16-30 NOVEMBER 2003 NEWS

25 November 2003 (second update)

  • Very busy now. This may well be my last update for the year.
  • If you've had trouble reading this main news page recently, I'm sorry about that. I don't know what the problem is. Had the same sort of problem last Saturday, I think... All this computer stuff gives me a headache >_<
  • tseniv has posted to the AoD forums that the Animation Runner Kuromi 2 OVA will have English subtitles. To be released 28 January 2004, price 4,800 yen.
  • A third Hunter x Hunter OVA series is to released. Titled "G I Final" (Greed Island Final). Seven DVD volumes in total. Release details:
    Volume 1 to be released 18 February 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50551. It'll come with box to hold four volumes, two character introduction G I cards and a 5cm stuffed toy. Presumably those items come with some special edition or first pressing of the release, but it's not made clear on the website.
    Volume 2 to be released 17 March 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50552.
    Volume 3 to be released 7 April 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50553.
    Volume 4 to be released 19 May 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50554.
    Volume 5 to be released 16 June 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50555.
    Volume 6 to be released 14 July 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50556.
    Volume 7 to be released 18 August 2004, catalogue number PCBX-50557.
    Each volume will cost 6,800 yen (excluding tax) and will contain two episodes. Source: Moon Phase.
  • The latest issue of Nikkei Characters! magazine states that the Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor) TV anime will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo in January 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Graphical Corporation Crowd Inc. now states that the tentative title for the TV anime previously known as "Mahou Shoujo Tai" will be "Mahou Shoujo Tai Little Witches". Source: Moon Phase. It's previously been stated that this show is planned for broadcast in April 2004.
  • Klockworx has a webpage up for Chrno Crusade as well. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Further to my post on 21 November 2003 about Miyazaki's complaint regarding using his name on the Teriha project, Anime News Network now reports (25 November 2003 01:08:21) that Fukoaka City has agreed to his request.
  • The February 2004 issue of Kodansha's manga magazine Afternoon (to be published on 25 December 2003) will come with the "Afternoon Allstar CD-ROM Winter Version". Special guest contributor will be Azuma (Azumanga) Kiyohiko. I don't know what the contents will be, but if it's anything like the CD-ROM released back in June 2003, it'll contain wallpapers and desktop accessories. See my 25 May 2003 for more info on that previous CD-ROM.
  • Toei Animation has a trailer for the upcoming Saint Seiya movie on its webpage for the anime. Source: Rakuga Kidou. Look for the links at the bottom left hand corner of the page. The movie is to be released in theatres in Japan in February 2004.
  • For those people who've seen episode 11 of R.O.D - The TV - but don't know of the popularity of "Anne of Green Gables" in Japan, you may find interesting this article by Clifford Krauss from the New York Times back in June. However, you'll need to be a subscriber to the NYT to view the article. I want Kaeru-kun goods ^_^
  • Watched a couple of promotional clips for the Evangelion 2 game recently. Interesting, but I'm still not a game player, so ultimately I don't care. The revised opening sequence for the game was interesting... until the CG Eva unit appeared ^_^;;
  • Didn't update yesterday since there wasn't much I wanted to write about. Plus, I was tired ^_^
  • Fuji TV's webpage for Chrno Crusade is now up. Source: Rakuga Kidou. The TV anime commences broadcast early morning today.

23 November 2003

  • 8vangelion: a fan's Flash movie setting Gundam Seed images to the Evangelion OP "Cruel Angel's Thesis". Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Animator Tsujita Kunio has stated on his website that the new Saint Seiya movie will be theatrically released on 14 February 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Studio Arms (which I think generally makes adult works) has announced that Mezzo TV will first be broadcast on Chiba TV on 4 January 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • A trailer is up for viewing at the official Dead Leaves site. Click on the "Enter the site". A window will pop-up with nine options on the right. Click on the centre option on the bottom row. Source: Aniota. This anime is licensed to Manga Entertainment.
  • Starting yesterday, the official Gadguard website has announced that those who purchase a Gadguard DVD will receive a Gadguard Special Original Desktop Accessory CD-ROM (for Windows) containing 38 wallpapers and 6 screensavers - while stocks last. However, this campaign seems limited to certain participating stores. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Nikkan Sports News reports that the new (fourth) Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor) TV anime will be broadcast on TV Tokyo in the (northern) spring. Source: alternative-live. IIRC, the live action movie version is slated for theatrical release in the (northern) autumn.
  • Furthermore, the manga Tetsujin 28-go ~ Koutei no Monshou ~ (Gigantor ~ the Emperor's Crest ~ ) by Hasegawa Yuuichi (original story by Yokoyama Mitsuteru) will commence serialisation in the February 2004 issue of Magazine Z manga magazine, on sale 26 December 2003. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Broccoli has announced that a Galaxy Angel Special will be broadcast on 21 December 2003 on TV Osaka (well, 22 December) and on 25 December 2003 on TV Tokyo (again, actually 26 December). Furthermore, a new (fourth) series of the anime is to be produced. Source: alternative-live.
  • Can't recall if I've typed up this info before: Shirow Masamune's artbook Galgrease 001 Wild Wet West Gashuu (Art Collection) will be released in the (northern) spring of 2004. 56 all colour pages. However, size of the book is now stated to be the smaller B4 size (33cm x 24.4cm).
  • Back on 2 October 2003, I wrote about a limited edition version of volume 5 of Isshiki Makoto's manga Hanada Shonen Shi, which would come with a 10cm figure of Ichiro. More details: the book will be published by Kodansha on 9 December 2003. Limited edition version will cost 1,980 yen (excluding tax). Regular edition will cost 514 yen (excluding tax).
  • The official website for Kon Satoshi's upcoming TV anime Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent) has updated. Source: ultimatum. There's a trailer to view. You'll see three links on the homepage. Click on the one to the right. Then click on "High" or "Low" depending on your internet connection. The series will commence broadcast on WOWOW on 2 February 2004. Animation looks good for a TV series. Note also that the credits mention "Geneon USA". So it looks like the show has been licensed.
  • A Tenshi no Shippo Chu! DVD Special Box will be released on 22 January 2004. This will be a limited edition of 500 sets. It'll include volumes 1 to 4 of the DVD release, DVD fan disc "Tenshi no Utagoe", CD-ROM, figure, special stand, design works, photo frame mousepad, two photos, postcard, all in a case. Price 35,000 yen. Source: Musicmarket.
  • The Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari DVD Box, to be released on 27 February 2004, will cost 19,800 yen and will contain all 13 episodes. Source: Musicmarket.

21 November 2003 (second update)

  • You can view the opening movie (streaming - 500kbps) for the upcoming TV anime Chojushin Gravion Zwei at Showtime. Source: Moon Phase. What you do is visit this page and click on yellow button. You'll need to register on the pop-up window, but registration is free, at least for this clip (other clips on the Showtime website require paid membership). To register, select whether you are female or male, then type in your email address, then choose your year of birth, then select the type of internet connection you have, then choose the prefecture (or city) you live in. Uncheck the box if you don't want weekly email updates from Showtime every Friday. Then click the button at the bottom of the window. The anime commences broadcast in January 2004.
  • New (presumably shoujo) anime Futari wa Pretty Cure will commence broadcast on TV Asahi in February 2004. Anime production by Toei Animation, directed by Nishio Daisuke, character design by Inagami Akira. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Fuji TV now has a website up for the upcoming anime Chrno Crusade, which will commence broadcast on 24 November 2003 (early morning 25 November). Source: Moon Phase.
  • On 16 November 2003, I wrote about the island city Teriha. Now the Mainichi Shimbun reports that Miyazaki Hayao has written to the Fukuoka City mayor requesting that Miyazaki's name and sketches should not be used in relation to the plans for the island city. Miyazaki stated that his job is as anime director, and he doesn't have the time or ability to work on the development of a residential area - he has no relation to the development of the island. Source: Aniota. The mayor's announcement of use of Miyazaki's sketches had lead to the development being referred to in recent news reports as "Miyazaki Ghibli island" and I guess the director is trying to avoid people making such associations.
  • Back on 2 November 2003 I wrote about the new Shadow Skill OVA and the Premium Complete Box version to be released on 12 December 2003. Now Neowing states that the Full Complete version will be released on 10 February 2004, catalogue number TMVD-3002, at the lower price of 5,800 yen (excluding tax). This version has less features than the Premium Complete Box, since it doesn't come with the dorama CD or special script. Note that Neowing states that the DVD will be 60 minutes long whereas the official website stated the DVD would be 45 minutes in duration.
  • Now that Hikaru no Go is over, Obata Takeshi's new manga "Death Note" and will be serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump starting with issue number 1 of 2004 (on sale 1 December 2003). Whereas Hikaru no Go had story by Hotta Yumi, this time Death Note will be based on a work by Ooba Tsugumi.
  • Sorry, I knew I shouldn't have lay my head down on my bed last night. Fell asleep before I could update this page a bit more -_-
  • Tomorrow is the final of the 2004 rugby union World Cup. England against Australia. Australia of course has defeated England in many major sports which the English invented: cricket, soccer, rugby etc. I find it ironic that rugby was apparently invented when some English lad playing soccer suddenly stopped kicking the ball and decided to pick up the ball and run with it. After inventing the game, now the Poms feel that if they're to have any hope of beating the defending rugby union champions Australia, they'll have to stop running with the ball and go back to kicking it. Somehow that kinda reminds me of cricket in the 1930s. Back then (as now), the English couldn't beat the Aussies in cricket. Back then, Australian cricket had "The Don". In cricket at Test level (ie the highest level of the sport), a good batsman would have a career batting average in the 40s and the very best will have an average of 50 or more. But The Don had a batting average of 99.94. So the Poms thought: "If you can't beat them, BEAT them". It just wasn't cricket. So anyway, where's the anime or manga connection with all of this, you ask? Well, there's none - but there is a Japanese connection: Australia's national rugby union coach Eddie Jones is half Japanese (by his mother). Actually, he used to be the Japanese national coach.
  • Volume 3 of the OVA Macross Zero will be released on 28 November 2003. Bandai has some stills here. If you click on the "Check Point" buttons, you'll find more (larger) stills. Plus, if you click on the round circle on one of the Check Point pages, you'll be able to view a trailer. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Toho has announced that the DVD box for the TV anime Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari will be released on 27 February 2004. Source: Moon Phase. Doesn't seem to be any more info at this stage though...
  • The DVD of Romanov Higa's CG anime URDA will be released on 27 November 2003. A 5Mb trailer is available for download from the creator's website for the anime. Just click on the yellow link in the top frame. Source: Moon Phase. For more details on the DVD release, see my 16 September 2003 and 4 November 2003 entries.
  • animate.tv's web mail order site has details up for the limited edition Cossette no Shozou 0 (Portrait of Cossette 0) DVD which will be released on New Year's Day. I posted the release details on 9 and 10 November 2003. What's interesting on animate.tv's page is that it points out that staff for the anime Petit Cossette will include Okama (art design) and Kajiura Yuki (music). Source: Moon Phase. Kajiura of course did the music for Noir and Shin KOR, among other works. BTW, Okama's new manga "Cloth Road" commenced serialisation in this month's issue of Ultrajump (published on 19 November 2003). That work is in collaboration with Kurata (R.O.D) Hideyuki, who's responsible for the script.

20 November 2003 (second update)

  • Buy a replica of Nausicaa's rifle. Limited edition of 100, each with serial number and three shotgun shells. 150cm long (roughly 5 feet). Comes in a wooden case 156cm long x 28cm wide x 10cm thick. Price: only a whopping 367,500 yen (including tax). Application period from 5 December 2003 to 30 January 2004. In the case of over-subscription, Buena Vista may employ a lottery. Successful applicants will be contacted by the end of February 2004. Limited of one per customer. You can't ask for a specific serial number. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Volume 1 of the second series of GiTS:SAC, 2nd GIG, will be released on 26 March 2004, price 6,300 yen (including tax). Source: Bandai Digital Beat's list of upcoming anime.
  • Yet another Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis) fan disc. This time, the DVD will be titled Tennis no Oujisama DVD Fan Disc Extra Remix - Dream Session -. Among other things, it'll include the original anime "A Day of the Survival Mountain ~ Kyoufu no Kyouka Training! ~" (screened at the 2002 Jump Festa) as well as music clips. To be released 25 February 2004, price 2,625 yen (including tax). Source: Bandai Digital Beat's list of upcoming anime.
  • I have a knack for choosing holiday destinations. See my 25 January 2003 entry, under the heading "There and back again", the long paragraph. So guess where I'm going this time? Yes, you guessed it - Istanbul. Just in time for the terrorist bombs >_< I've been thinking of visiting the Middle East for some years now, but at this point in history, I figured that I'd have to leave Israel, Jordan etc to my next lifetime. Still, I'd thought that Turkey would be a relatively safe and interesting place...
  • Violence in the Middle East. Reminds me of the joke (of sorts) which I read in the International Herald Tribune some time this year. It goes something like this (I'm paraphrasing):
    Three men go to visit God. One man is Kashmiri, the other is Korean and the third is a Semite (I write Semite to avoid having to choose between Israeli or Palestinian ^_^;; ). They're ushered into a room where God greets them, and the four of them sit down to talk. The Kashmiri man asks God, "God, when will there be peace in my land?" And God looks at the man sadly, and with a shake of the head says gently "Not in your lifetime, my son." The Kashmiri man nods, fighting back tears, gets up and leaves the room. Next, the Korean man asks: "God, when will there be peace in my land?" And God replies with a compassionate voice "I'm sorry, not in your lifetime, my son." The Korean man nods, tears streaming down his face, but he gets up and leaves the room. Then the Semite asks God "God, when will there be peace in my land?" God replies "Not in my lifetime, my son." And God gets up, weeping, and leaves the room.
    Funny, huh?

19 November 2003

  • Feeling tired today. Not sure whether I'll type up more today... Only a few minor things anyway.
  • Shueisha has a special website up for Katsura Masakazu's superhero manga Zetman, which is serialised in Shueisha's manga magazine Young Jump. Volumes 1 and 2 of the manga went on sale today. Source: ultimatum.
  • The upcoming Area 88 TV anime will commence broadcast on TV Asahi on 8 January 2004 (well, actually early 9 January 2004). This is sooner than the initial projected commencement in the (northern) spring. Avex has a webpage up for the anime here. A total of 12 episodes. The CD OST will be released in March 2004 and the DVD release will start in April 2004. Source: Moon Phase.

18 November 2003 (third update)

  • The official website for the upcoming TV anime Maria-sama ga Miteru (based on the novel series of the same name) has been revamped, though most sections are still under construction. Source: Moon Phase. Not big news, but I just thought I'd mention it, cos I like the pic on the homepage ^_^ The series commences broadcast on 7 January 2004 (actually early morning 8 January 2004).
  • The Guardian newspaper in England names Miyazaki Hayao among one of the ten best directors in the world. He's at number eight. Other Japanese directors include Kitano (Beat) Takeshi (at number 30) and Miike Takashi (at number 38). Source: Aniota BBS. Wong Kar-wai's there too, at number 14 \^_^/
  • In this Bloomberg Japan business report, a publications manager of Square Enix states that the company has received expressions of interest from five TV stations across Europe and North America in relation to the TV anime Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist). Source: Ma-ten.
  • Impress Corporation has now given some details of the GiTS:SAC special DVD which will be released in February 2004. It'll be the Fan Disc GiTS:SAC - Interval -. Catalogue number BCBA-1826, price 2,800 yen. Single layer, Dolby Digital stereo sound, duration 50 minutes. Will include introductory clip to the second GiTS:SAC series "2nd GIG" as well as a new instalment of "Tachikoma na Hibi". Source: alternative-live.
  • The January 2004 issue of Monthly G Fantasy magazine (on sale 18 December 2003) will see the start of the manga Xiphos (pronounced "Saiphos") by Yuiga Satoru (E's), with original story by Chiba Katsuhiko. Fantasy adventure. The January 2004 issue will also come with a special cover for volume 4 of the manga "switch" by naked ape. Source: ultimatum.
  • HobbyLink Japan now sells anime related clothing - mainly stuff from Cospa and GAiNAX.
  • The D.C ~ Da Capo ~ Vocal Album Dolce will be released on 26 December 2003. CD Japan has the details here. First pressing will come with a box to hold two CDs. Source: Animate.
  • The Animation Runner Kuromi 2 OVA will be released by Universal Music at a price of 4,800 yen. Source: Animate. Release date 28 January 2003 2004 as previously reported. (Date corrected 25 November 2003.)

17 November 2003 (second update)

  • Impress Corporation reports that Warner Home Video in Japan is releasing 101 titles on DVD for 1,500 yen each over the next couple of months. Mainly Hollywood titles, but from my very quick glance through the titles, there are a couple of anime titles:
    Animatrix Special Edition- on sale for 1,500 yen from 6 December 2003 until stocks run out.
    Kyojin no Hoshi ~ Seiun Hen volumes 1-6 - each on sale for 1,500 yen from 29 November 2003 until 23 January 2004.
    Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • As to Hayashibara Megumi's upcoming new CD, Starchild's website has updated to confirm that the title will be "Center Color" (well, "Centre Colour" was close enough ^_^ ). The CD will contain 14 songs including Shaman King OP & ED, Abenobashi OP & ED, Asagiri no Miko OP, ED and insert song, Love Hina TV ED, Nuku Nuku Dash ED, Powerpuff Girls OP and Cruel Angel's Thesis (AD 2001). The DVD will be approximately 10 minutes long. Source: Reinbo Actress. For release details, see my 15 and 25 October 2003 entries.
  • Yesterday I wrote about the release of volume 1 of Saiyuki Reload. Neowing now has details up as well, and adds that those who purchase all seven volumes of the DVD release will be able to apply for a special card folder. Volume 1 will contain just the first episode.
  • On 12 November 2003, I wrote about the artbook "ABe Yoshitoshi Haibane Renmei Gashuu Glie no Machi, Haibane no Niwa de". Kadokawa Shoten now has this "all colour visual book on the world of the Haibane" listed on its website, confirming the publication date of 25 December 2003 and price of 2,000 yen (excluding tax). This book will be A4 in size, ISBN 4-04-853654-0-C0076.

16 November 2003 (eighth update)

  • It's 16 November 2003, which means episodes 11 and 12 of R.O.D - The TV- \^_^/ Can't wait to see the latest episodes - episode 11 looks to be a moving one, whereas it looks like there are interesting developments and more action in episode 12.
  • Bandai has announced CD/DVD products to be sold with snacks. One is a Godzilla DVD, but I don't normally write about kaijuu stuff, so I'll skip that one. The other is the "New Year's Card Creation CD Mobile Suit Gundam Seed" - 480 yen (excluding tax). Basically, with some ramune flavoured snack or lolly, you get the CD-ROM (for Windows Me/2000/XP) and three sheets to try printing out your designs (choose from one of eight patterns on the CD-ROM). The Gundam Seed item will go on sale 24 November 2003 at convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. Target market includes the core market of primary and junior high school kids (male and female) but also extends to senior high school kids. Bandai hopes to move a total of 200,000 units of the two items (Gundam Seed and Godzilla) by the end of March 2004. While the toy market on the whole has been flat in recent years, the size of the confectionary toy market has increased from 43.1 thousand million yen in 1998 to 59 thousand million yen in 2002. In the past few years, the number of companies in this market has exploded from 4 or 5 to over 20. Bandai maintains approximately 30% market share. Source: Aniota.
  • Back on 15 February 2002, I wrote about former students of a Tokyo seiyuu school suing the school for 13 million yen damages. Nikkan Sports News reports that back on 5 November 2003 the Tokyo District Court finally handed down its judgment, ordering the school to pay 4.1 million yen compensation. The court found that, while the school's advertisements to attract students suggested daily lessons by famous seiyuu, in fact only two or three people would give 1-1.5 lessons a week, and the lessons were not as long as advertised. The school is considering whether to appeal the judgment. Source: Aniota. The Asahi Shimbun's report states a slightly different award of damages - 4.6 million yen - and adds that factors taken into account in setting the award included the facts that the lessons by the seiyuu were not the only part of the course, and that students had attended the classes for some time. Source: Ma-ten. Sorry, this is one of those things I've been meaning to type up for some time now, but haven't gotten around to doing until now... ^_^;;
  • This Innolife.Net report states that the anime movie version of the manga Shin Angyo Onshi by Korean duo Youn In-wan and Yang Kyung-il (serialised in Japanese manga magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X) is set for release in Japan and South Korea in April 2004. The movie will be a joint South Korean-Japanese production, with the collaboration of Japanese companies such as Shogakukan, Klockworx and OLM. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • RonzTB (Ronz Trash Box) is working on an independent superhero anime titled "Excelion". Judging by the samples and designs I've seen so far, I'm interested to see how this one turns out. For now, you can view a sample of two cuts here. Source: Rakuga Kidou. You can view other designs and works of RonzTB on this page, including another work "Tatakae (Fight), Biscuit-tan".
  • The title of Hayashibara Megumi's upcoming new CD will be something along the lines of "Centre Colour". Source: Reinbo Actress. For release details, see my 15 and 25 October 2003 entries.
  • R.O.D - The TV - Michelle Chan figure from Yamato, for 3,000 yen - listed at HobbyLink Japan. To be released in February 2004. I'd expect an Anita figure soon... Haven't see any Maggie figures yet, though.
  • On 12 November 2003, I wrote about the release of volume 1 of Saiyuki Reload. Musicmarket has more details, which I'll consolidate here: to be released on 23 January 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition (catalogue number FCBC-0001, price 2,500 yen) and a regular edition (catalogue number FCBC-0008, price 2,000 yen). The limited edition will come with a mini-stand pop (ie a flat cardboard or plastic figure) of a seated Sanzo, seven playing cards (presumably if you collect the series, you'll have a complete deck of cards) and special clear card.
  • CD Japan had a single titled "World's End+" by the band "move" listed for release on 27 November 2003. There was to be a DVD release of the single at the same time as well. But both were apparently cancelled. Now Musicmarket lists the CD single as being released on 7 January 2004, price 1,200 yen. Furthermore, the song "World's End+" is stated to be the OP for the "popular TV anime" Initial D. The CD single will also be available with a DVD, price 1,500 yen. Hmm, sounds like the Fourth Stage is not too far away...
  • Another aviation anime in the works. Title is "?? ~Sora~". Sorry, I'm not sure how to read the kanji so I'm just going to call it Sora ^_^;; Hi-Vision quality with 5.1ch sound. There's a 10 minute pilot, a 15 minute image video, while the main feature is 30 minutes. A six episode series. Set in modern day Japan, but with some differences. Facing a reduction of US military presence after the cold war, the Japanese Self Defense Force starts to engage private contractors to bolster its air defences in the face of increasing intrusions into its airspace. Sora is the story of one of those private contractor companies, and the lives and loves of the people. So digital aerial animation combined with "human drama". You can see some character designs and production CG work on the page linked above. Source: Moon Phase. Production of the anime had the co-operation of the JSDF. And the announcement of the anime is hosted of the "Japan air self defence force and aircraft fun (fan?) site" Checking Six!!
  • A TV anime based on the manga Battle B-Daman (by Inuki Eiji) will be broadcast by TV Tokyo starting January 2004. Source: Moon Phase. Battling robots. Kodomo shonen stuff along the lines of Pokemon, Beyblade etc, I think. There's a range of toys, of course.
  • According to this month's issue of Animge, the upcoming TV anime Jubei-chan 2 Siberia Yagyu no Gyakushuu (Siberia Yagyu's Counterattack) will commence broadcast in January 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Magazine Comptiq points out that the TV anime Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari (The Galaxy Railways) is being distributed over the internet as well. The official website for the internet distribution is here. This is a fee paying service, but episode 1 is free. Source: Moon Phase. To view episode 1, click on the light blue button a bit under the words "free view" on the left hand side of the official website. Note that you'll need to registered first, but registration is free. To register, click on the green words at the top of the website, across from the Galaxy Railways title.
  • Two more wallpapers at the Gadguard website. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Marine Entertainment has announced the DVD release of the vampire web anime Vie Durant. To be released 25 February 2004, catalogue number MMBV-1201, price 3,990 yen (including tax). First pressing will come with illustration card. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Broccoli has announced that those who purchase volumes 1 to 5 of the DVD release of R.O.D - The TV- from Gamers stores will receive an Anita figure. Volume 2 of the DVD will be released on 27 November 2003. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Searchina has another report from another Chinese magazine about the live action Initial D movie, stating that Jay Chou will receive HK$4 million (approximately 55.8 million yen) for his role (as Fujiwara Takumi). Source: Aniota BBS.
  • Yomiuri reports that mangaka Sakura Momoko (38 years old), author of Chibi Maruko-chan (also made into a TV anime), married illustrator Unno Sashimi (34 years old) in October 2003. This is Sakura's second marriage - she was married in 1989, but divorced in 1998. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • Starchild's website is up for Battle Programmer Shirase. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • Amended the island city news.
  • There's a 400ha man-made island under construction in Hakata Bay. Yahoo Japan reports that Fukuoka City's mayor has announced that the 18ha residential area of the island city Teriha will be developed based on an image sketch by Miyazaki Hayao. There'll be lots of trees and greenery and insects and small animals for the kiddies. Houses will have electricity generated by solar power and wind power. There won't be high walls and tall fences to separate neighbours from each other. There'll be a 15km/hr community bus while the number of cars will be kept to a minimum. For a smallish pic of the sketch by Miyazaki, see the report linked above. Also, the mayor's got a message up at the official website for Teriha, in which he refers to three themes: human relations, time and space (relaxation etc), natural environment. Note also that the Flash intro for the oficial website appears to have Miyazaki illustrations as well ^_^ Source: Aniota and Aniota BBS. 400/18 hectares is a Metric measurement of area; I can't be bothered converting to Imperial measurement. One thing that amazes me: the 13 colonies in North America revolted and threw off the yoke of British oppression (and having lost the colonies in North America, the UK then had to send all of its unwanted perps to Australia), but the US still decided the keep what I consider one of the most oppressive features of the British system - Imperial measurements?! 15km/hr is roughly 9 or 10miles/hr.
  • Finally, Japan Post has published more info about the first series of its commemorative stamps on technology and anime heroes and heroines, on sale 16 December 2003. There two sheets for the first series: here and here. Each stamp is 80 yen. I won't deal with the technology side of things - for this first series, the anime link is the four different type of Astroboy stamps. There will also be Astroboy postmarks available - see the pics towards the bottom o the page linked above - I won't go into the details of where you can get such a postmark, though. Source: Aniota. For the release dates of future series of stamps, see my 9 August 2003 entry.
  • Wanna be in the upcoming live-action and CG Devilman movie? The official website has an anouncement: they're looking for 100 males as extras in a mob attack scene. You'll need to be available from 10.30am to 7.00pm on 20 November 2003 - at Toei's studios in Nerima, Tokyo. And please bring a flashlight (must be a night scene or an indoor/underground scene, I guess). What you need to do is send in your application via the website, and they'll contact you if you're accepted. Source: Aniota. The movie is scheduled for theatrical release in the (northern) summer of 2004.
  • Pics of the 2004 Pretty Guardian Sailormoon calendar. 1,600 yen (excluding tax). Source: Aniota.
  • The Innocence website has now officially confirmed the earlier news that the movie would be released theatrically in Japan on 6 March 2004. Source: Aniota.
  • Volume 23 of the manga Katte ni Kaizou by Kumeta Kouji will be published by Shogakukan on 18 December 2003. There'll be a limited edition version (price 619 yen) which will come with mobile telephone strap with a figure of Chitan on it. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Volume 5 of the shoujo manga Renai Shijoushugi by Minami Kanan will be published by Shogakukan on 19 December 2003. There'll be a limited edition version (price 905 yen) which will come with DVD containing a digital comic (approximately 7-10 minutes long). Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • DVD volume 1 of the TV anime Maburaho will be released on 22 January 2004. There'll be a first pressing limited edition Mabu-can which will come with key holder, pinup card, voice CD, pinup card folder and mini-tapestry. Catalogue number BIBA-4201, price 7,800 yen (excluding tax). Regular edition catalogue number BIBA-4101, price 5,800 yen (excluding tax). Source: Mangaoh Club. I think each volume of this series may have a limited edition version.
  • Mangaka Asamiya Kia has announced two new manga. !Karapuri! will be commence serialisation in monthly manga magazine Afternoon with its February 2004 issue (on sale 25 December 2003). A sci-fi love comedy set in Tokyo. Junk - Record of Last Hero -, with costume designs by Izubuchi Yutaka (director of RahXephon), will commence serialisation in monthly Champion Red's March 2004 issue (published 19 January 2004). A superhero manga, it seems. There'll be a preview of this manga in the February 2004 issue of Champion Red (on sale 19 December 2003). Source: ultimatum.
  • Production IG has set out the DVD release details for Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou. There'll be five volumes in total:
    Volume 1 to be released 25 February 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1842, price 3,800 yen, epsiodes 1-5. First pressing will come with a "Masked Takenouchi" mask.
    Volume 2 to be released 26 March 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1843, price 3,800 yen, epsiodes 6-10.
    Volume 3 to be released 23 April 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1844, price 3,800 yen, epsiodes 11-15.
    Volume 4 to be released 28 May 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1845, price 3,800 yen, epsiodes 16-20.
    Volume 5 to be released 25 June 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1846, price 4,800 yen, epsiodes 21-26.
    Each volume will be 60 minutes long (except volume 5: 75 minutes), double layer with linear PCM stereo sound. Source: ultimatum.
  • Sorry, fell asleep last night before updating... -_-
  • Shueisha has confirmed that the manga Gokusen (by Morimoto Kozueko, serialised in its magazine You) is to be animated. This late-night TV anime will commence broadcast on 6 January 2004. Source: ultimatum. You may recall that at a convention in the US earlier this year, Madhouse announced work on this series (although perhaps the title may have been misheard/misspelt by the reporter). Anyway, Gokusen has a similar premise to GTO - but this time the teacher is female, and she's the grand-daughter of a yakuza boss. Gokusen was previously adapted into a live-action dorama series on NTV. The TV anime will also be broadcast on NTV.
  • About yesterday's news about a live action Initial D movie. I also referred to an Initial D "The Fourth Stage". Didn't want to cause any possible confusion there... The news of the Fourth Stage was posted to OB Planning's website over a month ago. I doubt that it's related to the reported Chinese live action movie, since filming of that will apparently only start in March 2004. The live action movie will be produced by the (Hong Kong?) company Media Asia Group.


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