1-15 JUNE 2004 NEWS

15 June 2004  

  • Second update.
  • Episode 7 of the m.o.e TV anime Love Love? is available for download from the official website until 21 June 2004. Source: Moon Phase. For details on how to view the show, see my 6 May 2004 entry.
  • Confirmation on the Weekly Shonen Magazine website of the TV anime version of the manga School Rumble. The announcement is made in this year's issue number 29, on sale tomorrow. To commence broadcast in the (northern) autumn. Source: Moon Phase. The earlier (unconfirmed) reports say October 2004.
  • MMV's website for the TV anime Futari wa Pretty Cure sets out the release details for volume 1 of the DVD: to be released 18 August 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50614, price 4,935 yen. First pressing will come with trading card and special card case. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Official website for the Naruto movie, to commence screening on 21 August 2004. There'll actually be two anime screened - the main Naruto feature and a short Naruto story.
  • Newtype reports that the TV anime series Monkey Punch Manga Katsudou Dai Shashin will commence broadcast on 31 July 2004 at 1.05am on WOWOW. Source: alternative-live.
  • Starchild's website for the two TV anime series Futakoi (kanji) and Futakoi (kana) is now up. Source: Reinbo Actress. To commence broadcast in September 2004.
  • New magazine CharaDe (I'm not sure exactly how the "chara" and "de" are to fit together) to be published by BNN starting 25 June 2004. This magazine is about the anime, game and manga industries. Articles about the world of character business: the people and companies involves in anime production, game creation, manga publication etc. Volume 2 will be published in the (nothern) autumn. Source: ultimatum.
  • The Shogakukan section of the website for the World Hobby Fair has announced that a TV anime based on Mitsuda Takuya's long running baseball manga Major (serialised in Shonen Sunday magazine, 49 volumes and counting) will commence broadcast in the coming (northern) autumn. Source: ultimatum.
  • More details on volume 1 of Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te Z, to be released on 10 September 2004. The official website has stated that the catalogue number will be GNBA-7039, duration 25 minutes (plus extras), price 6,090 yen (including tax). First pressing will come with a computer game (for Windows) and Komugi-chan ruler (subject to change). Source: Magicalantique.com. TV broadcast is tentatively scheduled for the (northern) summer.

14 June 2004  

  • The official website for Kono Miniku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World) has a commercial for the series (use in movie cinemas) available for streaming download. It's curently the top item on the linked page. Below that are the commercial for DVD release and commercial for the opening theme song. Source: Moon Phase.
  • NHK's website for the upcoming TV anime "Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple" (Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple) is now up. Director is Takahashi Naohita and animation production by OLM. IIRC that's the combination that made Figure 17. Music by Watanabe Toshiyuki. Episode 1 will be "Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan". Some stories, like the first one, will be single episodes. Others, like the ABC Murders, will span more than one episode (ABC Murders will be four episodes). Source: Ma-ten. To commence broadcast on 4 July 2004.
  • So the rumours of a School Rumble TV anime are indeed true. Source: Magicalantique.com. The news comes from a magazine (I forget which one) - an advance copy of an issue to be published in a couple of days' time, I believe.
  • Seishinsha, publisher of the Intron Depot books, has updated its list of publications. Among that list, Intron Depot 4 Bullets is listed to be released in mid-July 2004, ISBN 4-87892-294-X C0073, price 2,800 yen (excluding tax). Not the late June 2004 which various stores had been stating earlier. Seems pretty common for the release date of Shirow stuff to be put back...

13 June 2004  

  • The live action movie Umizaru (based on the manga by Satou Shuuhou about maritime safety officers) was released in cinemas yesterday. Sankei Sports reports that a sequel is to be made. Source: ultimatum.
  • The official website for the live action TV dorama series of Aa Tantei Jimusho (Aa Detective Office) (based on Kanzaki Shummi's manga serialised in Young Animal manga magazine) is now up. Source: ultimatum. To commence broadcast on TV Asahi on 2 July 2004.

12 June 2004  

  • The official website for Steam Boy has updated with a new trailer to download. Source: Moon Phase. It's the trailer with the word "new" next to it, of course. The movie will be released in cinemas in Japan on 17 July 2004.
  • A few details for the TV anime of Tactics (based on the manga by Kinoshita Sakura and Higashiyama Kazuko). Director will be Watanabe Hiroshi, series composition by Kanemaki Kenichi, animation production by Studio Deen. These are the same staff as worked on the TV anime of Matantei Loki Ragnarok, another work of Kinoshita's, also in the Mag Garden stable of manga. Source: Moon Phase. Earlier in the year, Mag Garden announced that the series will commence broadcast in October 2004.

11 June 2004  

  • Fourth update. That's all for today. Getting a bit of a headache...
  • Mainichi Shimbun article on the crisis in the anime industry. Although director Miyazaki Hayao is estimated to have made 67 million yen in 2003 (and the company holding the copyrights would've made several 100 million yen), an industry source said that Miyazaki is an exception: other top class animators may make around 20 or 30 million yen (approximately US$181,000 to US$272,000). While there are seven mangaka with estimated incomes of over 100 million yen (including Takahashi Rumiko, estimated income 470 million yen), mangaka Satonaka Machiko points out that animators' contracts generally don't provide for them to reserve the rights to their output, so even if the work becomes a hit, this doesn't result in increased income for the animator. There are exceptions like Tomino Yoshiyuki, but in this respect animators fare worse than mangaka. Working hours for animators are typically long and it's common for them to work on holidays too. [Then again, this may not be limited to the animation industry - I've got a Japanese friend who couldn't tell me how much leave he gets each year, since he never takes it all...] New recruits at Studio Ghibli earn two million yen a year (approximately US$18,100). This is good compared to other companies, where there are many cases of new recruits earning between 500,000 to one million yen a year (where the pay system is based upon production output). An animation director may earn around two to four million yen. According to a survey which an industry labour union carried out in 1999, the average annual income of animators was 2.47 million yen, 50% earned less than two million yen and less than 10% earned more than five million yen. One animation school said that because of the low incomes, 90% of its graduates change jobs within five years. Director Sugii Gisaburo (director of Touch etc) blames the lack of recompense to animation companies for making hit works. In his view, if some of the profits don't come back to the animators, this could stop the development of new talent and lead to the destruction of smaller animation companies within five years. While the government sees anime as a growth industry and has taken steps to try to stop piracy (ie outside threats), the industry itself has spreading concerns of anime under threat from the inside. On the other hand, now animation production has computer graphics: Higa Kazuhiro (31 years old) made just under four million yen last year - he makes CG anime by himself. [Presumably this is Romanov Higa, who made the URDA anime, which was released on DVD last year.] Since he works by himself, Higa doesn't have the usual restrictions, and his contract does not have the traditional restrictions either - he gets around 10% of the sales revenue. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Computer crashed >_<
  • On 20 and 24 March 2004 I wrote about the Di Gi Charat Nyo Princess School Box, which will contain episodes 79 to 104 of the Di Gi Charat Nyo anime series. Broccoli has a page up with details and pics of the various bonus items. The special DVD will be approximately 60 minutes in duration. The Dejiko goods will be a PET bottle holder and a wristband. Source: Moon Phase. Note that the watch pictured on the page is only available to those who order the box from Gamers.
  • The July 2004 issue of Newtype magazine states that the Futakoi (kanji) and Futakoi (kana) TV anime series will commence broadcast in September 2004. Source: Moon Phase. What's the difference between Futakoi (kanji) and Futakoi (kana)? See my 27 May 2004 entry.
  • In his 11 June 2004 column, CLAMP editor Yamanouchi Hideki confirms that a xxxHOLIC anime movie will be released in 2005. He also writes that the Mokona=Modoki articles in the Album section of the CLAMP website will be published as a book at the end of next month under the title "Soeru to Ragu: Mokona=Modoki no Bouken". Source: Moon Phase.
  • The official website for the PostPet TV anime "PostPet Momo Bin" is now up. There's a wallpaper to download. Source: Moon Phase. To commence broadcast 4 July 2004. For a bit more info, see my 23 May 2004 entry.
  • Samurai 7 commences broadcast tomorrow. The official website has updated, including wallpapers to download from the gallery. Source: Moon Phase.
  • On 5 June 2004, I wrote about the first pressing release of DVD volume 1 of Madlax. JVC Music's website for the anime has updated to confirm the details - there's also a pic of the (somewhat boring) logo T shirt. Click on the pic for an enlargement. Source: alternative-live.
  • The August 2004 issue of Shonen GanGan magazine (on sale 12 July 2004) will come with a Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist) Ed version "swing", whatever that is. I think it's a kind of mobile telephone strap. The September 2004 issue (on sale 12 August 2004) will come with an Alphonse version "swing". Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The official website for My - HiME has updated with a 30 second trailer for download. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • The August 2004 issue of Champion Red manga magazine (on sale 19 June 2004) will include a one-shot manga by Iwahara Yuuji, author of stuff like Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn). Titled "Hyouchaku Buttai X", this will be a sci-fi fantasy about a boy and girl who find something. Source: ultimatum. As I previously wrote, this issue will also come with a bonus 24 page booklet with a one-shot manga "Eat-man vs Ray / Drop In", combining two of Yoshitomi Akihito's manga "Eat-man" and "Ray" and the magazine will also contain another one-shot manga by Yoshitomi: the 40 page "Gate Runner".
  • The official Yumeria website (for the computer game) has updated with another papercraft figure available for download, this time of Mone. You'll need to download the 3,546Kb LZH file, decompress it, then view the PDF file. I haven't downloaded the file myself, but it may be necessary for your PDF reader to be able to deal with Japanese text. Source: ultimatum.
  • Kamio Yoko's new manga will be titled Cat Street. As previously reported, it'll commence serialisation in the August 2004 issue of monthly manga magazine Bessatsu Margaret (Bestuma) (on sale 13 July 2004). The first instalment will be 50 pages. Source: ultimatum. Kamio wrote the manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers).
  • The official MariMite anime website has updated the homepage at least in relation to the second season Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Haru ~. Source: ultimatum. Note the slightly different logo. To commence broadcast on 4 July 2004.
  • Got the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Game over the past week. Haven't had the chance to play it much, but the game itself seems relatively short. Sort of like one episode in the series. Thankfully there appear to be many more endings (I assume) than, say, the Girlfriend of Steel game. Controls are relatively easy, but I find it hard to counter the Angel attacks for some reason. In general, this seems like a pretty average product me - just an attempt to cash in on the Eva anime. Much of the animation is just borrowed from the series. And the editing, use of music etc is just mediocre - even though much of the same animation and music is used as from the anime series, this goes to show just how important good editing and direction is. This game is only for the hard core fan I think.
  • Also got the special Tenjou Tenge issue of Ultrajump magazine. The sort of contents I expected. What was interesting, though, was a list of Oh! great's reference books, which I guess he uses to draw manga. There's a whole variety of books, from body building, to fetishes/torture, to martial arts, to motorcycles, to kimono, to Hikaru no Go(!). No reference to Ikki Tousen though :P
  • Speaking of Shiozaki Yuji, I got his one volume manga Frontier Roots. A sort of wild west setting but with sci-fi elements. Just as with Ikki Tousen, it's got Shiozaki's consistent level of good artwork, but again I note references to manga by Oh! great. At the end of this volume is a one-shot manga Uchippanashi Tamako-chan! (Keep swinging Tamako-chan!) which is a golf manga about Tamako from Shiratori College. But in true Shiozaki style, a golf theme doesn't mean there isn't going to be panty shots. There's also a Tamako from Shiratori College in another of Shiozaki's manga: Battle Club. I wonder if they're the same character...?
  • Official website for the Top wo Nerae! 2 (Gunbuster 2) OVA. For release details for volume 1 of the series, see my 14 May 2004 entry.
  • DVD volume 3 of Gunslinger Girl will be released on 19 August 2004. As with volumes 1 and 2, it will be released with a Playstation 2 Gunslinger Girl game for the one price of 7,140 yen (including tax). The title of the game will be "Gunslinger Girl Vol.3". Again, you'll be able to carry over your items from the first two games to volume 3. The anime DVD itself will contain the final four episodes of the series (10 to 13). Source: Chara-Ani.com.
  • Volume 2 of the manga version of Maburaho by Miyashita Miki will be published by Kadokawa Shoten in December 2004. (It was originally a novel series.) There'll be a limited edition version released in early December, price 1,680 yen (including tax). It'll come with figure of Yuuna (Miyashita Miki version) and furthermore the manga itself will have an original cover illustration and an eight page full colour manga not included with the regular edition. The regular edition will be released in late December. Source: Mangaoh Club. See also an official announcement by Kadokawa Shoten.
  • DVD volume 1 of Samurai Champloo will be released on 21 August 2004, price 6,090 yen (including tax). 13 volumes in total. I guess that's two episodes per volume. Source: Animate. See also this page on JVC Music's website for the anime.

9 June 2004  

  • Third update. I'm going to leave it at this for today.
  • Episode 6 of the m.o.e TV anime Love Love? is available for download from the official website until 14 June 2004. Source: Moon Phase. For details on how to view the show, see my 6 May 2004 entry.
  • Sunrise has a webpage up for something called Cluster Edge. A manga of the same name by Komatsuda Wan will commence serialisation in the September 2004 issue of Lala DX magazine (on sale 10 August 2004). Source: ultimatum. Since Sunrise is an animation company, I assume an anime version of the story is to be created as well. However, it's a bit strange, since Sunrise normally produces shonen anime (IMO), whereas Komatsuda produces shoujo manga and Lala DX is a shoujo manga magazine. At least the setting for this story appears to be a boarding school for boys in a war-torn world.
  • On 14 April 2004 I typed up the release details for the second and concluding volume of Raimu (Lime) iro Senkitan OVA series Nankoku Yume Roman (to be released 25 June 2004). Now the official website for the series has updated with further details. In particular, the music CD which comes with the first pressing limited edition version will contain a new arrangement of "Eternal", the ending song for the PC game version of Limeiro. Plus, the first pressing limited edition DVD will not only contain a "making of" clip but also an "Eternal" music video and other clips - a total of approximately 30 minutes extra footage on the DVD.
  • ITmedia has set up a page with more screenshots of the full CG anime Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO - Ichinen Sensou Hiwa - (One Year War Secret Story). Source: Moon Phase. Click on the pics on the side of the page for enlargements.
  • The official website for Aoi Umi no Tristia (Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea) has updated with the info that the second/concluding episode will be broadcast on a Sky Perfect TV pay per view channel commencing 2 July 2004. Source: Moon Phase. Volume 2 is due out on DVD on 23 July 2004 - for release details, see my 22 May 2004.
  • Pierrot has a website up for the Naruto movie. Source: Moon Phase. To be released theatrically on 21 August 2004.
  • In 2001, 37 year old Takuma Mamoru attacked children at a primary school in Ikeda, killing 8 children and wounding 15 others. Among those killed was seven year old Hongo Yuki. The Hokkaido Shimbun Press reports that this prompted Matsumoto Leiji to have a Hongo Yuki appear as a crew member (a peace-loving scientist) in his OVA Dai Yamato Zero-go (Great Yamato No. 0), volume 1 of which was released in March 2004. Source: Ma-ten.
  • The official website for Kono Miniku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World) has a commercial for the DVD release available for streaming download. Available on the same page is a commercial for the opening theme song. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • The Tachi Laboratory at the University of Tokyo is working on optical camouflage. You'll note that one of their references is "Ghost in the Shell" by Shirow Masamune. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Shueisha has a website up for Bleach, the manga by Kubo Taito. Source: ultimatum. The manga will be released in English by Viz IIRC.
  • Episode 8 of the TV anime Koikaze is now available for streaming download from this page on Geneon's official website. You'll see four "play" buttons on the linked page. The episode is broken up into two parts. The first column of play buttons is for broadband internet connections. The second column is for narrow band connections. Source: Magicalantique.com. Remember, this episode will only be available for download until 22 June 2004.
  • For fans of Ragnarok the Animation, you can download a couple of wallpapers here. Source: Magicalantique.com.
  • Today is the birthday of seiyuu Honba Tomoe (32) and Ueda Kana (24). Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • The anime Uchuu Koukyoushi Maetel ~ Ginga Tetsudo 999 Gaiden ~ will commence broadcast on 6 August 2004 on Sky Perfect TV. The story takes place two years after Maetel Legend. Source: Reinbo Actress. littleharlock has already written about this in more detail, so I'll just point people to the littleharlock Newslog (the entry on 8 June 2004).
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun has an English language article on two lecturers from Beijing, China, who are studying manga at Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto in an effort to reproduce the Japanese success with comics in China.
  • A new seiyuu magazine. Gakken, publishers of Animedia and Megami Magazine, will be publishing Seiyuu Animedia volume 1 on 2 July 2004, price 980 (including tax). This roughly A4 size, 116 page issue will feature jumbo double sided poster of Mizuki Nana and two cards of Tamura Yukari and Shimizu Ai. The issue will also have 20 posters of various seiyuu and one of the feature articles will be a Tenjou Tenge discussion between Hoshi Souichirou, Miki Shinichirou and Seki Tomokazu. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • For Sailor Moon fans, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R volumes 1 and 2 will be released on 21 September 2004, price 3,990 yen (including tax) each. Each will come with picture disc containing six episodes and first pressing of each will come with a laminated card. Source: dvdcatalog.
  • As I wrote on 30 May 2004, the third Inuyasha movie DVD will be released on 27 August 2004, catalogue number SDV-2891, price 6,300 yen (including tax). It'll come with a drama CD, but Animate states that the first pressing will also come with a (presumably reproduction) shikishi (autographed pic) by Takahashi Rumiko. Note also that the movie DVD will include a promo clip for the fourth movie.
  • Back on 22 May 2004 I wrote about R.O.D - The TV - memo pads shaped like Anita King's paper holsters. You can find the "Paper Case Memo" here on Animate's website, price 525 yen (including tax). There's also second type of mug, this time featuring Anita and Happy Milk. Price of that is 840 yen (including tax).
  • Still unwell. Kimochi warui...

7 June 2004  

  • Fourth update.
  • Return of the headache. I'm going to lie down.
  • Gonzo has announced that it produced the promo video clip for the band Linkin Park's new song "Breaking The Habit". Source: Moon Phase.
  • The official website for Soukyuu no Fafnir - Dead Aggressor has updated with the news that the first time the TV anime is broadcast on TV Tokyo (ie 1.30am on 5 July 2004), it'll be an one hour special. Source: Moon Phase.
  • The GAiNAX Festival stage report dated 19 May 2004 on GAiNAX's page for Neppuu Kairiku Bushilord suggests that the anime will be a TV series. Source: alternative-live. But prior to that, remember that there'll be a "short version".
  • To commemmorate the recent release of the Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent) OST, composer Hirasawa Susumu has made available for free download the tenth track from the CD, "Reverie Hill". In addition, another ten tracks which didn't make it onto the CD are also available for download from the same page. Although free, conditions for download are that the files will not be altered and that they will be used for non-commercial purposes. Also, no liability will be accepted for any damage or loss resulting from downloading or using the files. Source: alternative-live. To download, visit the page linked above. At present, the ten tracks not included on the CD are at the top of the page. Next comes "Reverie Hill".
  • Wonderfarm has a website up for its upcoming TV anime series Ryuusei Sentai MusuMET (Meteor Squad MusuMET). Source: alternative-live.
  • Remember when otaku darling of the art world Murakami Takashi had his koČ-chan (Miss koČ) figure auctioned at Christie's for 68 million yen (US$567,500 at the time)? (See my 16 May 2003 entry). Now the Japanese edition of GQ magazine is giving readers the chance to purchase a limited edition Nurse KoČ figure. Sculpted by Bome and also modelled by Sato Eriko (Cutey Honey in the recent live action movie) in a recent issue of GQ Japan (the magazine features five variations of koČ-chan costumes). This Nurse KoČ figure is a limited edition of 5 units. Orders will be taken until 23 June 2004. Approximately 55cm tall. Only 840,000 yen including tax but excluding shipping and insurance. Source: ultimatum. And you thought the life sized Hikari (KonoMini) figure was expensive.
  • Kids Station has a website up for the TV anime version of Pugyuru. Source: ultimatum. There's a greeeting card service and wallpaper(s) to download, but first you have to register with the site (registration is free). Sorry, I can't be bothered going through the process and explaining it...
  • CBC's official website for the live action dorama TV series adaptation of the manga Rikon Yoteibi (Scheduled Date for Divorce) by Kasuya Noriko (serialised in You magazine). Title of the TV dorama version is "Joudan desho! Rikon Yoteibi". Source: ultimatum. The series commenced broadcast recently.
  • Media Works has a list up of its July 2004 publications. Source: ultimatum. Among the items is an Onegai Twins Official Fan Book, to be published 31 July 2004.
  • Kadokawa Shoten has a list up of its manga and anime related publications for July 2004. Source: ultimatum. Among the items are Sticker Books for D.N.Angel, Keroro Gunsou (Sgt Frog) and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Precise date of publication and price are yet to be determined.
  • So ADV Films has licensed the TV anime of Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou. Meanwhile this nifty Cinema Topics Online report from back in March states that a live action movie version of the manga is to be produced. Director will be Yamaguchi Yuuta. Looks like the movie will be released within a year. Source: ultimatum. I wonder if ADV Films will secure the rights to this as well...?
  • Manga bookstore Manga no Mori has a list up of July 2004 releases. Source: ultimatum. They include:
    Volume 1 of Kakinouchi Narumi's manga "Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo - Matenrou -" (The Strange Case Files of Yakushiji Ryoko - Skyscraper -). To be published 23 July 2004, price yet to be determined. An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Tanaka Yoshiki.
    Volume 1 of Shiki Satoshi's manga "Ai - Hikari to Mizu no Daphne". To be published 28 July 2004, price 560 yen.
  • Shueisha has set out its list of manga (and related) publications for July 2004. Source: ultimatum. Among those are:
    Volume 8 of Nakahara Aya's manga Love Com (Love Complex): to be published 23 July 2004. There'll be a limited edition version which comes with colour illustrations collection, ISBN 4-08-847763-4. Regular edition ISBN 4-08-847762-6. (Update: the Manga no Mori list above states that the price will be 410 yen, 500 yen for the limited edition.)
    Volume 16 of Chiya Toriko's manga Clover: to be published 23 July 2004. There'll be a limited edition version which comes with CD, ISBN 4-08-847768-5. Regular edition ISBN 4-08-847769-3. (Update: the Manga no Mori list above states that the price will be 410 yen, 500 yen for the limited edition.)
    Naruto - Kishimoto Masashi Art Collection Uzumaki: to be published 2 July 2004, ISBN 4-08-873-706-7. (Update: the Manga no Mori list above states that this artbook will cost 1,260 yen.)
  • Official website for Hunter x Hunter, the manga series by Togashi Yoshihiro which has since been adapted into anime. Source: ultimatum.
  • Don't know if this is news or not, but Nikkan Sports News reports that Otomo Katsuhiro movie Steam Boy is scheduled for theatrical release in the UK, France and Italy in October 2004 and in the US in December 2004. Source: alternative-live. The 2.4 thousand million yen movie will be released in cinemas in Japan on 17 July 2004.
  • To add to my writings about Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO - Ichinen Sensou Hiwa - (One Year War Secret Story) yesterday, another ITmedia report has two pages of additional pics from the CG anime. Click on the pics for enlargements. BTW, the Bandai Museum has seen 700,000 visitors since it opened ten months ago. Source: Rakuga Kidou. I was hoping to go when I was in Tokyo in December last year, but didn't have the time - I'm not a Gundam anyway...
  • Live action adult (lesbian) video Maria-sama ga Miteiru. See the sixth image down on this page, but note that some of the images contain nudity. Available from TMA from 20 August 2004, price 3,990 yen (including tax). Source: Rakuga Kidou. Note that the title is Maria-sama ga Miteiru, with an "i" in the last word, not the usual Maria-sama ga Miteru.
  • Official website for Kurau Phantom Memory is now up. Source: Moon Phase. The TV anime will commence broadcast on 24 June 2004 at 26:12am (ie 2:12am on 25 June 2004)
  • Perhaps not confirmed, but it's said that an Ichigo 100% anime is to be created for screening at the year end Jump Festa. Based on the manga of the same name by Kawashita Mizuki. Source: Moon Phase. I don't know much about these anime created for Jump Festa. Note that these kind of anime (like the Eye Shield 21 anime for the previous Jump Festa) are sometimes only about 30 minutes long, and only available on a special DVD by mail order from the various Jump manga magazines. There's also rumour of a School Rumble TV anime to commence in October, but that seems even less certain.
  • Old news, but the CLAMP 15th Anniversary website has a slide puzzle game. Complete the puzzle and you'll get a wallpaper to download. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Impress Corporation and the official Maburaho website have announced that the limited edition version of DVD volume 5 of the anime contains an error. Due to a manufacturing process error, the special CD, although labelled "if (3)", actually has the same contents as the "if (1)" CD which was included with the limited edition version of DVD volume 1. When you buy volume 5, you should receive a card (with coupon) explaining the exchange program which the distributor Happinet Pictures will carry out (you'll need to send in the card to the company). To contact the company, see the phone and fax details on the pages linked above. Source: Moon Phase.

6 June 2004  

  • Fifth update. Headache returning... That's all for today. Must lie down.
  • On 8 May 2004 I wrote about Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO - Ichinen Sensou Hiwa - (One Year War Secret Story), the full 3D CG Gundam anime which will be screened at the Bandai Museum. This will be a three part work. The first part is composed of three episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at the museum from 19 July 2004 (each episode being 25 minutes long). Episode 3 will be screened in September 2004. You can view a couple of screenshots in this ITmedia report. Source: Moon Phase.
  • GAiNAX states that the Top wo Nerae! Perfect Guide DVD and book to be released on 27 August 2004 will include a trailer for Top wo Nerae! 2. Source: Moon Phase. For release details for the Perfect Guide and volume 1 of the second OVA series, see my 14 May 2004 entry.
  • Today is seiyuu Ogata Megumi's birthday. She turns 39. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • This Sega Direct article states that the Bones TV anime series Kurau Phantom Memory will commence broadcast on TV Asahi on 24 June 2004 at 26:12am (ie 2:12am on 25 June 2004). Source: Moon Phase. The Sega article is about the sale of the CD single for the OP. Official website for the anime should be up shortly.
  • Official website for the OVA Aoi Umi no Tristia (Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea). Many of the sections are still under construction, however. Source: Moon Phase. The concluding volume 2 will be released on 23 July 2004. For release details, see my 22 May 2004 entry.
  • animate.tv has a promotion clip up for download for the OVA "Wind ~ a breath of heart ~", volume 1 of which will be released on 25 June 2004. Visit the page linked and you'll find two dark blue buttons at the bottom of the page. Click on the left hand button if you have a narrow band internet connection. Click on the right if you have a broadband connection. Source: Moon Phase. The TV series will commence broadcast on 30 June 2004. For release details for volume 1 of the OVA, see my 14 April 2004 entry.
  • Production IG's website for its upcoming TV anime Otogizoushi has updated with the news that the series will commence broadcast at 25:10am on 6 July 2004 (1:10am on 7 July 2004) on NTV. Source: Moon Phase.
  • As I pointed out on 23 April 2004, TV Asahi did not broadcast episode 8 of the TV anime of Koikaze - only Kids Station will broadcast that episode (tomorrow, as it happens). However, the Geneon's website for Koikaze now states that for those who don't have access to Kids Station, episode 8 will be available for streaming download for a limited time - from 8 to 22 June 2004. Source: Moon Phase. I didn't notice mention of where the episode will be available for download. Presumably from the official website. Stay tuned.
  • Official website for the OVA Ajisai no Uta. Based on the manga of the same name by Morikuri Maru, serialised in Shogakukan's manga magazine Big Comic Original. Volume 1 of the anime will be released on 19 August 2004. Directed by Toyama Sou, soundtrack by Nanase Hikari. Two previews to download on this page. Click on the two sepia coloured screenshots. But note that the previews were created last year - any release dates mentioned are out of date. Source: Moon Phase. See also this page for a few larger screenshots. Ajisai no Uta is the story of a boy Kuritaro and his family in Edo period Japan (his father is a rounin). I think it's more of a heartwarming story than flashing blades.
  • The official website for Studio 4°C's upcoming movie Mind Game (said to be theatrically released in July 2004) has updated with a trailer for download. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Young Magazine has announced that a movie based on CLAMP's manga xxxHOLIC is to be released theatrically in 2005. Source: Moon Phase. Not unexpected that a CLAMP work would be adapted to anime but I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to read the news anyway.
  • There's an Air movie to be theatrically released in the (northern) autumn of 2004. Based on the bishoujo computer game of the same name. Recently there have been references to an Air TV series as well. Now TBS has set up a webpage for an Air TV anime series. To be broadcast on TBS' digital channel BS-i. Source: Magicalantique.com. Another bishoujo TV anime.
  • The official website for the Air movie has also updated. Not a lot to see, but in addition to the earlier info that the anime would be produced by Toei Animation with direction by Dezaki Osamu is news that script will be by Nakamura Makoto, with character design by Kobayashi Akemi. The movie will be approximately 90 minutes long. Source: Magicalantique.com. Probably only the second anime which Toei Animation has made in this sort of genre (bishoujo computer games), the first being the Kanon TV anime a couple of years back.
  • The official Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te (Magi Karte) website has reference to Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te Z. Ope 1 will be released on 10 September 2004. There will be TV broadcast, tentatively scheduled for the (northern) summer, as well. Source: Magicalantique.com.

5 June 2004  

  • Fourth update. That's all for today. Headache coming back...
  • According to Animate, the first pressing limited edition version of DVD volume 4 of Chrno Crusade will come not only with miniature replica gun, but also with a drama CD, booklet and box to hold four volumes. To be released 23 July 2004, price 9,240 yen (including tax). No mention of the CD or box on CD Japan's listing, though.
  • The TV anime version of DearS is set to commence broadcast on TV Kanagawa at 24:30 on 3 July 2004, ie 00:30am on 4 July 2004. Source: TA Group BBS. IIRC, a boy meets alien girl story.
  • The official website for the TV anime version of "Ninin ga Shinobuden (2 x 2 = Shinobuden) ~ the Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction" states that the series will commence broadcast on 7 July 2004 on CBC at 26:25 (ie 2:25am on 8 July 2004). Source: TA Group BBS. Based on the comic ninja manga.
  • Remember when I wrote about a line noise glitch in DVD volume 3 of Henshin Kosu-pureiya (The Cosmopolitan Prayers) on 11 May 2004? Now producers m.o.e have announced that there are similar line noise glitches with volumes 1 and 4 as well -_- With volume 1, the superior picture quality version of episode 2 has the glitch at the 17 minute 13 second mark (during the ending theme) at the bottom half of the screen.With volume 4, the superior sound quality version of episode 20 has the glitch at the 16 minute 00 second mark (during the ending theme) at the centre of the screen. As with volume 3, an exchange program will be put into place to replace the faulty DVDs with corrected versions until 31 August 2004 (but I presume this doesn't extend to shipping from outside Japan). To arrange replacement, either telephone the company on the number set out in the page linked above, or fill out the form on this page. Corrected versions of the DVD will have a round pink sticker on them.
  • Episode 5 of the m.o.e TV anime Love Love? is available for download from the official website until 7 June 2004. For details on how to view the show, see my 6 May 2004 entry.
  • Very interesting (though few days' old) article by the Asahi Shimbun: Spirited Away: As merchandisers grow rich, the animation industry is losing jobs to cheaper labor abroad. By Takano Yuzuru and Inada Kiyohide.
  • And on an issue which has some tangential relation to anime, the Asahi Shimbun has an article: Singing the blues over 'reverse imports'. The article is really about Japanese importing foreign versions of J-pop CDs, but I notice some Japanese anime fans have been importing US versions of anime DVDs as well. Interesting is the reference to some Japanese fans claiming that the foreign CDs are better quality than Japanese ones - mirroring Western anime fans who claim that R2 DVDs are better than R1 ones ^_^;;
  • An R.O.D - The TV - Bangaihen Drama CD (tentative title) will be released on 22 July 2004, catalogue number SVWC-7203, price 3,150 yen (including tax). Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The Naruto Best Hit Collection CD will be released on 4 August 2004 (same day as release of the OST for the movie), catalogue number SVWC-7208, price 3,360 yen (including tax). This CD will be produced for a limited period only (until 31 October 2004) and will come in a box with a special DVD. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Did I mention that I'm still not fully recovered...? Haven't updated as much today as I would've liked to. Still spent most of today lying in bed.
  • For Studio Ghibli fans, CD Japan has details up on three documentaries to be released on DVD with English subtitles in July and August:
    Otsuka Yasuo no Ugokasu Yorokobi (Otsuka Yasuo's Joy of Animating)
    Sekai Waga Kokoro no Tabi (The World: Journey of Our Memories)
    Miyazaki Hayao Produce no Ichimai no CD wa Koushite Umareta (How the CD Produced by Miyazaki Hayao Came to Be)
  • VAP's website for elfen lied TV anime has updated with a picture in the gallery. Click on the pic and it'll turn into a wallpaper which you can download. The anime series based on the manga will commence broadcast in July 2004.
  • More info on the limited edition version of manga volume 5 of School Rumble by Kobayashi Jin, to be published on 17 June 2004. Mangaoh Club states that it'll come with a special album (which Manga no Mori describes as an extra comic booket) and character sticker(s). To repeat, price 670 yen (including tax), regular edition price 410 yen (including tax).
  • As I wrote on 29 May 2004, the August 2004 issue of monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! magazine will come with a DearS Premium DVD. Mangaoh Club now states that the DVD will contain a promotion clip for episode1 of the DearS TV anime (to commence broadcast in July 2004), special digest clip from the DearS game, drama CD post-recording clip and cast comments. The magazine issue will be published on 26 June 2004, price 720 yen (including tax).
  • Animaxis.com English language article: Tokyo Art University Establishes Anime Graduate School.
  • Been sick basically the whole week... -_- Again -_-
  • While I lay dying, I couldn't do much else other than finish book three of the Guin Saga and draw a pic. My fourth picture in two and a half years \^_^/ Time for a slight change in theme for the top news page, hence the use of Baronh as well. I wasn't trying to draw the face exactly as in the anime and manga, hence the complete lack of resemblance. The details in the uniform are off a bit too, but I can't be bothered fixing it at the moment (plus one of the pics I used as a reference was particularly lacking in detail, adding to the problem). Sorry if the larger pic makes it harder to read this page. If it's any consolation, it's harder for me to read what I'm typing too ^_^;;
  • In bed, I also had a chance to listen to the old Rurouni Kenshin CD Books (ie drama CDs), which were released prior to the anime. Based on the original manga, these featured Ogata Megumi as Kenshin, Sakurai Tomo as Kaoru, Takayama Minami as Yahiko and Seki Tomokazu as Sanosuke. After 95 TV episodes (including final OVA), 2 OVA series and a movie you get used to the anime voices, but I tried to be as objective with the drama CD voices as I could. Ogata was a fine Kenshin IMO, having the important ability to create a variety of "oro" sounds ^_^ though at times she did remind me a bit too much like Yukito from Card Captor Sakura (which she of course also voiced). Sakurai was the hardest to objectively assess since she later took the role of Makimachi Misao in the anime. But I could detect a difference between how she played Kaoru and Misao - Misao was more "genki" and did sound a tad younger. Takayama was fine as Yahiko although at the tougher points I felt she was reaching the limit of her performance. And to me, it was only the second CD (of three) in which Seki was really able to settle into the role of Sano. Overall the CD dramas follow the manga, with slight changes to dialogue here and there (generally adding in a bit more). The music was very generic and pedestrian - in no way could it match Asakura Noriyuki's excellent score for the TV anime series.
  • On 2 May 2004 I wrote about volume 1 of the DVD release of Madlax, out on 21 July 2004. Animate states that the first pressing will come not only with box to hold the first seven volumes, but also with a Madlax logo original T-shirt. This will be a 13 volume release in total.
  • I got my Front Innocent Official Art Book recently, which comes with DVD. Front Innocent being Urushihara Satoshi's upcoming adult OVA. Contents of the Official Art Book are basically the same as the previous design works collection but with a few more pages. The DVD is now eight minutes instead of the three minutes of the DVD which came with the first book - but this time there's two minutes of preview and six minutes of interview with Urushihara (although you can a smaller screen preview of the OVA during the interview). If you bought the original design works collection, this one may seem too much of the same thing to you. 40 pages, 2,000 yen. The DVD states that the OVA will be released in the (northern) summer of 2004.
  • However, prior to that, Front Innocent Episode #0 will be released on 16 August 2004, catalogue number HODA-3, price 3,675 yen (including tax). Although contents of the DVD are unknown, it'll come with the drama CD Lady Innocent as well as a mini-calendar. Source: Mangaoh Club. Note that that the page linked above contains adult images.
  • Also got my Maria-sama ga Miteru doujin card game "Mari Un Zero" CD-ROM. Basically a Uno card game where you play against three computer opponents (various characters from the MariMite world). Each card is illustrated with a MariMite character. Starting off as Yumi, your object is to earn points to buy larger versions of the cards (so you can enjoy the artwork), wallpapers, short manga and other characters (so you can play as, for example, Sachiko). Yumi looks really cute when she wins ^_^ There are 116 cards, and 142 wallpapers (of which the illustrations for 58 are also used for cards, and another 16 of which are - presumably, gag - manga), so it'll take a bit of time to access all the items. The illustrations are contributed by 89 artists, the more well known of which include Utatane Hiroyuki and Kaishaku.


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