable...

18 July 2004  

  • Maybe more later, or maybe I'll go to sleep ^_^
  • The "Princess hour" website is up. "Princess hour" features the upcoming TV anime series "W ~ Wish ~" (Double Wish) and "Final Approach" to commence broadcast in October 2004. As you can see the website is split into two sections. On the left is the Final Approach section and on the right is the "W ~ Wish ~" (Double Wish) section. Source: Moon Phase. Called Princess hour, but I thought each series had 15 minute episodes.
  • The movie Steam Boy was released theatrically yesterday. goo anime cites a Sankei Sports article that executive producer Watanabe Shigeru said that a sequel will be made. It'll either be a second movie or a TV anime. infoseek anime cites a Sponichi Annex article in which Watanabe points out that the first movie took about nine years to produce but hopes that the sequel will be out in two to three years. The official site also states that Weekly Young Magazine will feature one-shot manga over three weeks to commemmorate the release of the movie. First up was a 10 page "Steam Jiji-san" (Steam Grandfather/Old Man) manga by Tony Takezaki, in yesterday's issue number 34.
  • Release of DVD volume 2 of the live action tokusatsu series Evolver has been put back from 23 July 2004 to 6 August 2004. In the meantime you can download a 30 second trailer from the English language website for Evolver.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth will be broadcast on SBS in Australia this Thursday night. Presumably the English dubbed version.

17 July 2004  

  • Third update. Sorry, I'm too tired. Will be busy tomorrow as well. I'm just going to leave it at this for today.
  • Sankei Sports reports that Sayzansha, publisher of the Japanese language edition of the fifth Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix" yesterday announced that the first edition of the book would reach 2.9 million copies (on sale in Japan on 1 September 2004). This surpasses the first print run of 2.63 million copies of volume 27 of the One Piece manga. Source: ultimatum.
  • Akita Shoten has announced that a first limited edition version of volume 5 of the manga Saint Seiya Episode G (by Kurumada Masami/Okada Megumu) will be published on 25 November 2004, price 1,575 yen (including tax). It'll come with metal key holder and set of three coins. Regular edition of the manga will be published on the same day, 580 yen (including tax). Source: ultimatum.
  • The same page states that a first limited edition version of volume 4 of the manga Koikoi 7 (by Morishige) will be published on 25 November 2004, price 1,575 yen (including tax). It'll come with drama CD. Regular edition of the manga will be published on the same day, cost 560 yen (including tax). Source: ultimatum.
  • Official website for the Japanese-South Korean anime movie Shin Angyo Onshi is now up, although the various sections are still under construction. Source: ultimatum. Based on the South Korean manga published in Japan. The movie will be released theatrically in the (northern) autumn of 2004.
  • Official website for the Beck TV anime (based on the manga by Harold Sakuishi) is now up, though there's not much to see at present. Source: ultimatum. To commence broadcast in the (northern) autumn of 2004.
  • The September 2004 issue of Ultrajump manga magazine (on sale 19 August 2004) will come with a Tenjou Tenge anime DVD "Round Zero". This DVD will contain the first half of episode 1 of the anime and a digest of subsequent episodes. Source: ultimatum.
  • Further to my posts yesterday about the DVD releases for the "Wind ~ a breath of heart ~" TV anime and "Tsuki ha Higashi ni Hi ha Nishi ni - Operation Sanctuary", I'll point out that it's not clear whether the boxes referred to will be merely special packaging for the first volume or boxes to hold future volumes. Also, Animate Web Mail Order states that volume 2 of Wind will be released on 10 December 2004 at the same price, again two DVDs. As to HaniHani, Animate Web Mail Order refers to volume 1 coming with a box, clear folder "constellation chart and constellation picture book" and special booket. I'm not sure how the clear folder, the constellation chart and the constellation picture book tie in with each other. Volume 2 will be released on 22 December 2004, same price as volume 1, also two DVDs, but is stated to include something previously unbroadcast.
  • Matsumoto Leiji's new OVA series Dai Yamato Zero-go (Great Yamato No. 0) will be 10 volumes, each price 6,800 yen. Source: Animage magazine. The series commenced DVD release in March. For release details for volume 1, see my 28 February 2004 entry.
  • Chara-Ani.com states that the DVD release of the Keroro Gunso (Sgt Frog) TV anime will be 13 volumes. For release details for see my 22 May 2004 (volume 1) and 23 June 2004 (volume 2) entries.
  • The official website for the fourth Inuyasha movie "Guren no Houraijima" now has a new movie trailer available for download. The movie will be released theatrically in December 2004.

16 July 2004  

  • Fourth update.
  • On 5 June 2004, I posted up the release details for the first pressing limited edition version of DVD volume 4 of Chrno Crusade, to be released on 23 July 2004. The official website now has a pop up ad showing the illustration to be used for the box (ie the girls in swimsuits). Furthermore, this page gives details for the future first pressing limited edition Militia releases for volume 5 to 8. Each will cost 8,190 yen (including tax) and come with drama CD (no mention of any replica guns). In addition, the Militia edition of volume 8 will come with box to hold volumes 5 to 8. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Dengeki hp's mail magazine has announced a few staff details for the upcoming Toei Animation anime version of Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu. Director will be Itou Takamichi(?) and script will be by Yokote Michiko. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Avex's website for the Matsumoto Leiji TV anime Uchuu Koukyoushi Maetel (Space Symphony Maetel) ~ Ginga Tetsudo 999 Gaiden ~. Source: Moon Phase. To commence broadcast on 6 August 2004).
  • Just pointing out that the URL for the website alternative-live has changed.
  • On 29 June 2004 I wrote that the vampire story Trinity Blood by Yoshida Sunao is to be adapted into an anime. Yesterday, the author Yoshida passed away at the page of 34. He had been hospitalised and undergone surgery last month. Source: ultimatum. Moon Phase points out that Yoshida was responsible for the design of the world setting for the upcoming anime Neppuu Kairiku Bushilord.
  • The official Gantz website confirms that the second season of the TV anime will commence broadcast on AT-X on 26 August 2004 and further states that this will be the "original version" which couldn't be shown on terrestrial broadcast. Source: ultimatum.
  • Shueisha's manga website states that the manga Hells Angels by Hiromoto Shinichi (which recently finished serialisation in Ultrajump manga magazine) is to be made into an anime in 2005 by Nakazawa Kazuto and Madhouse. Source: ultimatum. If you visit the first page I linked, you can get a preview of the manga. Nakazawa is animation director at Production IG and worked on Kill Bill.
  • On 22 May 2004, I posted up the release details for DVD volume 6 of GitS:SAC 2nd GIG, including the fact that first pressing would come with box to hold volumes 6 to 10. Musicmarket states that first pressing will also come with Tachikoma punching ball.
  • Nishida Tokusatsu is planning to make a live action version of upcoming anime Ryuusei Sentai MusuMET and is auditioning for the cast. Applications must be in by 30 July 2004. They're looking for males and females, ages 10 to 45. Source: Tentative Name. The anime will commence broadcast in October 2004.
  • I have no idea if this is new or not, but Akira the live action fan trailer. Source: Tentative Name.
  • On 12 July 2004, I wrote about the Tenjou Tenge Great Disc 1 (tentative title) CD to be released on 29 September 2004. Neowing confirms that it'll be a soundtrack CD and further states that it'll contain wallpaper(s) of the main characters for PCs.
  • DVD volume 4 of the new Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor) TV anime will be released on 6 October 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition version. CD Japan has the basic details here. It'll come with a binder.
  • DVD volume 1 of the TV anime "Wind ~ a breath of heart ~" will be released on 8 October 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition version. CD Japan has the basic details here. This volume will contain eight episodes (presumably over the two discs). Bonus goods will include box, photo card, photo frame (made of paper or card), special booklet, etc.
  • DVD volume 1 of the TV anime "Tsuki ha Higashi ni Hi ha Nishi ni - Operation Sanctuary" will be released on 22 October 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition version. CD Japan has the basic details here. This volume will contain eight episodes (presumably over the two discs). Bonus goods will include box, constellation chart, special booklet, etc .
  • Galhound completed PVC figure by Yamato, based on the Galgrease illustrations by Shirow Masamune. To be released in October 2004, price 3,200 yen. Source: Hobby Search. Looks better up close.
  • Life sized Keroro Gunso (Sgt Frog) stuffed toy. Price 8,925 yen (including tax). Source: Animate Web Mail Order.


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