31 March 2002

  • Kon Satoshi (director of Perfect Blue) has announced at the BBS on his homepage that a major US movie company (Dreamworks SKG) has secured the worldwide distribution rights (except for Asia) to his anime movie Millennium Actress. The contract was officially executed a few days ago. Millennium Actress was completed in January 2001 and saw world premiere in Montreal in July 2001, but has yet to be officially released in Japan (presently, the movie is anticipated to be released between August and September 2002). IIRC, the movie shall be screened in Singapore shortly. The official webpage for the movie is here, but you can read Steve Brandon's Montreal screening report at Anime News Network's site here.

30 March 2002

  • Well, I haven't found any other news of a CG Appleseed movie, either in English or Japanese, but thanks to littledonkey/Russell at the AoD forums for pointing out the following article at That article doesn't suggest the creation of a movie but rather suggests that the DVD is supplemental to the figures rather than the figures being an extra to the DVD.
  • The first pressing of volume 2 of the Aquarian Age DVD will come with a box. Details:
    To be released 22 May 2002
    Catalogue number VIZF-22
    Price 6,090 yen (including tax)
    The regular edition will be available on the same day at the same price.
  • The first pressing of volume 1 of the Chobits DVD will also come with a box. To be released 25 June 2002, price 6,300 yen (including tax).
  • The interactive Growlanser DVD will come with a cover illustration by Urushihara Satoshi. Growlanser is a series of Playstation computer games, with character designs by Urushihara. The first pressing of the DVD will come with a poster. Tentative details:
    To be released 5 June 2002
    Catalogue number PCBX-50304
    Price 6,800 yen (excluding tax)
    For more information, see CDJapan's listing of the DVD.
  • A limited edition pressing of the Ai Yori Aoshi Music Collection volume 1 CD will be available with a special hanging scroll type CD holder. Details:
    To be released 24 May 2002
    Catalogue number PICA-1249
    Price 2,913 yen (excluding tax)
    The regular edition will be available on the same day at the same price (catalogue number PICA-1250).
  • Speaking of Ai Yori Aoshi, now available for streaming download here are a trailer for the anime, together with a music clip for the OP song "Towa no Hana" by Ishida Yoko. If you don't need visuals, the OP can also be heard here.
  • More details about the Sakura Taisen 3 anime series have been announced at a Sakura Taisen event, as reported by ZDNet Japan. This will be a three episode OVA series about the Paris Hana-Gumi. Episode 1 will deal with Sumire's retirement. At the same event, it was announced that a manga version will be serialised in the manga magazine Monthly Magazine Z.
  • The Sega Group has announced plans for a computer game set in the world of Trigun. I don't play computer games, so I can't be bothered reporting more on it ^_^ For more information, see here.
  • The Aussies beat the Jaapies today. Again. This time, in the one day series, and by 37 runs. Australia now has three wins and a tie in the best of seven series.
  • This week's illustration on GAiNAX's homepage is an Otaku no Video picture by Sonoda Kenichi.
  • And finally, while you're eating your chocolate Easter eggs, bear in mind that half the world's cocoa production comes from nations on the east coast of Africa, where much of the cocoa is produced by child slaves. For more info, listen to Auntie.

29 March 2002

  • A reminder that the psychic love-comedy web anime Psychic Academy, based on the manga by Katsu Aki (serialised in Monthly Magazine Z) starts today. You can view episode one here.
  • Among the upcoming products by COSPA is Clarice's ring from Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro. Made of silver 925, the ring comes in sizes 17, 19 and 21 and costs 20,000 yen. Other COSPA jewellery items include Gundam pendants and rings.
  • A summary movie DVD of the Yami no Matsuei anime series is to be released, with a limited edition version available. Details:
    Yami no Matsuei Soushuhen Special Box
    Catalogue number KIBA-9793
    To be released 26 June 2002
    Price 5,000 yen (excluding tax)
    In the box will be a CD-ROM, cushion pouch(?), name card case, compact mirror, pencilboard, sticker and postcard.
    A regular edition will also be available on the same day, catalogue number KIBA-793, price 2,800 yen.
  • Is there an Appleseed movie coming out? The news I've got is that a preview DVD is to be sold in June 2002 of a pilot film for a CG anime movie yet to be released. The DVD will come with one of three figurines. Tentative details of the preview DVD:
    To be released 25 June 2002
    Price 3,800 yen (excluding tax)
    Type 1 - Appleseed box with Deunan Knute figure (catalogue number PIBA-9031)
    Type 2 - Appleseed box with Deunan Knute figure with orc suit(?) (catalogue number PIBA-9032)
    Type 3 - Appleseed box with Briareos (catalogue number PIBA-9033)
    From the catalogue numbers, it seems these are Pioneer LDC products. This release is not to be confused with the Bandai release of the 1988 OVA on 25 July 2002.

27 March 2002

  • The seiyuu for the leading role of Haru in the upcoming Studio Ghibli movie Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Who Returned a Favour) has been announced: the multi-award winning 20 year old actress Ikewaki Chizuru. In the movie, scheduled for release in the (northern) summer of 2002, when 17 year old high school student Haru saves a cat (which cat turns out to be a cat prince), she's invited to the land of cats. There, Haru declares that she wants to be a cat, and a cat baron turns up. Initial pictures can be found in this Zak Zak report. Click on the pictures for an enlarged graphic. The top picture shows some of the characters from the new movie, including Muta and the Baron from "Mimi o Sumaseba". The bottom picture is a photo of Ikewaki. Neko no Ongaeshi, directed by Morita Hiroyuki, will be a 75 minute movie, to be screened together with the 25 minute long "Ghiblies - episode 2". A Yomiuri report can be found here.
  • The official Asahi Shimbun English report of Monday's judgment regarding Matsumoto Leiji is now available here.
  • The official website for the Azumanga Daioh TV anime series is now up.

26 March 2002

25 March 2002

  • With the movie version of the manga Blame! to screen in the (northern) winter of 2003, a web anime version will commence distribution on the internet on 7 June 2002. The web anime version will consist of six episodes, each of five minutes' length.
  • 6 April 2002 sees the start of the weekly internet TV program Kaneda Tomoko's Comic Master Tomo Channel, about making doujinshi. Seiyuu Kaneda Tomoko (Marie in Onegai Teacher) will be editor. For more information, see here. However, to view the previews of the series, you'll need to access the homepage and click through to the Tomo Channel page.
  • reports that Matsumoto Leiji's legal action to prevent Nishizaki Hirofumi describing himself as author of the anime Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato) has been dismissed. Nishizaki was producer of the anime series. Judge Iimura Toshiaki of the Tokyo District Court today held that Nishizaki's detailed participation in the creation process entitled him to be known as author of the film work pursuant to article 16 of the Copyright Act. Manga author Matsumoto Leiji's role in the creation of the anime was said to be a partial role. Matsumoto has said that the decision is unfair and that he will appeal - without his presence, not one frame of the anime could have been produced. In 2000, Nishizaki was sentenced to 5 years 6 months' gaol for drug and possession of illegal arms offences, although that matter is also presently the subject of an appeal.

24 March 2002

  • Details are out for the R2 DVD release of Sakura Taisen the movie:
    Special edition version-
    Comes with colour booklet, bonus DVD features (pilot film used for press conference, collection of staff and cast greetings at various theatres, trailers, footage of the 5th Sakura Taisen live musical etc), movie official CD-ROM, carton box
    (Edit 25 March - catalogue number KIBA-9794)
    Price 9,800 (excluding tax)
    Regular edition-
    Comes with same colour booklet and bonus DVD features
    (Edit 25 March - catalogue number KIBA-794)
    Price 7.800 (excluding tax)
    Both versions are to be released on 22 November 2002.

23 March 2002

  • Hobby Japan's email magazine advises that the second issue of its OtomeX magazine (about anime, manga and game "heroine characters") is due out on 10 May 2002. This time, the features will include Onegai Teacher. The website for the magazine hasn't been updated with this news yet.
  • AT-X advises that the broadcast of its Wild 7 Another anime has been put back from 6 April 2002 to 27 April 2002. Episode 2 is then tentatively set to air on 18 May 2002.

21 March 2002

  • The limited edition version of volume 5 of the manga Chobits by CLAMP will come with a 109 piece jigsaw puzzle in a hexagonal can, illustrated by CLAMP of course. The volume will hit the stores on 26 April 2002. The price of the limited edition version isn't yet clear, but if the limited edition versions of the previous volumes are any guide, it'll likely cost more than the regular edition.
  • Upcoming region 2 DVD releases by Bandai on 25 July 2002:
    Brain powerd volumes 1-3 (Dolby Digital stereo, volume 1 - 2,800 yen - to include two episodes and creditless OP and ED, volumes 2 and 3 to include four episodes each and cost 3,800 yen each)
    Black Magic M-66 (Dolby Digital stereo, price 3,800 yen)
    Appleseed (Dolby Digital stereo, price 3,800 yen)
    Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 10th Anniversary Festival - first part: Ai no Sanctuary (Dolby Digital stereo, first pressing will come with a picture label DVD, price 3,800 yen, not an anime - this will presumably be a recording of the live performances later this month to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the anime)
  • A Quicktime preview for the upcoming hentai Urotski anime can now be downloaded here. As stated, this is a hentai work, so surfer discretion is advised ^_^
  • Volume 13 of the adult manga magazine Comic Megacube features a pinup by Oh!great.

19 March 2002

  • Bugbuster, the 1988 science fiction/fantasy action doujinshi by Kishiro Yukito (GUNM/Battle Angel Alita), on which his Aqua Knight manga is loosely based, is now available for online purchase here. 130 pages, A5 size, price 900 yen. However, only orders within Japan are accepted.
  • The first issue of new monthly manga magazine Zero Sum is set to be published on 28 March 2002 by Studio DNA. Contributors are expected to include Ueda Shinshu, Kouga Yun (Earthian), Minekura Kazuya (Saiyuki), Mikawa Beruno, Kari Erika, Tsutsumi Shouko and others.
  • With the upcoming release of the new Lupin III OVA Ikiteita Majutsushi on 3 April 2002, Gakken will be releasing a Lupin III Majutsushi Pycal 1971 vs 2002 book and figure set on 17 May 2002. The book will include comparisons of the new work with the old, descriptions of the two Pycal stories (the first being episode 2 of the first TV series in 1971), a selection of episodes from the first series and an interview with the producer. The 17cm figure will be modelled on the new OVA and come with a base. Two figures will be available: one of Lupin, the other of Fujiko. Price 2,500 yen.
  • Shogakukan Production will be releasing a collection of artwork by Chen Shu Fen and Ping Fan: Chen Shu Fen & Ping Fan Shisen Gashuu - The Library. This hardcover book will include 70 of the best illustrations chosen by the artists themselves. The Taiwanese husband and wife artist team have attracted fans in Japan and their colour manga Blue Note (story by Sakamoto Yuji) is currently serialised in IKKI magazine. Details:
    Release date 18 April 2002
    88 pages
    Price 2,400 yen

17 March 2002

  • The latest anime Mahou no Chocolate (Magical Chocolate) by the circle/independent anime studio Ishikawa Pro is to be featured on the TV station NHK on 22 March 2002. This 8 minute 30 second anime took five months and 1,700 cels to make. Valentine's Day is approaching and Mami-chan yearns to give a valentine chocolate confession of love to the popular Ishida-sempai. Her friend Koko-chan tells her the legend of the magical chocolate. The VHS version of the anime (and some of the previous works of Ishikawa Pro) can be purchased from the indie movies section of Jungle SCS. An mpeg version on CD-ROM can also be purchased by mail order from the circle. Price 500 yen. Screenshots can be viewed and a trailer downloaded at this page.

14 March 2002

  • First pressings of RahXephon DVD volumes 1 and 5 will both come with a box. Volume 1 (2 episodes) is due out on 31 May 2002 (catalogue number ZMBZ-1401, price 5,250 yen - including tax). That box will hold five DVDs. Volume 5 is due out on 27 September 2002 (price 6,300 yen - including tax).
  • The first pressing of Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat DVD volume 1 will also come with a box to hold all four DVDs. Release date 31 May 2002, catalogue number ZMBZ-1431, price 6,090 yen (including tax). Volume 1 will include twelve episodes.
  • This Shinseido page states that the anime Gunparade March, based on the Playstation game, is to be broadcast on Fuji TV late night Wednesdays. I haven't found an actual start date yet, though ^^;;
  • A tentative release date for the Initial D Battle Stage DVD appears to be 15 May 2002. Catalogue number AVBA-14365, price 5,800 (excluding tax).
  • The upcoming anime Hoshi no Koe is to be broadcast on Hokkaido's UHB station on 21 April 2002 at 2.30pm.

13 March 2002

  • The 7th preview of the upcoming Tenchi Muyo anime is now up here.
  • The official homepage for the upcoming Kaishaku anime UFO Princess Walkure is now up. However, apart from the BBS, there's nothing much else to see at the moment. The grand opening of the site will take place on 29 March 2002.

12 March 2002

  • Nikkei Net reports that the Chinese department of broadcasting, film and television has stopped the televising of the Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden, based on the Japanese manga and anime Hana Yori Dango, citing its negative influence on society and youth. Representatives of the show in China argue that it is healthy programming. Broadcast of the show commenced in China late last year, where it has become a popular series.
  • Details for the limited edition first volume of the DVD release of Galaxy Angel 2nd series are out:
    Galaxy Angel 2nd series vol. 1 Limited Special
    Includes angel can (with mobile phone strap set, 5 badge set, angel team emblem pins and punching Nomad(?)) and special DVD (with secret live video - 5 songs included, secret game video, cast and staff interviews)
    Release date 25 May 2002
    Price 5,800 yen
    A regular edition will be out on the same day for 3,800 yen.

10 March 2002

  • No news for the past few days as I've been watching the cricket. Adam Gilchrist is a legend ^_^
  • Studio Orphee, one of the companies involved with the anime Kokoro Toshokan (Library), has announced that the Library Association of Japan will be purchasing 500 copies of the anime for 500 libraries. Being public libraries, it is anticipated that the general public will be able to borrow the anime without charge.
  • GAiNAX has announced the release of a Mahoromatic Anime Genga (key cel animation) Collection, in the same vein as the Groundwork of Evangelion and Groundwork of FLCL books. Volume 1 will cover original cel drawings for episodes one to six. 200 A4 size pages, to be released on 19 April 2002 at a price of 2,500 yen (excluding tax).
  • On the topic of the anime Mahoromatic, this Japanese fan site has raised questions whether a second season will be forthcoming, based on a report in the current issue of Newtype of the upcoming announcement of a seiyuu for a character Minawa at a Mahoromatic event in April 2002.
  • On 8 March 2002, it was announced on the Sakura Taisen Online Famitsu Talk Show that a Sakura Taisen 3 will be animated. No further details are available at present.
  • The official Lycos page for Psychic Academy, from where the web anime will commence (free) distribution on 29 March 2002, is now open. There's not much to see yet, though.
  • Pioneer has announced that the anime Ai Yori Aoshi is to commence broadcast on 10 April 2002.
  • ZDNet Japan reports that a Doremi Playstation game to learn English will be released on 20 March 2002. Entitled "Ojamajo Doremi Dokaan! MAHO Dou Eigo Festival", the game will be released by Bandai for 3,800 yen (5,800 yen with a controller set). See here for screenshots.
  • Nikkei Net reports that broadcast station WOWOW is expected to announce a 1,000 million yen profit for the period ending March 2002, after previous forecasts of a 2,200 million yen loss for the period. This will be the first profit and loss result in the black since March 2000, with the station commencing BS (broadcast satellite) digital broadcasting at the end of 2000.
  • Shirow Masamune's manga Gun Dancing, previously distributed by Kodansha over the internet on its service E-Manga (fees apply), will be released in hardcopy on 22 March 2002. Price 2,200 yen. The manga will also be released with a T-shirt on the same day for the higher price of 3,000 yen. At roughly four times the price of a standard tankouban, will there be any bonus items accompanying the manga?
  • Broccoli has posted up details for the DVD of the DiGi Charat movie Hoshi no Tabi:
    Release date 12 July 2002
    The DVD will include a new animation involving Pyoko, Rik, Ky and Coo.
    Regular edition price 5,800 yen
    Limited edition price 8,800 yen
    Limited edition version comes with ten bonus items: 150 page special fan book (a comic anthology illustrated by Koge-Donbo), DVD box to hold 10 DVDs, Dejiko figurine, movie soundtrack CD, PVC key chain, special liner notes, 4 Dejiko collectible card game promotion cards, 4 Aquarian Age promotion cards, postcard, sticker.
    Pre-orders will also receive a poster.

6 March 2002

  • The opening clip and three ending clips for the web anime Ajimu (now being released on DVD) can be downloaded here.
  • A few more promotional clips for the upcoming ex-Driver movie can be viewed here.
  • Fans of Matsumoto Leiji can now buy wine to accompany his works. The first release (Maetel Legend 1999 vol. 1) will be limited to 100 sets of two bottles of white German wine. The labels for these bottles will be stamped with gold Maetel Legend inlays using a sandblast technique. The "Green Maetel" wine will be 1996 Leiwener Klostergarten Riesling Spätlese Mosel-Saar-Ruwer in a light green bottle. The "Viridian Emeraldas" wine will be 1999 Mainzer Domherr Rheinhessen Kabinett in a dark green bottle. Price 14,700 yen. Orders should be placed by 10 March 2002. See here for more details.
  • After the release of the 3 Yu Yu Hakusho DVD box sets and the individual release of the 28 volumes comes a third way to purchase the series: a Yu Yu Hakusho "can" with all 28 volumes (112 episodes) on picture label DVDs. Details:
    Pre-order date 15 March 2002
    Approximately 3,136 minutes
    Price 141,120 yen
    Comes with 28 clear postcards and 3 booklets
    For ordering details (payments by up to 24 instalments can be made) and a picture of the can, see here.

5 March 2002

  • The latest works by M.O.E, Rizerumain and Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi pure (a live action version of the anime) will commence broadcast on 2-7 April 2002 (depending on the network). A preview for the anime Rizerumain can be viewed here, while one for Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi pure is here. Opening themes for the series can also be sampled here.
  • Details for volume 1 of the OVA series Cosplay Complex have been released:
    Release date 25 May 2002
    Limited edition version:
         Catalogue number BIBA-3141
         Price 6,090 yen (including tax)
         Includes 24 page design works booklet, 2 plates for cosplay
         jacket and change of clothes, picture label and 4 page booklet
    Regular edition version:
         Catalogue number BIBA-3121
         Price 5,040 (including tax)
         Includes 4 page booklet
    First pressing of both limited edition and regular editions will come with a box to hold all three DVDs in the series.
  • The H games Tsuki Kagerou and flutter of birds are to be animated.
  • A new edition of the 3 x 3 Eyes manga by Takada Yuzo will be released and volume 1 will come with a limited edition box (illustrated by Takada) to hold all 4 volumes of the new edition. Details for volume 1:
    Limited edition of 10,000 units
    Release date 25 April 2002
    Price 3,980 yen (excluding tax)
    512 pages
    Comes with T shirt and postcard set.
    Volume 1 will cover the Seima Yogeki story arc. Volume 2 will be released on the same day and cover the Seima Densetsu story arc. Volumes 3 and 4 will be released at the end of May 2002 and cover the Seima Seiki story arc. For pictures of the box and more details, see here and here.

4 March 2002

  • Nikkei Net reports that Bandai is planning to commence broadband internet distribution of anime such as Mobile Suit Gundam in September 2002. A new company "Bandai Channel" was established on 1 March 2002 with a capital of 10 million yen for this purpose, with investments by four companies in the Bandai group: Bandai (55%), anime producer Sunrise (30%), Bandai Visual (10%) and mobile phone content provider Bandai Networks (5%). Mr Matsumoto Satoru, director of Sunrise, will be the new company's first president. Sunrise has approximately 180 anime works including Mobile Suit Gundam (approximately 1,800 hours) to distribute while Bandai Visual has approximately 370 works. The fee schedule has yet to be determined. See also this report.
  • More news on Shinkai Makoto, creator of the upcoming Hoshi no Koe anime. Shinkai directed the opening of the adult love adventure game Wind -a breath of heart-, which will be released by game company minori in April 2002. The opening can be downloaded here, with a high resolution (approximately 40Mb) version available here. Shinkai also directed the opening of the previous game by minori, Bittersweet Fools, which opening can be downloaded here. A "trial set book" of Wind -a breath of heart- will be released on 4 April 2002 by Softbank, price 933 yen, with bonus mousepad and opening movie CD-ROM. The regular edition of the book will retail on 19 April 2002.

3 March 2002

  • Kyoto Animation has previews available for download of two of its upcoming anime Kasajizou (5 minute preview) and Munto (5 second preview). Kasajizou is an original work based on the folk tale of the same name. In the folk tale, an old man gives bamboo hats (kasa) to statues of Jizo-sama (the Buddha who protects the common people). The anime tells the story of Yahe, his sickly wife Koito and Yahe's father Sasuke, whose own wife died of illness and who disapproves of Yahe's marriage to Koito. Munto tells the fantasy adventure of 14 year old school student Takahashi Yumemi on floating islands of land which exist in a parallel dimension above the Earth. When Munto (in cat form) falls to Earth, Yumemi's life changes.

2 March 2002

  • The official Arcade Gamer Fubuki website has a table tennis Flash game here. Click on the button in the middle of the table to start, then select your first player (either Fubuki or Hanako) and click on the middle button twice again. Defeat both players in the opposing team and you'll get access to download one of eight cards in the 3rd series of passion cards. These cards will be available for one month.
  • The Cowboy Bebop CD box set is scheduled for release on 21 June 2002.
  • Toei has announced the release of three movies in July 2002: Digimon Frontier, Kinnikuman Nisei (Second Generation) and Gekitou! Crash Gear Turbo.
  • The release of GAiNAX's Mahoromatic Digital Maiden 2 CD-ROM has been put back to 19 April 2002.

1 March 2002

  • Previews for Patlabor WXIII and eX Driver the movie can be downloaded here.
  • More details on the new Takada Akemi artbook Takada Akemi Patlabor Gashuu (Art Collection) - now or never have become available:
    Release date 18 March 2002
    ISBN 4-8291-9125-2-C0076
    Price 12,000 yen
    192 colour pages of over 150 illustrations, 64 monochrome pages of over 100 drafts and designs, together with a discussion between Takada and manga author Yuuki Masami.
    The DVD previously reported will only be included with the first edition of the book. The DVD will include footage of the creation of the cover illustration for the artbook and digital gallery among other things.
  • The first pressing of volume 2 of the Kanon DVD will come with a box for the series. Details:
    Release date 5 May 2002
    Catalogue number MABP-7002
    Price 5,800 yen (excluding tax)


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