7 November 2002

  • I'm tired and busy and have a headache and something's come up. Will post some news today, but it'll be even more brief than normal, sorry. May post a bit of news tomorrow as well, but then that'll be it for a week. If there's then no further update to this website by Sunday week, call the prime minister. Yankumi, if you happen to read this, sorry, I've been really busy lately m(_ _)m Will email when I get the chance.
  • Apparently on the picture diary page of Kaishaku's homepage, there was reference to a second season of the TV anime UFO Princess Walkure. However, that reference was removed soon after. Source: Moonphase.
  • Seems that Kodansha is promoting Oh!great's new manga Air Gear a bit. When you first click on the homepage for weekly manga magazine Shonen Magazine, you're presented with an ad for Air Gear for a few seconds before the site switches to its normal format. This week's issue of the magazine, published yesterday, has 70 pages of the new serial. Next week's issue will have a further 50 pages.
  • Asahi.com English language article on the fact that the Japanese have been slow to take up online gaming.
  • On 17 October 2002 I reported about the limited edition version of volume 8 of the manga Chobits, to be released on 27 November 2002. More concrete details now. Toranoana states that the limited edition will come with a box to hold all eight volumes and a mousepad. Both box and mousepad will be illustrated by CLAMP of course. Price 1,600 yen (excluding tax). Toranoana does not accept overseas orders. In any event, the page also states that the pre-order period is over. Note that the pic on the above link is a pic of volume 7, not volume 8. Source: ultimatum half edition. I have yet to see the book listed on other online sites like Amazon Japan or Mangaoh Club, though. BTW, the official CLAMP site stated that the manga was to be released on 29 November 2002, but then again, the official site's information was a bit vague at that time.
  • The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport reports that characters from the old anime Kyojin no Hoshi are being used to promote off-peak commuting in the month of November (to minimise peak hour traffic congestion). A website has been set up. Source: Aniota.
  • In recognition of the birthday of Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy) on 7 April 2003, Triumph Japan has created the Triumph @Mune Bra. (Is that supposed to be a bit of a pun? @Mune. Attomune...?). This bra is not for sale. Source: Aniota. Sorry, not item to really go into the design of the outer cup, the inner left cup, the inner right cup, the straps etc...
  • Toho Amusement Park has more release details for Palme no Ki (A Tree of Palme). To consolidate those details:
    To be released 21 December 2002
    Catalogue number TDV-2700D
    Price 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
    Anamorphic letterboxed picture, 5.1ch sound, double-layer, movie approximately 136 minutes, with bonus material of approximately another 45 minutes: "Making of Palme no Ki" (a 25 minute re-edit of a special preview program which was broadcast on WOWOW), "Art of Palme no Ki" (design works collection - still images), image board collection (still images), storyboard highlights selected by the director, trailer collection. Source: Aniota. And as Falls on Deaf Ears has mentioned on the AoD forums, the DVD will have with English subtitles.
  • According to Kyodo News, Japanese government body examines expanding the financing methods for anime production. Anime is a field in which high growth is hoped for in a Japan which is facing de-industrialisation and it's hoped that revision of the business laws will help the domestic animation industry compete with other major animators like Disney. Source: Aniota.
  • Plans to construct the Tezuka Osamu World Kawasaki theme park have been abandoned, Yomiuri Online reports. Kawasaki was decided as the location of the theme park back in May 1998, but due to the recession and poor performance of other theme parks in the recent past, the Tezuka World Plan was revisited in December last year. It was proposed to include characters by other authors, reduce the plan area and use a new design. However, ultimately Tezuka Production cancelled its investment. A new use will need to be found for the planned construction site of 38 hectares. Source: Aniota.

6 November 2002

  • Still got a few more minor items of news to post, but my computer just crashed, so I don't know if I'm in the mood to do much more >_<
  • When Chojushin Gravion finishes broadcast in January 2003, looks like it'll be replaced by Wolf's Rain on 6 January 2003 on Fuji TV. Further, L/R will replace Kiddy Grade and Gunparade March will replace Haibane Renmei. Source: Moonphase.
  • I've been watching Macross recently, so I'll point out that Victor Entertainment's page for the series has updated with streaming samples of songs from the CDs to be released tomorrow and later this year. Source: Moonphase.
  • It's been stated on the BBS at the official R.O.D site that it looks like the sequel to the anime will be the final chapter in R.O.D, but will have an all star cast. I'm not certain, but that information may have come from the recently published special issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, titled Yomu Jump, which contains a discussion between Kurata Hideyuki (original concept) and Masunori Kouji (director).
  • Various wallpapers are now available for download at the You're Under Arrest live action dorama site. At present the designs are mainly of Natsumi and Miyuki and some mecha. However, I think there'll be more wallpapers up tomorrow. Further, the first/main item presently on display for download is a Bokuto screensaver.
  • Release details for the 13 episode Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary OVA series:
    Volume 1 to be released 25 January 2003, catalogue number BCBA-1521, contains one episode, price 4,800 yen (excluding tax), first pressing will come with Pegasus Saint Cloth (mobile phone?) strap
    Volume 2 to be released 25 February 2003
    Volume 3 to be released 28 March 2003
    Volume 4 to be released 25 April 2003
    Volume 5 to be released 23 May 2003
    Volume 6 to be released 27 June 2003
    Volume 7 to be released 22 July 2003
    Volumes 2 to 7 will each contain two episodes and each cost 7,800 yen (excluding tax). Source: Nifty Animation Online.
  • Pre-orders for the From I''s OVA start today. The OVA will be released on 9 December 2002. You can view a pic of the cover here. Further, in news that will please I''s fans, I note that this DVD is stated to be "Zenhen", ie it's just the first volume. Giving the DVD a description like that suggests to me that the series will be likely either two or three volumes.
  • The December 2002 issue of Animage magazine (published 9 November 2002 by Tokuma Shoten) will include a Dejiko T-shirt. The shirt will be US size M. Price will be usual 590 yen (excluding tax) I think. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • On this Datam Polystar product page, it's stated that the TV anime Raimu (Lime) iro Senkitan will commence broadcast on 3 January 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Independent amateur CG anime group T-Zero Factory has a trailer available for its next anime Heart on this page. Source: Moonphase. You can choose from either Real Media or Windows Media and from either streaming download (two speeds) or straight download (two file sizes).
  • Looks like the 15 minute block after Nanaka 6/17 (Nanaka Junana Bun no Roku) will be filled by D.N.Angel. I've now updated my 4 November 2002 entry. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • According to the October 2002 issue of Bandai's game information magazine Monthly .hackey, The TV anime .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu is to commence broadcast on 8 January 2003. Source: TA Group BBS.

4 November 2002 (final update for the day)

  • Forgot to add one more thing. Perhaps CD Japan announced this earlier, but I can't remember. Anyway, DVDs with a slight difference. On 25 December 2002, three DVDs will be released, each with approximately 150 illustrations by Amano Yoshitaka set to various works of music. For more details, see these CD Japan entries for:
    Amano Yoshitaka - Karei naru Gensoubi no Sekai Vol. 1 Chaos
    Amano Yoshitaka - Karei naru Gensoubi no Sekai Vol. 2 Cosmos
    Amano Yoshitaka - Karei naru Gensoubi no Sekai Vol. 3 Heaven
  • Not much news to report makes Maya very happy ^_^
  • The TV anime Nanaka 6/17 (Nanaka Junana Bun no Roku) based on the manga by Yagami Ken (serialised in Monthly Shonen Champion) will commence broadcast on 8 January 2003 on TV Tokyo. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • What would follow in the 15 minute block after that? Doesn't seem clear at present, but apparently it could be one of the three following anime: the rumoured Try! Try! Try!, D.N.Angel or an Azumanga Daioh 2. Looks like it'll be D.N.Angel. Source: TA Group BBS. (Edited: 6 November 2002)
  • Keeping strange hours again.
  • Char approaches city. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • There's an article about Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle in this month's issue of Nikkei Entertainment. As previously reported on the internet, production on the movie will re-commence in February 2003, but apparently it's also stated that movie will be released in 2004. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • A new manga by Egawa (Golden Boy) Tatsuya has commenced serialisation in the November 2002 issue of Cyzo (on sale 18 October 2002), which also features a cover illustration by Egawa. What's a bit different about this manga is that Egawa is the main character. The manga's titled Egawa Shiki Benkyou Hou (Egawa Style Studying Method). According to the blurb, it's "new ground for the genius who brought you Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari (Tokyo University Story) and Magical Taruto-kun and who's at the forefront of the manga world, Egawa is the main character, dealing a blow to the absurdity of this world!?" Source: Aniota.
  • Yahoo! Japan reports that Nakazawa Keiji, the author of manga Hadashi no Gen (Barefoot Gen) has been honoured with this year's Tanimoto Kiyoshi Peace Prize, which is presented to the person who has served, and contributed to, the cause of peace. Nakazawa's anti-war manga has been translated into 11 languages. The award, established in 1987, is named after the Reverend Tanimoto Kiyoshi, who witnessed the Hiroshima atomic bombing, founded hundreds of orphans of the atomic bomb and brought the "Hiroshima maidens" (with faces etc burnt by the effects of the bomb) to the US for plastic surgery. Source: Aniota. Dr Floyd Schmoe, another recipient of the Tanimoto award, started work on the Seattle Peace Park with the monetary prize that he received with the award.
  • mib, thanks for your comments, but I'm not the prophet, I'm just a very naughty Maya :P
  • Updated yesterday's info about URDA.

3 November 2002 (second update)

  • I don't often write about figures which are being released, but these Kerberos soldiers from Oshii Mamoru's Kerberos ~ Jigoku no Banken (Kerberos ~ Watchdogs of Hell) look pretty detailed. Click on the small pics for enlargements. Each figure (regular edition and the Toy 'R' Us battle damage edition) is about 30cm/12 inches and costs 9,800 yen. To be released January 2003 by Yamato Toys. Made of ABS (what's that?), PVC and die-cast. Each comes with MG-42, Mauser C-96, ammunition belt and metal helmet. The crimson glasses on the regular edition light up. The battle damage edition has battle damage on the protective gear and a removable mask but the glasses don't light up. Source: Aniota.
  • Adam T of the newly upgraded AoD forums has posted additional information regarding the Dragonball Z TV series DVD boxes. The pages cited there mention that the figure will be produced by Kaiyodo and the digitally remastered discs will have picture labels. I don't know much about Dragonball but it seems some TV special will be included as well. To add to that, Sankei Sports reports that not only the first box, but also the second box will include an original action figure, special booklet and special disc (contents of which have yet to be finalised). Both boxes will contain 26 discs (25 for the TV series and the special disc). Source: Entertainment goo Anime Square and Aniota. The Jumpland page for the box sets adds that the bookets for "navigation" of the world of Dragonball Z will contain character introductions and episode explanations among other things.
  • I've been keeping slightly different hours recently, so updates haven't been made at the usual times.
  • Arrghh, dammit! FrontPage Express crashed on me AGAIN. And I've got quite a bit of stuff I wanted to post >_< If I've forgotten it already, then too bad! >_<
  • Forgot to mention on Friday that volume 2 of the Dragonball Z TV series box set will also cost 100,000 yen (excluding tax). I've now updated Friday's entry.
  • In addition, the official Dragonball information site Jumpland is now open. Source: ultimatum half edition.
  • Mangaoh Club states that the TV anime Piano will be ten episodes. There may be more TV anime being produced, but it's getting shorter and shorter. The series is to be released on DVD over five volumes, which means 2 episodes per volume.
  • In addition, I note that the official Piano website has release details for all volumes:
    Volume 1, to be released 21 December 2002, catalogue number MMBV-6001, first pressing will come with illustration card
    Volume 2, to be released 24 January 2003, catalogue number MMBV-6002
    Volume 3, to be released 21 February 2003, catalogue number MMBV-6003
    Volume 4, to be released 21 March 2003, catalogue number MMBV-6004
    Volume 5, to be released 25 April 2003, catalogue number MMBV-6005
    Each volume will cost 6,090 yen (including tax). In addition, those who purchase all five volumes will be able to apply for a Kawasumi Ayako Piano Special DVD.
  • Haibane Renmei is to be five volumes as well, with volume 1 containing one episode presumably and the later volumes containing three episodes each.
  • Payomakase, the official fan club website for Takahashi Mikako has announced that Pioneer/Rondo Robe's new TV anime L/R will commence broadcast on Fuji TV in January 2003 and that Takahashi will play the role of Noeru/Noel/Noelle and sing the ending theme. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • The Yumeta Company website has updated with news about Animation Runner Kuromi 2. Actually, the news doesn't say much, although I can tell you it won't be a love story ^_^;; And there are rough designs up of the bad guy in this episode - Takashimadaira Rei. All the main characters from the original will appear, save one. The theme for the original OVA was Nihon no anime wa watashi ga tsukuru! (I'm going to make Japanese animation!) This time it'll be Nihon no anime ni tamashii wa aruka!? (Is there a soul in Japanese animation!?) No release date yet, only that it'll be some time next year.
  • In addition, the website for Daichi Akitaroh's upcoming OVA Makasete Iruka! (based on the manga by Akitaroh and Takashita Takashi) is now up. Not that much to see at present. Production of the anime is underway. The logo on the page is the logo used for the manga - perhaps the logo for the anime will be different. Source: Aniota.
  • Sunrise's mecha TV anime Shutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 8 January 2003. The official site (just the one page) is here. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • A trailer for episode 3 of the full 3D CG independent anime URDA by Romanov Higa is now available for download. Just click on the #3 link on the left hand side of that page. For more details about the anime and how to view it, see my 7 and 12 May 2002 entries. (Edit 4 November 2002: This preview will be up until the end of November 2002. Episode 3 itself is scheduled for release on 10 December 2002.) Source: Aniota.

2 November 2002

  • Sony's got a preview up for the upcoming Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Travelogue) OVA at its Morrich BroadBand Magazine. Source: Moonphase. I can only get patchy audio and none of the visuals since I only have a narrowband connection >_<
  • Content details for the December 2002 issue of Newtype (on sale 10 November 2002) are out. As you can tell from the cover pic, the cover story will be the upcoming TV anime .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu (to commence broadcast in January 2003). Source: Moonphase. Apart from articles on anime presently being broadcast in Japan, I note that there'll be a section titled "Journey to January" dealing with Wolf's Rain, Stratos Four and Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto. Wonder if those articles will appear in English in Newtype USA...? Wonder when I'll get my copy of issue 1 of Newtype USA...?
  • VAP's site for the Space Pirate Captain Harlock ~ The Endless Odyssey ~ OVA series is now open. Source: Moonphase.
  • Marine Entertainment's page for the TV anime Piano currently on air is now up. Source: Moonphase.
  • Nikkei Net has an article on Hello Kitty, its license agreement with Lisa Loeb's record label and plans for expansion into China. On 15 October 2002, Loeb's album Hello Lisa (a re-worked and re-released version of her Cake and Pie album) was released, with Sanrio's Kitty on the cover with the singer. Source: Aniota. You'll notice the Hello Kitty influence on Loeb's website. Loeb is not the only celebrity in the West to admit to being a Hello Kitty fan. See for example this USA Today article from back in April.

1 November 2002

  • The upcoming TV series by Studio Fantasia, Stratos Four (to be broadcast in January 2003), will be 13 episodes. Source: Moonphase.
  • Victor Entertainment's music page for Macross is now up. Source: Magicalantique.
  • The website for Yumeta Company, the ones who brought you Animation Runner Kuromi, has been renewed. Still no further information in relation to Kuromi 2, but you'll note there are now English language pages in relation ot the original Kuromi OVA.
  • Story 4 Chapter 1 of the "sound novel" Kamakur@ Love is now up. For more info, see my entry on 31 May 2002.
  • Still tired -_-
  • Animate Yokohama states that volume 1 of Haibane Renmei will come with a CD-ROM, character card and booklet. For more release details, see my 14 October 2002 entry.
  • First pressing of volume 4 of Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan! will come with a box and sticker. It'll be released on 8 January 2003, price 6,090 yen (including tax). Source: Animate Yokohama.
  • Volume 1 of Digimon Frontier will be released on 21 January 2003, price 5,800 yen (excluding tax) and will contain four episodes (93 minutes). Volume 2 will be released on 21 February 2003 at the same price and contain four episodes as well. Source: Music Market.
  • I don't report the bulk of old anime which is released on DVD, but just thought I'd mention that the Dragonball Z TV series will be released in two box sets. The first box "Dragon Z Hen vol. 1" will be released on 19 March 2003 and will cost 100,000 yen (excluding tax), will contain the first 147 TV episodes and include figure, bonus clips, box and booklet. Vol. 2 will be released on 18 September 2003 and will contain the final 144 TV episodes. (Edit 3 November 2002: Vol. 2 will also cost 100,000 yen excluding tax). Source: Music Market.
  • Sankei Web reports that on 26 October 2002, toy company Takara commenced proceedings in the High Court against Hong Kong company Tigerway International alleging the production of unauthorised copies of Beyblade goods. Takara is seeking an injunction against manufacture of further copies and damages. In September 2001, Takara dispatched an investigator to the offices of Tigerway and it's alleged that a large number of copied goods, including Beyblade goods, were discovered. A director of Tigerway also allegedly stated that the goods were manufactured in mainland China. This is the first suit which has been commenced in respect of copied Beyblade goods in Hong Kong. Sales of Beyblade goods in Hong Kong since October 1999 have totaled 390 million yen, with the anime commencing broadcast there last year. Source: Aniota.
  • Sponichi Annex reports that mangaka Ebisu Yoshikazu is to direct a film version of his short story Isayama Setsukou. He's also prepared storyboards for the black comedy. The movie will be released on DVD in February 2003. Source: Aniota.
  • Sankei Web reports that Professor of the Osaka University of Arts and writer (of works such as Lone Wolf and Cub) Koike Kazuo has started a manga magazine Kanan Bungei - Manga Hen to be published commencing November 2002. It's proposed as a companion volume to the literature magazine Kanan Bungaku published by Koike's fine arts department. Koike will be editor and the first issue will feature a cover by Takahashi Rumiko. The magazine will be published twice a year. The writer regards the biggest problem facing the present manga community as the shortage of talent with true potential. Source: Ma-ten.


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