1-15 MARCH 2003 NEWS

15 March 2003 (second update)

  • The official website for the upcoming Ninja Scroll TV anime Jubei Ninpucho is now up. Source: Moonphase. The series commences broadcast on 14 April 2003.
  • Studio Pierrot has announced that the DVD for the anime PiNMeN will be released on 21 May 2003. This will be a limited edition release of 10,000 units which will come with an original figure. Aspect ratio 4:3, stereo sound, single layer DVD, approximately 40 minute duration containing all episodes, price 3,980 yen. Source: Aniota.
  • ZakZak reports that it's been estimated that the economic effect associated with the celebration of the "birth" of Astroboy on 7 April this year will be in the order of 520 thousand million yen over three years. Approximately 70 companies will be involved with promotions, involving confectionary, toys, CDs, shirts, games, commemorative coins etc. Source: Ma-ten.
  • NTT Publishing reports that the Animatrix Special Edition DVD, to be released 3 June 2003 by Warner Home Video, will cost 2,500 yen. For more details on the DVD, which will contain not only the four episodes to be distributed over the internet, but a further five episodes, see the official Animatrix website. Source: Ma-ten. This video will be released worldwide on the same day. I haven't checked the price of the DVD in other countries...

14 March 2003 (second update)

  • The website for the anime version of Scrapped Princess is now officially open. Source: Moonphase. The TV series commences broadcast on 8 April 2003.
  • Fuji TV's website for the upcoming TV anime Konjiki no Gash Bell!! is now up. Source: Moonphase. The series commences broadcast on 6 April 2003.
  • Bandai has announced that Otomo Katsuhiro's Steam Boy movie will be released theatrically in October 2003. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • From Slashdot Japan, this article points out that 2003 is the 20th anniversary of the birth of the term "otaku" in reference to fandom. The term is atttributed to Nakamori Akio, writing an article in the June 1983 issue of the magazine Manga Burikko. Source: Aniota.
  • The website for Kon Satoshi's next movie Tokyo Godfathers has updated with information about the three main characters. Source: Aniota. For more info on the movie, see my 25 February 2003 entry.
  • Sorry... You guessed it, I fell asleep again yesterday before posting up any news... -_-
  • TV Osaka has a webpage up for the upcoming TV anime Di Gi Charat Nyo. Not much to see, though. Source: TA Group BBS. The series commences broadcast on 6 April 2003.
  • Takahashi Shin, author of the manga Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (SaiKano) ~ The Last Love Song on this Little Planet and author of the current manga Kimi no Kakera (serialised in Weekly Shonen Sunday), has announced on his website that work has stopped indefinitely for the time being. Source: Ma-ten.
  • TV Tokyo's webpages for Ningen Kosaten Human Scramble and Firestorm are now up. Source: TA Group BBS. The former TV series commences broadcast on 5 April 2003, while the later starts on 6 April 2003.
  • Pretty sure that this isn't news, but with the Ninja Scroll TV series to commence broadcast on 14 April 2003, the Hollywood live action movie is scheduled for release in 2004 and the second Ninja Scroll movie is tentatively planned for a 2005 release. Source: Chara-Ani.com.
  • Been a bit busy trying to do a bit of online shopping today ^_^;;

12 March 2003

  • Toei Animation's website for Air Master, to commence broadcast on 1 April 2003, is now up. Not much to see at present, though. Source: Moonphase.
  • Starchild has a webpage up for the limited edition DVD release of the 3 x 3 Eyes OVA series on 21 May 2003. I won't go through all the details, since they're already available on store listings such as CD Japan, however, I will point out that apart from the coming with a mini CD album, it'll also come with a 48 page book of 3 x 3 Eyes art by Takada Yuzo and picture labels (presumably on both DVDs and the CD). Finally the box will be illustrated by Takada Yuzo. Source: Moonphase.
  • The Chunichi Shimbun has an article about the changing face of Akihabara: from Electric Town to Otaku Town. While the district in Tokyo has global reknown for its electronics stores, there's been a rapid growth of stores selling game software, figures, doujinshi etc since about 1998, particularly given the depressed PC sales market. In cosplay cafes, waitresses are dressed in maid and other outfits. The radio hall opposite the train station used to be full of electronics stores - now half the stores sell figures or anime-related products. One 25 year old male freeter interviewed states that he visits the area once a week. He's been an anime fan since Neon Genesis Evangelion - in Akihabara he can get info on games and see some cosplay. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Nifty Animation Online reports that 120 domains related to Sunrise anime characters, mecha or products are now available for email addresses (mailbox has 10Mb capacity). First month is free, but then there's a monthly fee of 300 yen per email address. Homepage for this mail service is here, and a list of the domains can be seen here.

11 March 2003 (third update)

  • Cute SD figures ^_^ The figures are of the girls in the Girls the Gathering series of goods. In general, artwork for Girls the Gathering is done by Tanaka Kunihiko who's the great artist behind Ruin Explorers Fam & Ihrie.
  • At the website for the Commission for Better Broadcast Programs, the TV station replies to concerns by viewers of Gundam Seed that the TV anime, broadcast at a family viewing timeslot, had a scene suggesting sex between minors. Source: Aniota BBS. I'm not going to bother translating the complaints and the station's response because (i) it's Gundam and (ii) there's too much text :P
  • The official website for the upcoming TV anime Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari is already up. Looks the like official English title will be "The Galaxy Railways". The series is set to commence broadcast in October 2003 on BS Fuji. Source: Aniota.
  • It seems that it's been it's been announced in this month's issue of Newtype that another work of Matsumoto Leiji's, Dai Ginga Series Dai Yamato Hen 7 vs 7 (Great Galaxy Series ~ Great Yamato Arc 7 vs 7), will also commence in October 2003. Source: Aniota.
  • Release of Urushihara Satoshi's newest artbook "Love" has been put back three days to 2 April 2003. For more details, see my 3 March 2003 entry. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Kurumada (Saint Seiya) Masami's official website. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • There's been a fair bit of discussion about Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi's nomination for the Academy Awards, but less about the nomination of Yamamura Koji's "Mt Head" in the category of best animated short film. The Asahi Shimbun has an article (in English) about this anime.
  • Not really anime or manga related save for the coincidence of a name: the Asahi Shimbun also has an article in English regarding the Sekihotai, an ultra-right wing group that has carried out attacks against the newspaper. This isn't the first time that the Asahi Shimbun has had an English language article on the group, but I thought I'd mention it this time because it appears that statute of limitations has just recently expired on any prosecution for the crimes. Strange that there would be a statute of limitations on prosecution for criminal acts in Japan. You can read an ABC news article on the Sekihotai here as well. Fans of Rurouni Kenshin may remember that the Sekihotai was also the name of the group that Sagara Sanosuke was a member of during the Bakumatsu.
  • According to this store listing, the DVD of "Neko no Ongaeshi" and "The Ghiblies episode 2" will be released on 4 July 2003, price 4,700 yen. Source: Aniota.

10 March 2003

  • The official website for Gadguard is now up. However the website won't officially open until 1 April 2003, the day before broadcast is scheduled to commence, so there's not much to see at present. Source: Moonphase.
  • GAiNAX has announced that it is working on a Mahoromatic adventure game, titled, imaginatively enough, "Mahoromatic Adventure". This game will be for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP computers and is scheduled for released this (northern) spring. Source: Moonphase.
  • WOWOW has announced that it will premier the Neon Genesis Evangelion renewal version on 30 April 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Shochiku's website for the upcoming RahXephon movie is now up. There's a trailer you can download, in Real format. Meanwhile the official website has updated with more wallpapers to download. Source: Moonphase. The movie opens on 19 April 2003.
  • Monthly Shonen Magazine has created a website for the upcoming TV anime Dear Boys, based on the manga of the same name by Yagami Hiroki (and of course serialised in Monthly Shonen Magazine). Not much to look at at present, just mainly staff and cast lists. Source: Moonphase. The series commences broadcast on 7 April 2003.
  • Pioneer has posted up a third pic from the upcoming third Tenchi Muyo! OVA series. As before, click on the pics on the page for enlargements. Source: Moonphase.
  • Although the illustration on the homepage for Morning Star Studio states "Coming soon! Outlaw Star 2", the studio has posted to its BBS (message 1604 dated 8 March 2003) that the continuation of the Outlaw Star manga by Ito Takehiko, originally planned to be serialised in Shueisha's monthly shonen manga magazine Ultrajump last year, has been indefinitely postponed. Source: ultimatum half edition. The studio has earlier indicated on its English page that greater sales may be required before production of a sequel to the anime becomes viable.
  • First pressing of GAiNAX's PC game Shin Seiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd (Neon Genesis Evangelion Iron Maiden 2nd) will come with a mousepad and sticker set. This adventure game will be for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP computers and will be released on 16 May 2003, price 8,800 yen. As previously reported, the game will be set in the alternate universe of episode 26 of the TV series, where Rei is a transfer student and Misato a teacher.

9 March 2003 (fourth update)

  • Well, I drew a grand total of three pictures last year (which was a lot for me). Spent most of today lying around and thinking of the composition of another couple of pics I've decided to draw. Probably won't end up putting the pics up on this site, though. But I did learn today that pencil boards, besides being nice to look at, actually do work very well as backing boards when you're drawing something ^_^
  • Old news, but the movie Wonderful Days will be released in South Korea in April 2003. It's not Japanese anime, but Korean anime (with lots of CG). Trailer available for download on the site is very impressive. Thought I'd mention this stuff since I don't recall news of it being reported on major mainstream news sites.
  • Read the 1983 full colour manga by Miyazaki Hayao "Shuna no Tabi" (Shuna's Journey) again recently. This manga was inspired by a Tibetan folk tale which in Japanese is titled "Inu ni natta Ouji" (The Prince who became a Dog) and clearly has ideas from Nausicaa and Mononoke Hime in it. There's no official English version of this manga. However, fan translations can be found here and here, both of which have their merits. For details of the book, price, ISBN etc, see the Nausicaa.Net link I've included above. Note that the manga is pocket-book in size and measures roughly 10.5cm x 15 cm.
  • With the Dreamcast version of the Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku (Rearing Project) game to be released on 18 April 2003, now it looks like GAiNAX will also be releasing a game for the Playstation 2 in the (northern) spring. With the tentative title of "Shin Seiki Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku ~ Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku: Asuka Hokan Keikaku ~" (Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Rearing Project ~ Ayanami Rearing Project: Asuka Complementation Project ~), it'll add Asuka as a character the player has to bring up. Source: Moonphase.

8 March 2003 (second update)

  • To add to today's earlier news about Texhnolyze, this month's issue of Newtype confirms that the series will commence broadcast on Fuji TV in April 2003. Director will be Hamazaki Hirotsugu (character designer for Bio Hunter, Goku - Midnight Eye), script by Konaka Chiaki (lots of anime including The Big O Second Season, Hellsing, serial experiments lain), original character design by Abe Yoshitoshi, character design by Akabori Shigeo (Shinkai Densetsu Mermanoid), to be produced by Madhouse. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • In this month's issue of Animedia magazine, it's reported that the title of the upcoming TV anime Sensuikan Super 99 will be changed to its English title Submarine Super 99. Further, the series will commence broadcast on AT-X on 8 May 2003. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Kotegawa Yua has posted on her website (7 March 2003 diary entry) that Kadokawa Shoten's manga magazine Monthly Shonen Ace A will start serialisation of her new short manga from its June 2003 issue. Source: ultimatum half edition. Kotegawa has previously written manga such as Anne Freaks.
  • Sorry, fell asleep.
  • I think another one of Sony's "Lucky Price" low price re-release promotions is coming up. Arc the Lad will be re-released on DVD on 4 June 2003 at a low price of 2,500 yen (excluding tax) per volume (9 volumes). Source: Musicmarket.
  • On the same day Wild Arms TV will also be re-released on DVD at the price of 2,500 yen (excluding tax) per volume (8 volumes). Source: Musicmarket.
  • Akita Shoten's May 2003 release schedule is out. Source: ultimatum half edition. The manga Alien 9 Emulators by Tomizawa Hitoshi will be published on 15 May 2003, price 580 yen (including tax) \^_^/ This work is just one volume. Also published on the same day will be Alien 9 Complete, price 1,470 yen (including tax). Not sure exactly what will be in Alien 9 Complete - I assume it's just a compilation volume.
  • In Enterbrain's latest release schedule, it looks like publication of volume 1 of Iwahara Yuji's manga Ibara no Ou has been put back to 25 April 2003 ;_; Price remains 620 yen. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • Apparently the official title for the follow up to the TV anime Onegai Teacher will be "Onegai Twins". Source: Aniota BBS.
  • Apparently the TV anime Texhnolyze (produced by Pioneer/Rondo Robe) will commence broadcast on 8 April 2003. Draft character designs will be by Abe Yoshitoshi of Haibane Renmei fame. Back on 10 February 2003, Abe had posted to the BBS of animator Kobayashi Osamu's website that he was working on the character designs for another anime after Haibane Renmei. Source: Moonphase. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean the final designs for Texhnolyze will be by Abe, as opposed to merely based on his draft designs. For example, the original character designs for the anime Himiko-den were by Oh!great but the final designs were done by Kadonosono Megumi.
  • Sotsu Agency has announced that the TV anime E's Otherwise, based on the manga E's by Yuiga Satoru (serialised in Enix's monthly G Fantasy magazine), will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 1 April 2003. Source: Moonphase.

6 March 2003

  • Tired. And late with my update today because I was looking into other things.
  • Nifty Animation Online reports that the Hajime no Ippo TV special 2003 will be broadcast on NTV on 18 April 2003, not 4 April 2003 as previously thought.
  • Sanspo.com reports that the anime Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari (Galaxy Express Story) will commence broadcast in October 2003 on BS Fuji. This TV series will feature a new story by Matsumoto Leiji, based on the world of Galaxy Express 999, which series was first broadcast 25 years ago. Source: TA Group BBS.

5 March 2003

  • For fans of seiyuu Kouda Mariko, her official website is now up. Source: Magicalantique.com.
  • Volume 1 of the DVD release of Wolf's Rain will go on sale on 23 May 2003, according to the official website. Catalogue number BCBA-1601, containing three episodes, next episode previews, creditless OP, promotion video and commercials, price 6,000 yen (excluding tax). Jacket will be illustrated by Kawamoto Toshihiro. First pressing will come with a cloth poster. One volume will be released each month.
  • Sailor Mercury outfit (women's size M), apparently made by Chacott (a Japanese dance fashion company), on auction at Yahoo Japan. As I write this, there are just under two days left in the auction. Current bid is at 99,000 yen (approximately A$1,400). Comes with skirt/leotard, gloves, choker, chest ribbon, waist ribbon, boots covers. Does not include the brooch, tiara or the pumps (within the boots covers) in the photos. Please note that the photographs were taken with the consent of Sachie-san, who is modelling the cosplay outfit, and should not be reproduced without consent. Source: Tentative Name.
  • Sponichi Annex reports that the upcoming TV anime Ningen Kosaten Human Scramble (to commence broadcast on 5 April 2003) will see performances by such well known live-action actors as Sorimachi Takashi, Takenouchi Yutaka and others. For Sorimachi, it will be his first time as a seiyuu - he will appear in the first episode as a boxing champion. The anime will be based on the manga by Yajima Masao and Hirokane Kenshi. Source: ultimatum half edition. Hirokane is also known for his manga series on (Division Chief) Kosaku Shima. See also this report by Yomiuri. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • The TV anime version of the manga Corokke! will commence broadcast on 7 April 2003 and will be directed by Takahashi Naohito (Figure 17, Steel Angel Kurumi). Source: TA Group BBS.
  • The series Mugen Zenki Potorisu(?) will commence broadcast in 5 April 2003. Source: TA Group BBS and Moonphase.
  • Last, but not least, thanks to k-chan for pointing out that Media Blasters has some time previously already announced that 12 Kokuki will be at least 68 episodes in length. Sorry, I haven't caught up to US news yet ^_^;;

4 March 2003

  • This update's a bit later than usual because I decided to browse a few online stores ^_^;;
  • The April 2003 issue of monthly shoujo manga magazine Ribon (published yesterday) states that the TV anime Ultra Maniacs, based on the manga of the same name by Yoshizumi (Marmalade Boy) Wataru, will commence broadcast on 17 May 2003. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • A TV commercial states that the TV anime version of the manga Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective School Q) will commence on TBS on 15 April 2003. TBS' site for the anime is now up here, confirming the broadcast date. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • TV Tokyo's website for the upcoming TV anime Matantei Loki Ragnarok is now up. The series commences broadcast on 5 April 2003. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Kadokawa is releasing an apparently limited edition .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu Rena Special Pack. The pack will be released on 1 July 2003, price 1,300 yen and will come with 50 page comic by Izumi Rei (who provides art for the manga version of the story), figure of Rena and Puchiguso ball chain. See this image here. Source: Mangaoh Club.

3 March 2003 (second update)

  • The Mahoromatic website has updated its DVD page with info on the Mahoromatic Ongaku Matsuri DVD. To consolidate the information with my previous posts, the DVD will be released on 9 May 2003, price 4,725 yen (including tax). It'll be a first pressing limited edition DVD containing footage from the live performance by the seiyuu in December 2002 and seven animated character song music clips. In addition, the DVD will come with a maxi-single with the full versions of four songs. Catalogue number PIBA-1386. Source: Moonphase.
  • In a post to the Groover BBS, a Groover staff member has stated that broadcast of the upcoming Green Green TV anime over the internet is under consideration. See message number 1017 dated 2 March 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • The RahXephon ~ Tagen Hensoukyoku (Pluralistic Variation) movie website has updated with more wallpapers. Source: Moonphase. The movie opens in cinemas on 19 April 2003.
  • TV Tokyo's website for the upcoming TV anime KaleidoStar is now up. The series commences broadcast on 3 April 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • The second footnote at the bottom of this NHK broadcasting schedule suggests that a new series of 12 Kokuki will commence from July 2003. Apparently the original plan was to create a 68 episode series. Does this mean this new series will take the episode count up to 68? Source: Moonphase. And will Media Blasters have the rights to a new series?
  • Kitagawa Shou's manga Hotman, which was serialised in Shueisha's manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from 1997 to 2000, is to be made into a live action dorama series, to commence broadcast on 10 April 2003 on TBS. Furthermore, the number 18 issue of Young Jump, on sale in a few weeks' time, will see the beginning of the new Hotman 2003 story. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • Not really news, but Kids Station's website for Tenshi no Shippo Chu! is up here. The series commences broadcast on 6 March 2003.
  • Shueisha's shoujo manga magazine Ribon has announced that it will commence serialisation of Obana (Child's Toy) Miho's new short manga "Pochi" in its May 2003 issue, on sale 3 April 2003. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • Finally got down to doing my accounts and reconciling my finances. How long does it take to do five to six months' accounts? About six Rurouni Kenshin CDs. Calculated the rough cost of my trip (mainly to the US and Japan) and got a huge shock. It came to twice what I'd expected. Now by far the most expensive trip I've ever taken. Then again, just the cost of air ticket and other preparations was already a lot. And I bought a couple of particularly expensive items this time, including the Studio Ghibli cel. Somehow, I've still got some savings. On the upside, I've got a lot of frequent flyer points with my airline now and must have *a lot* of points on my credit card as well ^_^;;
  • I've got a backlog of stuff to watch, but when I've got free time, instead of watching those DVDs, I feel like re-watching Kimagure Orange Road, Rurouni Kenshin or doramas as the moment...
  • Old news, but Animation Runner Kuromi 2 is scheduled for release in the (northern) summer of 2003 with a duration of 40 minutes. Further, Daichi Akitaroh's other upcoming OVA Makasete Iruka! is also planned for release in the (northern) summer of 2003 with a duration of 30 minutes. Source: Animage.
  • Urushihara Satoshi will release a new artbook "Love (Hadakamai)" on 31 March 2003. It's expected to have over 100 illustrations. A4 size, published by Gakken. Judging by the title "Love (Naked Dance)" and the pic on this page, I expect there'll be a lot of nudity. Source: Mangaoh Club. Oh yeah, the price will be 2,200 yen.
  • I couldn't be bothered writing about it before, but the April 2003 issue of Newtype (on sale in a week) will come with a 1:144 scale plastic model Strike Gundam and paper maintenance head for you to assemble to "house" the mecha (see the pic at the bottom of this page).

2 March 2003

  • Noticed some of the internal links in my archived news don't work. I'll fix those when I get the time...
  • The May 2003 issue of the monthly shoujo manga magazine Nakayoshi (on sale 3 April 2003) sees the start of Koge Donbo's new manga "Kamichama Karin". Source: ultimatum half edition. Koge Donbo's also got a Harry Potter fansite, where she's got some illustrations up.
  • Looks like the second season of Happy Lesson TV will be known as Happy Lesson Advance. Further, Yoshioka Takawo, a freelance writer for TV anime, OVAs and games etc has stated on his website that both Happy Lesson Advance and Ikki Tousen will commence broadcast in July 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • I love slow news day ^_^

1 March 2003 (third update)

  • I updated today's news about a Green Green TV series with the tentative broadcasting month.
  • I don't know if this news or not, but as a Kimagure Orange Road fan I found it interesting. At message 01809 of the Abcb BBS on Matsumoto (KOR) Izumi's website, vice administrator of the site Itono Taisuke explains that Matsuomoto is irritated and angry that writer Terada Kenji's Shin KOR novels "soiled and profaned" the main characters and betrayed the KOR world. The Shin KOR novels should be regarded as "non-relevant" to Matsumoto. Strong words. I thought the first novel "Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari (Summer's Beginning)" was fine, with its anime movie adaptation capturing the feeling of the original series (and featuring the wonderful music by Kajiura Yuki), while providing an optimistic end after the depressing first KOR movie. But the second novel was certainly Bad. Can't remember that much of the third novel at present, so I can't really comment on that one (or perhaps it was forgettable ^_^;; ).
  • The April 2003 issue of Megami magazine reports that the upcoming TV anime Po Po Tan, based on the adult game of the same name, will be broadcast in the (northern) summer. Source: Moonphase.
  • The KSS webpage for the upcoming OVA series Guardian Hearts has finally updated with information. Source: Moonphase. Release details:
    Volume 1
         To be released 23 May 2003
         Two 15 minute episodes
         Regular edition:
              Catalogue number KSXA-24471
              Price 5,000 yen (excluding tax)
              Comes with postcard
         First pressing limited edition version:
              Catalogue number KSXA-24474
              Price 7,800 yen (excluding tax)
              Comes with postcard, dorama CD, character song CD and DVD box
    Volume 2
         To be released August 2003
    Volume 3
         To be released November 2003
    The DVD box with the first pressing of volume 1 will be illustrated by Amatsu Sae, author of the manga on which the OVA is based.
  • Wonderfarm has announced that its TV anime series Wandaba Style is to commence broadcast on TV Saitama on 5 April 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Sorry for lack of update yesterday. Fell asleep.
  • VAP's website for the upcoming TV anime Air Master, to commence broadcast on 1 April 2003, is now up. Nothing much to see at present, though. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • Comic Gum magazine has announced that it's planned to broadcast the upcoming Ikki Tousen anime this (northern) summer. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • The website for Gonzo's latest anime Last Exile is now open. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • I've previously reported on the limited edition version of volume 6 of the Mahoromatic manga, which comes with Mahoro figure. However, the release of that volume has been put back, so I might as well post up the info again: To be published 12 March 2003, price 2,300 yen (excluding tax). The first limited edition of the tankouban will come with a 10cm Mahoro figure with stand. For more pics of the Mahoro figure, see near the bottom of this page, the bottom of this page and here. The regular edition of the manga will be released on the same day for 950 yen (excluding tax) and will have a different cover. Looks like the Mahoro figure will be one of a planned set of ten figures. The other nine will be available for sale by mail order through Comic Gum magazine (where the Mahoromatic manga is serialised). Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • The website for the bishoujo anime Divergence Eve by RADIX is now up. Source: Moonphase.
  • TV Tokyo's website for the upcoming TV anime D.N.Angel is now also up. The series commences broadcast on 3 April 2003. Source: Moonphase. Not much to see at present.
  • TV Tokyo also has a site up for Bouken Yuuki Pluster World as well. That series commences broadcast on the same day of 3 April 2003. Source: Moonphase. Again, not much to see at present.
  • TV Asahi's website for the live-action dorama Doubutsu no Oisha-san (Animal Doctor) is now up. The series starts on 17 April 2003 and is based on the manga by Sasaki Noriko. It's said that the manga, published in the late 80s and early 90s, contributed to a boom in the popularity of Siberian Huskies. The main character's dog Chobi is a husky. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Updated: Groover has announced that following its Green Green game and OVA, a Green Green TV anime series will be produced as well. The 1 March 2003 entry of the staff diary on the Groover website states that it's planned to broadcast the series on UHF stations such as TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama, Chiba TV etc) from July 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Mediaworks has announced that a Kino no Tabi Playstation 2 game will be released in June 2003, price 4,800 yen (excluding tax). Source: Ma-ten.
  • ZakZak reports that in the five months since October 2002, the Bandai Channel has distributed 1 million episodes of anime through its fee paying broadband service. As of 28 February 2003, the service offers 36 titles and a total of 807 episodes for viewing. Source: ultimatum half edition.


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