16-31 AUGUST 2002 NEWS

31 August 2002 (final update)

  • Well, pretty much caught up all the news for the past few days, save one item ^_^
  • Episodes 1 and 2 of the TV anime version of Piano will be broadcast on 5 October 2002 as a preview. Regular broadcast will then start on 11 November 2002 on Kids Station. Source: Megami magazine and TA Group BBS. Kids Station has announced that character designs will be by Fujishima Kosuke (Oh! My Goddess etc). This will be a drama about second year junior high school student and pianist Miu and her family, friends and loves. In the lead role will be Kawasumi Ayako, who will also compose and perform the opening theme music.
  • Volume 1 of the Saint Seiya Hades Hen OVA series will be released in January 2003. Prior to that, the episode will be broadcast on Sky Perfect TV on 9 November 2002. Looks like the official site will be here, although it's apparently only going to open on 2 September 2002. Source: TA Group BBS. See the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announcement of the OVA here. Source: Moonphase.
  • More Aquarian Age will be animated next (northern) spring. It'll be based on Aquarian Age Saga II and the character designs will be carried out by Mikimoto Haruhiko. Source: Megami magazine and Moonphase.
  • Scrapped Princess, the novel series by Sakaki Ichiro (serialised in Monthly Dragon Magazine), is to be animated. A manga version with art by Yabuki Go is currently being serialised in Monthly Comic Dragon magazine. Original character designs for the works were prepared by Azumi Yukinobu. Source: Monthly Dragon Magazine and Moonphase. It was foretold that when Princess Pacifica turns 16, the world will be destroyed. But when assassins come after the "Scrapped Princess' " life, her twin older sisters Shannon and Laquell decide to protect her.
  • Asahi.com reports that on 29 August 2002 judgment was handed down in favour of mangaka Haku Bayashi in a defamation case for comments made on an internet bulletin board (2 channel?). The defendant, a classmate in high school, was prohibited from making entries on the BBS and ordered to pay 5.5 million yen compensation by the Tokyo District Court. Judge Nakayama Ikujirou stated that the comments exceeded the limits of freedom of expression. Haku's manga "Shuumahha" is serialised in Weekly Shonen Champion. According to the judgment, commencing in April 2001 the classmate demanded over the internet that the mangaka change his pen-name of Haku. Details including Haku's real name, his home, his parents' home etc were published on the internet. Further, the defendant wrote comments such as "die" and "I want to break your hand". Source: Aniota.
  • Sanspo.com reports that on 29 August 2002, mangaka Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi was re-arrested on another charge of contravening the juvenile prostitution prohibition laws. This time, it's alleged that on 15 July 2002, Shimabukuro commited indecent acts with two 16 year old high school students in a hotel in Yokohama and paid one girl 50,000 yen and the other 30,000 yen. It's again claimed that he met the girls through a mobile telephone meeting website. Source: Aniota. This is not the first charge. For details of the first charge, see my 8 August 2002 report.
  • The Mainichi Shimbun reports that on 28 August 2002, the Tokyo District Court prohibited professional storyteller Kanda Kaori from performing the work Hadashi no Gen (Barefoot Gen), based on the manga by Nakazawa Keiji (which deals with the effect of the atom bomb dropped over Hiroshima in World War II). Judge Iimura Toshiaki accepted that copyright in the adapted work lay with Kanda's ex-husband. In 1986 permission was granted to make the adaptation from the manga, and that work is considered one of Kanda's signature pieces. However, the couple were divorced in 1995, although Kanda paid her ex-husband royalties for a period after that time. Kanda was also prohibited from performing another work in which her ex-husband holds the copyright. Source: Aniota.
  • Looks like the Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! movie "Sayaka no Koi Monogatari" is now to commence its season on 19 October 2002.
  • Further, a Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! Theatrical Release Memorial Special Limited Edition DVD will be released on 26 October 2002. This DVD will be a first pressing limited production item, containing movie trailer, cast interviews, post-recording, scenery etc. It'll also come with an original beach mat, since the story seems to be set at the seaside. Catalogue number PIBA-3151, price 3,000 yen (excluding tax). Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The first pressing of seiyuu Orikasa Ai's CD "Letter", to be released on 4 October 2002, will come with a letter set. Price 2,940 yen (including tax). Source: Animate Yokohama.
  • Fuji TV's homepage for the 15 minute 3D CG anime AF (Archetypes Forces) is now up. From 30 August 2002 to 30 September 2002, the anime will be available for streaming download, free. Set on a spaceship in the near future of 2124, AF is a sci-fi action anime (with powered suits). Production is by Buildup, with direction, script and CG by Suzuki Akira, who was 3D CGI director on Ao no Rokugo (Blue Submarine No. 6) and who completed those aspects of AF by himself over about 6 months. Source: Newtype and infoanime.com.

30 August 2002

  • Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Haven't been feeling well. Someone make the pain stop... >_<
  • It's been announced on Sony's Rurouni Kenshin page that the release of the Premium Edition of the Seisou Hen Special Edition DVD has been put back a week from 19 September 2002 to 26 September 2002. For more information on the release, see my 23 June 2002 update.
  • Episode 2 of the OVA series Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te is to be broadcast on TV, episode 1 having earlier been broadcast on Kids Station. Broadcast is expected in early November 2002. Source: TA Group. The episode 2 DVD is scheduled for release on 22 November 2002. For more information relating to the DVD release, see my 3 August 2002 entry.
  • The Cosplay Complex OVA series, the final volume of which will be released on 25 September 2002, is also be broadcast on Kids Station, commencing with episode 1 on 26 September 2002. Source: TA Group. The limited edition first pressing versions of the DVD releases come with a couple of plastic "plates" which you can slip over the DVD case jacket to change the clothing of the characters in the front of the cover. For more details on the DVD release, see my 5 March, 16 April and 3 August 2002 entries. IIRC, ADV Films has licensed this OVA series in North America.
  • Similarly, the OVA series Gatekeepers 21 is also be broadcast, this time on AT-X commencing on 29 September 2002. Source: TA Group.
  • You can listen to a sample of the OP for the upcoming TV anime Wei▀kreuz Gluhen at the Marine Entertainment page. A special advance broadcast of episodes 1 and 2 will take place on 20 September 2002 before regular broadcast of the series commences on 28 November 2002. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • AT-X has announced that its broadcast of Maou Dante (Dante the Devil) will apply parental lock restrictions to people under the age of 15 years. Source: infoanime.com.
  • A short 15 second preview for the upcoming OVA series Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir ~ Kingdom of Chaos the Universe ~ (University Town Vara Noir) is now available at the official website. For details on the DVD release, see my 1 August 2002 entry.
  • Mediaworks has announced that the new 13 episode series of Sister Princess, titled Sister Princess Re Pure, will commence broadast on TV Tokyo on 2 October 2002. Source: Ma-ten.
  • The production company Media Suits has announced that the baseball manga Jigoku Koushien (Battlefield Stadium) by Man*Gatarou (and serialised in Shueisha's Monthly Shonen Jump) is to be made into a movie (a live-action one, I think) to be released in 2003. Source: Ma-ten.
  • More news later (if I survive my continuing headache)...

28 August 2002

  • The official website for the TV anime Maou Dante (Dante the Devil) is now up. Click on the corners of the page to enter the site. Source: Moonphase. This series commences broadcast on 31 August 2002.
  • The official website for the TV anime version of Get Backers is also up. Source: Ma-ten. This series starts on 5 October 2002.
  • Sorry, would write more news, but my head really hurts... :(

27 August 2002

  • The new start date for the TV anime series Boukensha (The Adventurer) is now 7 November 2002, according to the news page of Nagai Ryuun, who sings the OP and ED for the series. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Did you know that over 70,000 people in Australia list the Jedi Force as their religion? ^_^ See this ABC report.
  • Episode 2 of the web anime Blame! Ver.0.11 is now up, but as previously mentioned, viewing episode 2 onwards will not be free.
  • Impress Corporation reports that the DVD of the 1994 anime Rockman Hoshi ni Negai o is to be released by Capcom on 20 September 2002 (price 4,800 yen). (Click on the picture for an enlargement). This DVD will contain the 3 episodes Rockman Hoshi ni Negai o, Rockman Mirai ga Abunai and Rockman Nihon Jyouriku (each 30 minutes) which previously have been broadcast in the US but have not been released in Japan. Japanese and English language soundtracks will be included. However, it appears that the DVD will only be available at the Tokyo Game Show at that time. Towards the end of October 2002, the DVD will also be sold over the internet by mail order site e-capcom. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Doraemon World has posted more details on the next Doraemon movie, to be released in the (northern) spring of 2003, including the title of this 24th theatrical instalment: "Nobita to Fushigi Kaze Tsukai". Source: Ma-ten.

26 August 2002

  • Second hand anime store Jungle SCS in Osaka will be releasing a DVD on 31 August 2002. Jan Jan! Janko-chan will contain the live-action show of the same name which was aired on Sky Perfect TV as well as the anime "Janko" which was played at Anime Expo 2002. Also included will be cast interviews etc. And there'll be an English subtitled version of the live-action show included! Price 2,000 yen (excluding tax). I'm going to have to get this ^_^ For screenshots, see Jungle's Japanese language homepage. Source: Moonphase. Further, Jungle now has a cafe open, where the staff are dressed as company mascot Janko.
  • Mainichi Interactive notes that although it's been a month since the release of the Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi DVD, complaints about the red tone of the picture continue, particularly on the internet. Source: Aniota.
  • The final (eighth) volume of The King of Braves Gaogaigar Final OVA series will be released on 21 March 2003. However, there will be a pre-order only limited edition version as well. Details:
    Limited edition Kiniro no Hakaishin Box (Golden Destructive God Box)
    Pre-order cutoff date 14 October 2002
    Catalogue number VIZF-25
    Comes with a gold version 30cm tall DX Gaofaighgar and gold version 40cm tall DX Goldion Hammer (see the above link for pictures)
    Price 26,800 yen (excluding tax)
    The regular edition DVD will be released on the same day for 5,800 yen (excluding tax). Source: infoanime.com. The limited edition version is now available for pre-order at CDJapan.
  • ZDNet Japan reports that Bandai is to release a Playstation game based on the manga/anime Tenshi na Konamaiki on 26 September 2002. First pressing comes with a memo pad. Price 5,800 yen. Source: Ma-ten.
  • A special 3 x 3 Eyes edition of Kodansha's Young Magazine will be released on 6 September 2002. Titled 3 x 3 Eyes: The Last Party, it'll be over 102 pages and will contain the last 5 chapters of the original serialised version of the manga (as substantial revisions will be made for the tankouban release) as well as the "colour essay manga" titled "Tatakae! Yuzo" (Fight! Yuzo). Also included will be a mousepad and mini-game CD-ROM for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP computers. Price 857 yen.
  • On 17 February 2002 I had a report on a new DVD standard which had been agreed upon by 10 companies across Japan, Europe and Korea. Now Toshiba and NEC have proposed their own rival product as the standard to be adopted in future. Read the Asahi Shimbun's English language article here.
  • Nikkei Net reports that from April 2003, Bandai with the co-operation of the Kanazawa Institute of Technology (in Ishikawa prefecture) is to offer a course on the subject of Gundam. The Bandai Group will be sending a lecturer as well as offering the know-how for making character and toy teaching aids and on image/anime production. The course will be known as "Gundam Soushutsu Gaku" (Gundam Creation Studies). Included will be design theory of the mecha and marketing theory on the plastic models of which over 300,000,000 have been sold over the years. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • The TV anime Heat Guy J is to commence broadcast on 1 October 2002 on TBS. Source: TA Group BBS.

25 August 2002

  • Oobari Masami's TV anime series Chojushin Gravion will commence broadcast on Fuji TV in October 2002. The official site is also now open here. Source: infoanime.com.
  • The Asahi Shimbun has an English language article on Mizuki Shigeru, the author of the manga GeGeGe no Kitaro, and spirits. Mizuki lost his left arm in combat in World War II and was only one of two soldiers in his unit which survived the war. You can read the article here.
  • TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc.) has announced that a sequel to Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar (Small Snow Fairy Sugar) will be released in the (northern) summer of 2003. This will be a one-shot special, and the story will take place several years after the first anime. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Received the limited edition version of Yuki Nobuteru's art collection Senshi Bankou recently. At 14,000 yen, that's slightly more than the 13,000 yen price for the limited edition version of Sadamoto Yoshiyuki's artbook Der Mond. Both releases were published by Kadokawa Shoten, and both come in similar packaging, namely a cardboard box holding the books in a thick, sturdy, silver slipcase, making it a pretty hefty item for shipping purposes. However, whereas the Der Mond artbook was hardcover, Senshi Bankou is comprised of two softcover artbooks. The books are the same size as the limited edition of Der Mond, and as Yuki's previous artbook Phantasien, that is, 33cm x 26cm. I'm sure that Kadokawa will release a regular edition of the books later, but I don't have any information about that yet. This limited edition version was only released at the beginning of August 2002.
    The first book is entitled "Phantasien II" and as the name suggests, picks up where the original Phantasien left off. The format and content of the Phantasien II is pretty much the same as that for its predecessor, so you'll know what to expect, ie wonderful cel-plaint-like illustrations together with the drafts (though of course the original Phantasien was much cheaper at 2,800 yen ^_^;; ). This book is 140 full-colour pages, and is divided into sections for Escaflowne (predominantly pictures for the movie, rather than the TV series), Record of Lodoss Wars, X, Vaelber Saga and miscellaneous artwork.
    The second, larger book is Senshi Bankou and comprises 176 pages (5 black & white). The basic difference appears to be that for the artwork in this second book, Yuki used different media for his illustrations. Or perhaps the distinction is between digital works and analogue works...? Many of the works in this second book appear the product of pencil and watercolours rather than cel paints. The sections in this book include Vaelber Saga, Escaflowne (TV series), Record of Lodoss Wars, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Kaiser Knuckle, Dragon Force II, Tail Concerto, as well as illustrations relating to other various anime, games and books. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention: there are a very few illustrations in Senshi Bankou with nudity, generally nothing erotic in nature, but one particular work I found rather "frank".
    All in all, I prefer the slicker look of the illustrations in Phantasien II, though I've always liked the art noveau influence which Yuki sometimes puts in the works, and this is more apparent in the Senshi Bankou volume.
  • I don't normally report on hentai stuff, but Urushihara Satoshi is popular (I think), so here's a bit more info on his upcoming hentai OVA Front Innocent, where he'll have the credit for original work, direction, character design and art direction. The concept for the anime seems to stem from a drama CD "Lady Innocent" which Urushihara worked on in 1995. The OVA is planned to have 10 H scenes during its 30 minute duration, and it seems that dialogue will be kept to a minimum, so it doesn't sound like there's a lot of time left for plot development... ^_^;; From the looks of it, the H scenes will also include some yuri (main characters being Fay and Sophia). A release date has not yet been determined but price is currently pencilled in at 6,800 yen. I think this is to be set in the southern US states around the time of the US Civil War. School boarder Fay Carson returns home after three months. After a brief moment of joy catching up with close friend and Carson family maid Sophia (engaged to John Carter), Fay's father Michael speaks of Fay's "high society debut". But what does "high society" actually mean...? Source: Megami magazine.

23 August 2002

  • Independent amateur CG anime group T-Zero Factory has opened a page for it's next anime Heart. It's mainly design artwork up at the moment, but you can also download short clips of the characters with their mecha on this page. It's looking good ^_^ The previous work by this group was Planet Carrier, a sci-fi story. At the product introduction page, you can download a trailer and the first part of the story (in streaming format) - in addition, there's also a Flash introduction. If you want to see the whole movie, you'll need to buy the CD-ROM. Source: Moonphase.
  • Just an update on the information which bbq posted to the animeondvd forums back on 15 August 2002 regarding the Laputa: Castle in the Sky DVD Collector's Edition. To recap the details, as reported by Impress Corporation:
    To be released 4 October 2002
    Collector's edition-
    Comes with garden version of robot soldier figure (with serial number and certificate), soundtrack CD (re-recorded by Hisaishi Jo for the US version of the movie), a CD single of the DVD version image song "Kimi o tsurete" (based on the theme music "Kimi o nosete") and a novelisation
    Price 18,000 yen
    Limited to 10,000 sets
    Regular edition-
    Price 4,700 yen
    The DVDs themselves (main feature and bonus disc) will be double-layer picture discs. Picture will be anamorphic letterbox. There will be Japanese and English Dolby Digital stereo soundtracks as well as Japanese and English subtitles. The bonus disc will include storyboards, trailers for the movie, a 15 minute promotion movie, creditless OP and ED among other items.
    Source: infoanime.com.
  • Okay, I updated today's news about the YUA live-action dorama series and Gundam Seed.
  • With volume 1 of the OVA Sentou Yousei Yukikaze to be released in a couple of days' time, ZDNet Japan has produced a number of webpages devoted to the series, including story summary and character introductions (in Japanese, of course). Source: infoanime.com.
  • Idea Factory has announced that a manga version of Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir ~ Kingdom of Chaos the Universe ~ (University Town Vara Noir), based on the Playstation 2 game and OVA to be released in October 2002, will commence serialisation in the November 2002 issue of Comic Zero Sum (published on 28 September 2002). The mangaka will be Aoto Takane. For more details about the OVA release, see my 1 August 2002 entry. Source: Moonphase.
  • There are new websites up for Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan (Ground Defense Force Mao-chan) - www.rikumao.com and Asagiri no Miko - www.asagiri-miko.com, though they have yet to be fleshed out with substantive content. Source: Moonphase.
  • The Lupin special Episode:0 ~ First Contact, will be released on DVD on 23 October 2002, price 5,040 yen (including tax). Source: Animate Yokohama. This special, which aired on TV in July 2002, tells how Lupin first met his partners in crime and Inspector Zenigata.
  • Sony's official Rurouni Kenshin page states that the Seisou Hen special edition will be aired on Sky Perfect TV's pay per view channel between 23 and 25 August 2002.
  • Entertainment Goo reports that at the 10th anniversary event for X, it was announced that those who purchase all volumes of the DVD for the TV series will be able to apply for a set of 18 trading cards, including one illustrated by CLAMP.
  • The Gundam Seed website has updated with a cast list. I can't be bothered setting out the list here (I'm sure there's enough Gundam fans out there to do that), but I note it includes Mitsuishi Kotono and Seki Tomokazu. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • Moonphase also points out from the same update that the ending theme for Gundam Seed will be by See-Saw, the "unit" comprising Ishikawa Chiaki (words) and Kajiura Yuki (music, composer for Shin Kimagure Orange Road, Noir, etc).
  • More details on the upcoming You're Under Arrest live-action dorama, of course based on the original manga by Fujishima Kosuke (and since converted into anime and computer game). It's been a while since I've had the time to watch a dorama. Perhaps I'll try to catch this series. Sponichi reports that joining Hara Sachie (24 years old, and who will have the role of Miyuki)and Itou Misaki (25, Natsumi) will be popular photo idols Otoha (21), Yoshioka Miho (22) and Kyokuyama Eri (23). In the photo in the Sponichi report, Itou is on the left, while Hara is on the right. Nagashima Kazushige will play the role of Miyuki's love interest, a motorcycle policeman (presumably Nakajima Ken). Hara has stated that she will make Miyuki more "genki" than the original character. Source: Tentative Name.
    Nikkansports.com then reports that broadcast will commence on 17 October 2002. Another popular photo idol, Ichikawa Yui (16), will also have a role in the series. Also in the cast will be Itou Shirou (65) and Watanabe Eriko (47). There have been a lot of police doramas in the past, but this appears the first in Japan with a female duo. Source: Magicalantique.com.
    Finally, Yomiuri reports that Itou Shirou will have the role of the chief, and Watanabe Eri will be the Traffic Division section chief. Source: Moonphase.
    For the uninitiated, although the format is known is "dorama", this doesn't necessarily mean the show will be particularly dramatic. This series will have a comedic touch, with some action. Hmm, wonder if any subbers are going to work on this series? I've found live-action doramas harder to sub than anime, though. (Edited 26 August to add a few extra links).

22 August 2002

  • Sorry, fell asleep last night before typing up any news.
  • Looks like the release date of the Saiyuki - Kibou no Zaika - "interactive animation" DVD has been put back from 31 August 2002 to 19 September 2002. For more information on this DVD, see my 10 July 2002 entry. Source: Animate Yokohama.
  • Production IG has announced that Sky Perfect TV will commence broadcasting Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on 1 October 2002 on a pay-per-view channel. All 26 episodes will be shown over the course of a year. Is this news...? Also, ZDNet Japan reports that the TV series will take place in a "parallel world" where Kusanagi Motoko doesn't encounter the Puppet Master. Is that news...? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with all the information regarding this series. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Kahoku Online Network reports that Toei Animation will be distributing the new Ginga Tetsudo 999 (Galaxy Express 999) anime from a Yahoo site starting at 9am 9 September 2002. However, this not be a free service. Source: Aniota.
  • So tired...
  • Computer crashed >_< Again >_<
  • The TV anime version of the manga Nanaka 6/17 (Nanaka Junana Bun no Roku) by Yagami Ken (serialised in Monthly Shonen Champion) will commence broadcast in 2003. On the other hand, Magazine Special magazine has announced that the TV anime version of the manga Asobot Zenki Gokuu will commence broadcast on TV Tokyo on 1 October 2002. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • C Place, a fansite for composer Kawai Kenji, states that Kawai will be working on two more Oshii Mamoru movies, one being an anime to be released in about two years' time (title undetermined) and the other being GRM, a "digital movie" where a pilot film has already been created but production has been suspended for now. Source: TA Group BBS. Kawai composed the music for Ghost in the Shell.
  • Takahashi Shin's new manga Kimi no Kakera commenced serialisation in yesterday's issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. A little Flash introduction to the manga can be found on Takahashi's website here. Source: Moonphase. Takahashi wrote the SaiKano manga.
  • Ariga Hitoshi has mentioned in his diary that his Big O manga will re-commence serialisation in the 25 September 2002 issue of Kodansha's monthly Magazine Z. However, this will be a new work. Source: Moonphase.
  • Published Akita Shoten has announced that a limited edition version of volume 6 of the manga Hanaukyo Maid Tai by Morishige will be released on 3 October 2002, price 781 yen, with 6 postcards illustrated by the author. The regular edition will be released on the same day for 390 yen. A limited edition version of volume 5 was released with a desktop illustration collection. Source: Moonphase.
  • Monthly Shonen Gangan is the magazine where the manga Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna ~ is serialised. A Gangan commercial featuring Spiral can be downloaded from the website for the TV anime version of the manga. Just click on the words "Special File 1" in the "Headline News" section. Source: Moonphase.
  • Episode 2 onwards of the web anime Blame! Ver.0.11 will not be free, it has been announced. However, those who purchase Blame! goods, such as a T-shirt or poster, will be entitled to watch the anime free. Source: Moonphase.
  • The Kids Station webpage for the TV anime Princess Tutu is now up. Source: Moonphase.
  • Two of the character designs for the up-coming web anime Vie Durant, are now up at the animate.tv website. Click on the faces for more information. Source: Moonphase.
  • That's enough for today. Need sleep ^_^;;

20 August 2002

  • Chapter 4 of story 2 of Kamakur@ Love is now up. Chapters 1 and 2 of story 3 are due out at the end of August 2002. For more info, see my entry on 31 May 2002.
  • My head still hurts -_-
  • The manga Tsuri-baka Nisshi (The Diary of a Fishing Fool), story by Yamasaki Juzo and art by Kitami Kenichi (serialised in Shogakukan's Big Comic Original magazine), is to be animated in a TV series to commence on 19 October 2002 on TV Asahi. Anti-hero Hamasaki Densuke is an unambitious, unorthodox Japanese salaryman who yet manages to improve his company's fortunes through his love of fishing over work. Needless to say, this manga character is a hero to many young Japanese businessmen ^_^ A series of live-action comedy movies have been produced in the past. Source: Moonphase.
  • For the release of volume 1 of the DVD for the OVA Sentou Yousei Yukikaze, the Flash animation on the official homepage has been updated. Source: Moonphase.
  • The manga Asobot Zenki Gokuu by Aoi Romu is set to commence with the 20 September 2002 issue of Kodansha's Magazine Special magazine. At the same time, the TV anime version will commence. This is a fantasy story set in the near future populated by humans and Asobots (not sure of the spelling, since it's written in katakana). With characters named Gokuu and Sanzou, this sounds like another story that draws on the Monkey legend. Source: Ma-ten.

19 August 2002

  • For fanservice fans, the Najica Dengeki Sakusen Mission Report book will be released on 21 August 2002 from Studio DNA, including story summary, artwork by chief art director Yamauchi Noriyasu and a discussion of the story between Yamauchi and director Nishijima Katsuhiko. Price 1,905 yen (excluding tax). Source: Mangaoh.
  • The Moonphase website states that a TV anime series Gunparade March, presumably based on the Playstation game and the manga serialised in Dengeki Daioh, is to commence broadcast in January 2003.
  • I *hate* it when my computer crashes when I'm trying to update this page >_<
  • Oh, and my head hurts... -_-

17 August 2002

  • The Moonphase anime listing states that a live-action dorama version of the anime/manga You're Under Arrest is to commence broadcast on TV Asahi in October 2002, starring Hara Sachie and Itou Misaki, presumably in the lead roles of Miyuki and Natsumi.
  • Hmm, I thought there was something else I was going to write, but I've forgotten. Oh well, too bad :P

16 August 2002

  • According to a flyer, Arete-hime (Princess Arete) will be released on DVD on 21 December 2002, price 6,000 yen (excluding tax). Apparently it has been decided to release this movie directly to video rather than have any substantial theatrical release. Also, it looks like the DVD for Palme no Ki (A Tree of Palme) will be released in December 2002 as well, price 6,000 yen. Source: Aniota BBS.
  • My 14 July 2002 entry included a report of an idea sketch by Ogawara Kunio for a special Honda Zoomer. In the past, Ogawara designed mecha for shows including Gundam. ZDNet Japan reports that a custom made working model of that design will be exhibited at the C3 (Cultural Convention of Characters) event on 24 and 25 August 2002. A Ogawara designed leather "rider suit" was also manufactured to accompany the red Zoomer. The suit was made by Kadoya, which makes rider suits and other leather goods. Unfortunately, the helmet could not be produced due to safety concerns. Click on any of the pics in the report (save the photo of Ogawara) for an enlargement. Source: Ma-ten.
  • The first pressing of volume 1 of the DVD for 12 Kokuki will come with a booklet. Source: Animate Yokohama. For more release details see my 12 August 2002 entry.
  • Volume 7 of the manga Chobits will be published on 27 September 2002. As reported on 4 August 2002, the limited edition version of this volume will come with a figure. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The limited edition versions of volumes 5 for each of the TV anime series Rizelmain and the live-action TV series Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi Pure (Steel Angel Kurumi Pure) will come with a maxi-single CD with the new ending theme for the respective shows. Regular editions of the DVD will cost 4,500 yen (excluding tax). The limited edition DVDs will cost 5,500 yen (excluding tax). Release date for both shows is 17 October 2002. Source: Music Market.
  • Yumeta Company now has a webpage up for Animation Seisaku Shinkou Kuromi-chan 2 (Anime Runner Kuromi 2). Tentative title seems to be Kuromi Channel (or is that the tentative title for the page...? ^_^;; ). You can view a Flash ad, but it doesn't show/tell much other than that production of the anime is underway. Source: Ma-ten.
  • An Australian connection with anime! The Yomiuri reports that world champion Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe will appear on a short gag corner of the episode of the Daichi Akitaro TV anime series Atashi'n chi to be broadcast on 23 August 2002. Thorpe is a household name in Australia, and was a big hit in Japan too when he travelled to that country last year for swimming championships. Apparently Thorpe knows of the manga on which the anime is based, and even brought back a copy of the manga when he returned to Australia. Source: Ma-ten. Though I wonder - does this mean that he simply brought back a copy of the Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday edition newspaper with him? ^_^;;


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