15 November 2003 (second early update)

  • Live action Initial D movie? Searchina reports that Taiwanese singer Jay Chou will star as Fujiwara Takumi, with filming to start in March 2004. Director to be the well known Hong Kong film-maker Tsui Hark, said to be a fan of Initial D. It seems that a live action movie has been planned for some time, but they were waiting to find the correct lead actor. Edison Chan is being considered for the role of Takahashi Ryosuke. In the past, Andy Lau was also hoping to make an Initial D movie. Initial D is apparently popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well. I think this news comes originally from some Chinese magazine. How reliable is this news? I dunno. But note that the Japanese OB Planning, which has a stable of anime works, makes reference to an Initial D "The Fourth Stage" and has photos of some sound testing or filming. Source: Aniota.
  • The official Cutie Honey live action movie website has updated with a trailer. Source: Aniota.
  • Sorry, fell asleep yesterday before updating any more.
  • New Casshern/Casshan trailer at the official website. Click on the word "trailer" ^_^ (too bad the trailer is almost 24Mb in size, though...) Source: Aniota. Live action movie, to be released in 2004.
  • To add to what I wrote on Thursday 13 November about internet distribution of anime by Bandai, CNet Japan reports that the first five titles for distribution in South Korea will be the three Gundam movies, Z Gundam (50 TV episodes), Dirty Pair (26 TV episodes), .hack//SIGN (26 TV episodes) and Aura Battler Dunbine (49 TV episodes). Files will be WM9 coding with SAMI subtitles. TV episodes will be distributed at two rates: 300kbps, 800 won (approximately 74 yen, approximately US$0.69) and 700kbps, 1,200 won (approximately 111 yen, approximately US$1.03). Movies will be distributed at two rates as well: 300 kbps, 1,500 won (approximately 139 yen, approximately US$1.29) and 700kbps, 2,000 won (approximately 185 yen, approximately US$1.71). Source: Ma-ten. All those details are for South Korean, but I thought that may give a rough idea of what's to come in other region. Of course, that depends on quality of broadband in other areas, income levels etc... IIRC, South Korea has a relatively high level of broadband...? Anyway, while all reports refer to Bandai and Microsoft reaching an agreement, I assume Microsoft's main role will be in the fact that its technology is being used for the streaming. Then again, MSN will be one of the four or five ISPs distributing the anime in South Korea.

14 November 2003

  • CD Japan has details up for volume 1 of the DVD release of Gilgamesh, to be released 28 January 2004. First pressing will come with a tattoo sticker.
  • CD Japan also states that an Angelic Layer Angel Gift Box - Tenshi no Okurimono DVD and CD set will be released on 3 March 2004. This will contain the nine DVDs in the series, plus two CDs and some nice bonus items. A first pressing limited edition item. Details here.
  • As I've previously written, Bandai is releasing DVD-plus-book guides to certain anime, the first being GiTS and the second being Patlabor. The company now has a website up for those official guides. More details on the Patlabor guides. I'll consolidate the info here. The Patlabor Movie Archives will be released 25 February 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1847, price 5,040 yen (including tax). The DVD will be approximately 60 minutes in length, Dolby Digital stereo sound, single layer. The book will be a hardcover A5 size book. Details for the Patlabor OVA & TVA Archives are the same, except that catalogue number will be BCBA-1848.
  • Media Works' new magazine "Dengeki Playstation Girl's Style" will hit the stands on 4 December 2003, price yet undetermined. For girls who like computer games. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Enterbrain will publish the Kidou Senshi Gundam Koushiki Settei Shiryou Shuu (Mobile Suit Gundam Official Design Works Collection) Anaheim Journal UC 0083-0099 on 20 December 2003, price 1,800 yen. Roughly A4 size, 102 all-colour pages, including about 120 new illustrations. Comes with bookcase and B3 size poster. Source: Mangaoh Club.

13 November 2003 (third update)

  • Congratulations to Mr_Bear and Mrs_Bear on the birth of baby Bear/daughter Jeslyn \^_^/ Banzai! Banzai! \^_^/
  • Hmm, I'll probably leave it at this for today. Still haven't caught up with all the news yet. More tomorrow...
  • Official website for Kon Satoshi's upcoming TV anime Mousou Dairinin is now up, though there's not much to see at present. Official English title appears to be "Paranoia Agent". Source: Ma-ten. To commence broadcast on WOWOW (it's a WOWOW original anime) on 2 February 2004.
  • Microsoft Slate magazine article on Japan Cliche No. 2: Manga. This article is back from 14 October 2003.
  • ZDNet Japan reports that Bandai and Microsoft have today announced an agreement for the global internet distribution of anime. Bandai of course will provide the anime content, which will be distributed using Microsoft's Windows Media 9 series technology. The rollout of this plan will start in South Korea at the end of November (five works including Gundam and Dirty Pair, available by streaming download), and will later expand to countries in the West. Looks to me like they may be focusing on subtitled anime, since it's stated that the subtitle function of WM9 will help keep costs low. Bandai's subsidiary Bandai Channel commenced internet distribution in Japan back in October 2002 and has sold over three million episodes of anime to date. Microsoft's Japanese press release refers to expansion of the plan to Asia, Europe and North America in 2004. Source: alternative-live.
  • Interesting little non-anime/manga webpage: left click to create lines and right click to delete lines. Source: Rakuga Kidou. Have fun ^_^
  • Flash R.O.D typing game. Titled "Anida". Another pun. The "da" in this case means "to hit". Click on the graphic. You then have thirty seconds (from the first keystroke) to type the phrase "urusai tibikko" (shut up, chibikko) as many times as you can. Each time you complete the phrase, Nenene will hit Anita ^_^;; (in the top right hand corner, Anita's saying "My name is Anita"). Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Impress Corporation has listed more upcoming DVD releases in Japan. Among those: volume 1 of Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou will be released on 25 February 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1842, price 3,800 yen. Source: Tentative Name.
  • On Kon Satoshi's movie Tokyo Godfathers, Yomiuri Online writes "Christmas at the movies hasn't felt this magical in a long time." Read the full English language review here.

12 November 2003 (third update)

  • Sorry, that's all for today. Still stuff to type up. The rest must wait for another day...
  • Square Enix is starting up a new manga magazine in January 2004. The blurb is that the contents of the magazine won't be shonen but won't be seinen either - instead it'll be a "new young magazine" - sounds like something in between to me. Anyway, thisd new magazine will be titled Gangan YG. Official website is here, but it won't open until some time in December 2003. Source: ultimatum.
  • Manga no Mori's list of book releases for December 2003 is now up, and it states that the Nanase Aoi artbook Angel Flavor will be published on 25 December 2003 (previously it had stated 25 November 2003). Price remains 2,200 yen. Source: ultimatum.
  • Manga no Mori's list further states that the artbook "ABe Yoshitoshi Haibane Renmei Gashuu Glie no Machi, Haibane no Niwa de" will be published by Kadokawa Shoten on 25 December 2003, price 2,000 yen. Earlier in the year, a Haibane Renmei artbook had been advertised for release in July 2003. Hopefully this release date in December will prove more reliable...
  • GAiNAX has a section up on its website for its upcoming TV anime Kono Miniku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World). At present there's only the one page up, though, but there's one or two pics. High school student Takemoto Takeru and his friend Ninomiya Ryou are performing deliveries by motorbike when they come across a glittering light - which turns out to be a bishoujo (Hikari), of course. Story of Takeru and his friends and classmates. Laughter, tears, science fiction, bishoujo, action, heart-warming too - at least that's what the blurb says. Confirmation that this work will see the staff of Mahoromatic back again. Source: ultimatum. The show is to commence broadcast in 2004.
  • In preparation for the broadcast of Chojushin Gravion Zwei starting January 2004, the official website has been renewed. Source: Magicalantique.com.
  • Seiyuu Orikasa Fumiko's first CD album Lune will be released on 21 January 2004, price 3,059 yen (including tax). First pressing limited edition version (catalogue number GNCA-1011) will come with special sleeve and a bonus DVD containing music video among other things. Regular edition catalogue number GNCA-1012. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • Sakamoto Maaya's website has a section up for her upcoming CD Shonen Alice (contains 14 new songs) and the short movie 03+ (Zero Three Cross) which she'll star in. A strange girl meets a boy with darkness in his heart on the streets of Tokyo in this modern fairy tale. You can view an 80 second trailer for the movie. The DVD for the movie will be 21 minutes long. Source: Reinbo Actress. For CD release details see my 8 October 2003 entry, the DVD being released on the same day. Oh yeah, there was mention of Sakamoto's fanclub in January...?
  • Impress Corporation has listed some upcoming DVD releases in Japan. Among those: volume 1 of Saiyuki Reload will be released on 23 January 2003 2004 (year amended 13 November 2003). There'll be a limited edition (catalogue number FCBC-0001, price 2,500 yen) and a regular edition (catalogue number FCBC-0008, price 2,000 yen). Source: Tentative Name.
  • SutePri Premium, a book on the Scrapped Princess TV anime, will be published on 9 December 2003, price 2,300 yen (excluding tax). B5 size, 112 pages. First edition cover will have "UV silk printing", whatever that is. Will contain the usual stuff: character guide, illustration gallery, story guide for the 24 episodes, cast and staff interviews, design works etc. Source: Comic Toranoana. Yay, my order from Toranoana has shipped \^_^/
  • The January 2004 issue of Shonen Gangan manga magazine (to be published 12 December 2003) will come with Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist) Premium DVD. The DVD will basically promote and introduce the Playstation 2 game based on the series and also include DVD sale commercial. Price of the issue has yet to be determined. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Volume 6 of Last Exile will be released on DVD on 17 December 2003 and volume 7 on 21 January 2004. First pressing of volume 6 will come with paper craft of Claus' vanship (approximately 22 cm long). First pressing of volume 7 will come with paper craft of Tatiana's vanship (approximately 18 cm long). Assembly is require: scissors, glue etc not included ^_^ Anyway, Animate has pics of the completed vanships here: with Claus' vanship on top (wire not included) and Tatiana's below. And on 25 October 2003 I wrote about the release of volume 8. The next pic on Animate's page is of the Lavi and Chibi Lavi figure which will come with the first pressing limited edition version.

11 November 2003 (second update)

  • I think that'll be all for today. Sorry, no real update for a few days already. Haven't been feeling well recently, so I haven't been updated as much as I should. I'll try to catch up when I have the time and am feeling better -_-
  • Back on 8 November 2003, I wrote about "Okusama wa Majo" (My Wife is a Witch), the upcoming Japanese live-action remake of Bewitched and wrote further that I didn't consider the news anime related. But Arsene Lupin III on the AoD forums points out Bewitched was an inspiratoin for the mahou shoujo genre. You learn something new everyday.
  • Bandai's website for the currently airing TV anime Avenger is now up. Amongst the info is the news that volume 1 of the DVD will be released on 23 January 2004, catalogue number BCBA-1764, price 6,090 yen (including tax). Volume 1 will contain two episodes. There'll be six volumes in total to span the 13 episodes of the series. The DVD will be 50 minutes in duration, single layer, with linear PCM stereo sound and anamorphic letterboxed picture. First pressing will come with a pin-up. Furthermore, there's the announcement that if you purchase volume 1 of the DVD and the OST (which will be released on 3 December 2003), you'll be able to apply for a special DVD containing, among other things, Ali Project performing the theme song and insert song from the series (from the Avenger Live event). You'll need to pay for postage of the DVD though. Of course, I doubt they'll ship outside Japan, so best to get friendly with a store which will oblige you. Applications must be postmarked no later than 20 March 2004 and it's presently envisaged that the special DVDs will be shipped out in mid-April 2004.
  • Yomiuri Shimbun English language report about Sumitomi Corporation planning to sell sell e-manga in the Korean language.
  • Well, I couldn't resist. I'm ordering the December 2003 issue of Newtype (out yesterday), which comes with Evangelion DVD. Mainly promoting the upcoming Evangelion 2 computer game, but I'm a sucker for Eva stuff... ^_^;;
  • The release of the Oh! great Reproduction Original Art Collection has been put back from 10 November 2003 to 1 December 2003. Normally I'd be upset at this news, but as it happens I'll be in Tokyo on 1 December, so I hope to pick up the art collection from the Ikebukuro branch of Manga no Mori myself \^_^/ For more details on the release, see my 18 October 2003 entry.
  • New Urushihara Satoshi artbook will be released by Kodansha on 18 December 2003, price 2,500 yen (excluding tax). Tentative title is "U:Collection". Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Volume 3 of the Saint Seiya Episode G manga (by Kurumada Masami/Okada Megumu) will be published on 19 February 2004. There'll be a limited edition version available for 1,143 yen which wil lcome with postcard album and two postards. The regular edition of the manga will be released on the same day. Source: Mangaoh Club.

10 November 2003

  • Maybe more later. I'm going shopping now.
  • No further update yesterday 'cos I wasn't feeling well...
  • Yesterday I wrote about the limited edition Cossette no Shozou (Cossette's Portrait) volume 0. Neowing has further details up. Catalogue number SVWB-1381. The DVD will be 20 minutes in duration and will contain a promo video of the ED. This OVA series will be three volumes.
  • On 10 October 2003, I wrote about the release of volume 1 of Peacemaker Kurogane. Animate Web Mail Order stated that it'd be released on 21 December 2003, price 2,100 yen (including tax), with some first pressing limited edition bonus. The official website for the anime states the same and says further that catalogue number is GNBA-7001, the volume will contain episode 1 and the first pressing item is a clear bookmark - also, preorders will receive a B2 size poster. There'll be 13 volumes in total, with future volumes to be released every month (price 5,800 yen each - excluding tax) and to contain two episodes each. However, CD Japan now has volume 1 listed here, but states that volume 1 will contain two episodes, have a catalogue number of GNBA-7013 and the price will be 3,800 yen. Furthermore, CD Japan's sister site Neowing states that the first pressing limited edition version of volume 1 will come with a box.

9 November 2003 (early update)

  • Back on 4 November 2003 I wrote about the DVD release of Interstella 5555 - the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. Musicmarket states that in addition to the special edition with CD and the regular edition there'll be limited edition version. This edition will of course be limited to 5555 copies. Looks like it'll contain the special edition CD together with two Daft Punk original Be@rbrick figures and a special 3D jacket card. Price 8,100 yen.
  • Fell asleep yesterday before updating.
  • Cossette no Shozou (Cossette's Portrait) volume 0 will be released on 1 January 2004. I'm assuming this DVD will relate to the "gothic mood" anime Petit Cossette which Sony/Aniplex is working on - this DVD is certainly a Sony release anyway. Catalogue number SVWB-1381, price 1,429 yen (excluding tax). This is a limited edition release. Being volume 0, this is just a preview DVD. It'll contain preview, staff interview, still pictures, etc. The main work itself is set to commence release in the (northern) spring of 2004. Source: Mangaoh Club and Musicmarket.
  • Yomiuri Online English language review of the manga Buddha by Tezuka Osamu, which has been translated into English by Vertical.
  • Apparently the OVA Animation Runner Kuromi 2 will be out on 28 January 2004. Source: Moon Phase. I'm not really sure which ultimate source this news came from, though.
  • The Pakistan arc of the Yugo TV anime will be six episodes long, while the Russia arc will follow with the final seven episodes. Source: Moon Phase. This series will commence broadcast in February 2004.
  • The official website for Dead Leaves is now up, though there's just the one image at present. Source: Moon Phase.
  • The official Chrono Crusade TV anime website is now up, but it won't have its official opening until 16 November 2003. Source: Ma-ten. The series will commence broadcast on 24 November 2003.
  • Yesterday I wrote about the upcoming TV anime Chou Henshin Kosu-pureiya (The Cosmopolitan Prayers). I gave the names of the members of the ISO as Miko-rayer, Sister-rayer etc. Was going to type up additional explanation of my translation, but fell asleep... -_- Anyway, all the names end in "rayer". In katakana it's "reiya", but Japanese doesn't really distinguish between "r" and "l", hence Engrish, and hence the kids at the school I went to always trying to get the Japanese teacher to talk about "elections" ^_^;; So, in this case, "reiya" could be rendered as "rayer" or "layer". I initially decided with "rayer", since I figured that this would coincide better with the names "Cosmopolitan Prayers" and "Cos-prayers". If each was a Cos-prayer, it stood to reason that their names would end "-rayer". But then on second thoughts I realised that the suffix "-reiya" could be a pun. You see, amongst the cosplay enthusiasts, a "Layer" is a cosplayer. It's apparently what those in the know would call a cosplayer. Hence you get a magazine with a title such as Dengeki Layers (see my 22 August 2003 entry). In Japanese there's no problem, since you use "-reiya". But in English, you have to make a decision: you either use "r" and lose the pun, or use "l" and lose the connection with Cos-prayers. Anyway, I'm not going to change what I wrote earlier, but I thought I'd just spend a pararaph typing up this completely trivial and useless point.

8 November 2003 (sixth update)

  • Group TAC anime studio has a website up for the currently airing Futatsu no Spica (Twin Spica). Source: Moon Phase. Not all sections are up, but you will find some design works for now.
  • More wallpapers at the Gadguard website. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Another three new wallpapers at the Shingetsutan Tsuki-hime website. Click on the "special" section, then click on "next" to get to the second page of wallpapers. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Updated the Me Gumi no Daigo news.
  • Not anime related, but I thought this was interesting (if frightening ^_^;; ). Sankei Sports reports that the 60s US live action comedy series Bewitched is to be remade in Japan as "Okusama wa Majo" (My Wife is a Witch). This live action dorama series will commence broadcast on TBS in January 2004. Yonekura Ryoko will star in the title role. Naturally, the setting this time will be in Japan.
  • Sankei Sports reports that the manga Me Gumi no Daigo, by Soda Masahito and serialised in Shogakukan's weekly manga magazine Shonen Sunday, is to be turned into a live action TV dorama series to commence broadcast on Fuji TV on 6 January 2004. Source: ultimatum. The story of new young fireman Asahina Daigo. Update: forgot to mention - the title of the dorama series will be "Fire Boys ~ Me Gumi no Daigo ~". Comparison has been made with the recent dorama series titled "Water Boys" (about synchronised swimming - previously a movie), especially since Yamada Takayuki has a role in both series. Yamada will play Daigo this time.
  • Mag Garden has a sister magazine to Comic Blade in the works. Titled Comic Blade Gunz, the first issue will be out on 20 November 2003. There's an official website here, but nothing much to see at present. Source: ultimatum.
  • The sci-fi manga GANTZ by Oku Hiroya (serialised in Shueisha's Young Jump manga magazine) is to be adapted into an anime movie. Official website here. Nothing to see as yet, though. Source: ultimatum. Story about dead people being collected by the mysterious black orb Gantz to fight aliens. Another manga in Young Jump is Elfen Lied by Okamoto Lynn. Rather bloody manga - heads decapitated, limbs dismembered, eyes gouged out etc. That's the bad side of Nyu ^_^;; IIRC, there was a rumour Elfen Lied was going to be animated as well. But that's just a rumour, and completely unconfirmed, so don't quote me on it...
  • Updated the details about the new m.o.e anime.
  • Sorry, keep falling asleep earlier and earlier nowadays. But one of the advantages of being slow to type things up is that other people translate stuff for you \^_^/ Animaxis now has an English language report on Saitou Takao, author of Golgo 13, receiving the Purple Ribbon medal.
  • And RZetlin on the AoD forums has pointed out that Yomiuri Online now has an English language report on 360 voice actors suing a production company.
  • Woah. m.o.e has announced three new works. First up is Chou Henshin Kosu-pureiya. (Sorry, I've used a dash, but there should be an infinity symbol in it's place - it's just that I'm dumb and don't know how to type an infinity symbol without changing to the Japanese character set). Anyway, title translates to Super Transformation Cosplayers/Cosprayers. Normally, the last word would be translated as "Cosplay/Costume play". But in this case it's actually a pun about people in costume who pray. The official English title is "The Cosmopolitan Prayers". Eight episodes commencing broadcast in January 2004. You can view two trailers here. The red buttons are higher quality. Source: Tentative Name. The evil god is reviving and it's up to the fighting shamans from around the world (hence the name "Cosmopolitan Prayers", "Cos-prayers" for short) of the ISO (International Shaman Organisation) to stop this. There's Miko-rayer (in the miko outfit), Sister-rayer (in the nun outfit), Sari-rayer (in the sari), Rabian-rayer (in the Arabian outfit), Dian-rayer (in the American Indian - I think - outfit) and group leader Cruz Priest (a Shinto priest, but with a name meaning "cross" ^_^;; ). But the sealing ceremony fails, causing all the humans in the world (except the Cos-prayers) to disappear! Nice trailer though ^_^;;
  • Next up in m.o.e's lineup is Hit wo Nerae! (Aim for the Hit!), although it appears official English title may be "Smash hit!". Also eight episodes, to commence broadcast in March 2004. Source: Tentative Name. Mizuki (not certain of the name) is a 25 year old police drama otaku and virgin. One day, she's selected by a TV producer for her maiden work, but it's tough going. Ganbare Mizuki! Aim for your first H (hit) ^_^
  • Finally there's Love Love? (should be a love sign between the two words, but I can't work out how to do that either ^_^;;). Also eight episodes, to commence broadcast in May 2004. Source: Tentative Name. High scool student Naohito has a complex for wicked eyes. When he meets a group of bishoujo, who will have the last laugh? Love-comedy.
  • All three anime appear to be bishoujo anime. All three are directed by Takahashi Takeo(?) with character designs by Oshima Miwa. TV anime series seem to be getting shorter and shorter...

7 November 2003 (early update)

  • Yeah, fell asleep again. So sue me.
  • The sequel anime series Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite will commence broadcast in April 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • This post to Aniradi Network diary states that the new manga work by Yamada Norie and Yoshizuki Kimuchi (who brought us the Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~ Someday's Dreamers manga and anime) will be... a sequel to the manga ^_^ It'll commence serialisation in the January 2004 issue of Dragon Age manga magazine (to be published 10 December 2003). Subtitle will be "Taiyou to Kaze no Sakamichi" (The Road of the Sun and Wind). Main character will be third year senior high school student Matsuo Nami. Source: Moon Phase. This news is presumably from an issue of this month's Dragon Age, which goes to sale around about now.
  • From an advance copy of the December 2003 issue of Newtype (on sale in a few days), details of which have been posted to this 2 channel thread:
    From Gonzo Digimation comes a new TV anime to be broadcast in the (northern) spring of 2004. Titled "Samurai 7" it'll be based on the movie The Seven Samurai (which was of course directed by Kurosawa Akira). Direction of the TV anime by Takizawa Toshifumi, animation character design by Hashimoto Hideki (I think that's the name), mecha design by Kobayashi Makoto (mecha design in a jidai-geki anime...?)
    GAiNAX's upcoming TV anime Kono Miniku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World) will be directed by Saeki Shouji, with character design by Takamura Kazuhiro, animation by GAiNAX and Shaft. (Both names worked on Mahoromatic, IIRC.)
    The Monkey Turn TV anime will be directed by Akiyama Katsuhito (Armitage - Dual Matrix), with character design by Okuda Jun (various AIC anime) and animation by OLM.
    The Yugo TV anime (13 episodes to commence broadcast in February 2004) will have completely different main staff and animation companies for the Pakistan story arc as opposed to the Russia story arc. (For more info on the manga on which this anime is based, see my 5 June 2003 entry.)
    Source: Moon Phase.

6 November 2003

  • Starchild's website for the cute TV anime Bindume Yousei (Bottle Fairy). Source: alternative-live.
  • I seem to have forgotten to mention that TV Asahi's website for the live action dorama version of Ace wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace) is now up, though there's nothing to see at present. The series will commence broadcast in January 2004.
  • The headache won yesterday.

5 November 2003

  • Maybe more later. Headache.
  • Six wallpapers available for download from manga magazine Young Animal's website for Berserk. Source: ultimatum.
  • The official website for the upcoming TV anime Samurai Champloo is now open. There's a few images in the gallery, one of which you may have seen in Newtype magazine. There's also a trailer which states that the series will commence broadcast in the (northern) spring of 2004. Source: ultimatum.
  • The manga Beck by Harold Sakuishi is about high school student Koyuki and his friends forming a rock band "Mongolian Chop Squad". Now Fender Japan gives you the opportunity to buy a Telecaster electric guitar like the one Koyuki plays. Just 75,000 yen, to be released in mid-November 2003, with Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad logo on the head of the guitar. Source: ultimatum.
  • Shueisha's semi-monthly manga magazine Margaret has announced on its Hana Yori Danga page that its 2004 issue number 1 (to be published on 5 December 2003) will include a Hana Yori Dango bangaihen (extra story). Source: ultimatum. The manga by Kamio Yoko concluded in August this year.

4 November 2003 (third update)

  • One or two more things, but I'm going to leave it for now.
  • Almost forgot: are you a budding animator? If so, the 10th Hiroshima International Animation Festival will be held in August 2004. Sounds a long time away, but entries must be in by 1 April 2004. For more info, see the official website linked above, check out the details on this website of the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, or ask your local Japanese diplomatic office ^_^
  • A couple of weeks late (I'm a bit behind in the news), but according to Nikkei Net, Broccoli announced an interim loss of 1.844 thousand million yen to August 2003 - a blow out from a 267 million yen loss for the same period last year - attributed in part to sluggish results in anime broadcasting and related goods sales and depreciation expenses on inventories. Revenue was 4 thousand million yen, down 11% from the previous year, and sales at the company's specialty stores (presumably Gamers) totalled 2.815 thousand million yen, a decrease of 2%. The company's loss after ordinary items was 518 million yen but after extraordinary items was 1.844 thousand million yen. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Broccoli will be publishing the 128 page artbook "Chocola 2003" by Koge Donbo on 20 December 2003. There'll be a regular edition and a super limited edition version. The regular edition will cost 5,000 yen (excluding tax) and will come with a set of big playing cards (95mm x 145mm) in a special case, though it seems that even this regular edition will be limited to 5,000 copies. The super limited edition version will come with a framed B4 size digital lithograph of an illustration by the artist, which is signed and numbered by her. Price 50,000 yen (excluding tax). You can see a pic of the illustration on the page linked above. This version will be made to order and there will be a maximum of 500 copies made. Orders must be in by 24 November 2003 and you'll need to pay a deposit of 5,000 yen. Source: Moon Phase. Hmm, I guess Broccoli must be trying to cover its deficit ^_-
  • littleharlock on the Anime on DVD forums has pointed out that CD Japan now has the release DVD details for Matsumoto Leiji/Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 - the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. There'll be a special edition with CD and a regular edition.
  • Been meaning to type up more details about the DVD release of URDA for some time now. Distributor MMV has posted up additional details. Anyway, although the main feature will be 30 minutes long, the extras on the DVD will be 90 minutes long. The main feature will be the DVD version of the CG anime (five episodes, 2ch and 5.1ch sound). The extras will be the web version of the anime (five episodes, 30 minutes), storyboard movie of the web version (30 minutes), trailer collection (7 minutes), different version of episode 2 (5 minutes), deleted scenes collection (2 minutes) and creator Romanov Higa's past works "Oneday, Somegirl" and "Sandstorm" (all four episodes). The past works together have a duration of about 15 minutes. For more details, see my 16 September 2003 entry. Source: Aniota and Moon Phase.
  • Flash anime Quino. Choose from Japanese or English language (the English isn't perfect, though). Source: Moon Phase.
  • Sorry, fell asleep early on Sunday and Monday ^_^\
  • The official Steam Boy website states that the movie will be released theatrically in Japan in the (northern) autumn of 2004. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Further to my 27 September 2003 news, it's now official: manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday has announced that the Kawai Katsutoshi manga Monkey Turn will be animated and commence TV broadcast on 10 January 2004 on TV Tokyo. Speedboat racing. The anime will employ CG. Source: Moon Phase. The previous report suggested that this series would be half year long. View chapter one of the manga starting on this page.
  • Following on from my 2 November 2003 report, the news and releases details pages at the official Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie (Divine Punishment Angel Rabbie) website now confirm that the first pressing limited edition of volume 1 of the anime will come with a second DVD. Duration of the main DVD is now stated to be 25 minutes, not 30 minutes. The second DVD will only be approximately 10 minutes long and will contain a promo video. Source: Moon Phase.

2 November 2003 (third update)

  • From the latest issue of Megami Magazine: the OVA Hatsukoi (First Love) will be released at the beginning of next year. Source: Moon Phase. I don't know if this will be an adult anime or not...
  • Also from Megami Magazine, the upcoming Burn-up Scramble TV anime will be 13 episodes. Source: Moon Phase. The series commences broadcast in January 2004.
  • Back on 28 August 2003 I wrote about the upcoming anime Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie (Divine Punishment Angel Rabbie). There have been one or two changes along the way. For various reasons, I'll restate the release details for volume 1 here. To be released 23 January 2004, catalogue number ZMBZ-1640, price 5,800 yen (excluding tax), duration 30 minutes. First pressing limited edition of 10,000 sets will come with a Lasty Farson figure. Furthermore, today's entry in the diary on the official website states that the release will be a two DVD set. It's not expressly stated, but I think this statement is a reference to volume 1 and to the first pressing limited edition version. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Back on 10 August 2003, I wrote about Ushi no Koe (Cow Crys "Mou"). As previously stated, this will be a fee paying service. The fee paying sections are expected to be up in January 2004. However, for now the (free) Flash anime section has added episode 1 for viewing. The Mou Musume change into new costumes. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Sorry, going to type up more yesterday, but I fell asleep.
  • BTW, I'm going to be on leave at the end of this month. So, starting around about 29 November 2003, there'll be no updates to this site. No updates for at least six weeks \^_^/ Free at last! \^_^/ Yeah, I took a holiday at the end of last year as well, but it's not an annual thing for me. Last year, things just came up - a friend getting married etc. And this year, other things just fell into place. Anyway, life is too short for any regrets. If the opportunity comes up, better to just take it. And I start my trip with a few days in Tokyo \^_^/ So, no updates for December or the first week or two of January 2004 \^_^/
  • Looks like there'll be a new Shadow Skill OVA. Gau Ban, Ella Ragu, Scarface and others are back. This time it'll be full CG anime, with a look that's called "2.5D", where 2D looks like 3D and 3D looks like 2D. Yeah, whatever... The Flash intro on the homepage should ive you an idea. The DVD Premium Complete Box will be released 12 December 2003 which will come with 45 minute DVD, 60 minute dorama CD and special script. Price 9,800 yen (excluding tax). You can view two sample clips and a "making of" clip here. Source: Moon Phase. After you click the clip you wish to view, you'll be taken to a new page where you choose between dial-up conection or broadband connection (the page defaults to broadband). On the next page, unfortunately, you'll need to register, but registration is free (albeit in Japanese). IIRC, you'll need to select your age group, then gender, then occupation, then address (just rough location in Japan). Then type in your name and email address.
  • The Playstation 2 super robot adventure game Kishin Houkou Demonbane (Deus Machina Demonbane) will be released in early 2004. There'll be a limited DX pack and a regular edition. In either case, the game will come with an OVA. The limited DX pack will cost 9,800 yen (excluding tax), the regular edition will cost 7,800 yen (excluding tax). No indication yet whether the OVA will be available separately. Source: Moon Phase. I'm not really going to go into further details in relation to the game cos I don't care about games :P
  • Broccoli is selling a 55cm Mint stuffed toy. Mint from Galaxy Angel, of course. With the doll comes two additional changes of clothing. On top of Mint's usual uniform, you get a Santa outfit and a chicken outfit. See the link above for pics of the doll and outfits. Available from Gamers stores from 19 December 2003, price 12,800 yen (excluding tax). Source: Moon Phase.
  • Wonderfarm's new anime is MusuMET RGB. I'm exactly sure how to render the title, since if you just follow the katakana it'd be "Musumetto", but in this case, I think it's a fusion of the words "musume" (girl) and "M.E.T." (a secret organisation). The three sisters of M.E.T. protect the Earth using their super helmets, which enhance a person's abilities. There's youngest sister Mishina Kurenai (16 years old), who wears the red, representing the sky. 17 year old middle sister Mishina Midori wears the green, representing land. Eldest sister Mishina Aoi is 18 years old and wears the blue, representing water. Together their codename is MuseMET RGB. Source: Moon Phase. As with many names in anime, the names are puns. Mishina in this case means "three colours". "Kurenai" is the colour crimson. "Midori" and "Aoi" can also mean "green" and "blue", although the kanji are different. My money is on ADV Films to license this one.
  • Continuing my alternating viewing of Space Runaway Ideon, Neon Genesis Evangelion (Renewal version) and RahXephon. I like the Eva Renewal version 5.1ch sound, though I don't have 5.1ch sound myself ^_^ I noticed they changed the electronic sound of the music game in episode 9 "Both of you, dance like you want to win".

1 November 2003 (eleventh update)

  • More wallpapers at the Gadguard website. Source: Moon Phase.
  • The official website for the OVA Kidou Shinsen Gumi Moeyoken has updated with a few stills from episode 1. Source: Moon Phase. For release details, see my 2 and 26 October 2003 entries.
  • On 26 October 2003, I wrote out the release details for volume 1 of the upcoming OVA series Moekan (Moekko Company). The official website has now updated with further details. The limited edition version will come with booket (design works, storyboards, postrecording script, key artworks, etc), CD (mini-drama, cast interview, acoustic version of the ED "sincerely yours") and mousepad. Volume 2 will be released in the (northern) spring and the concluding volume 3 in the (northern) summer. Source: Moon Phase.
  • JVC Music's webpage for the TV anime Planetes. View the opening credits sequence. Listen to samples of the OP and ED. Source: Moon Phase.
  • The fifth One Piece movie will be released theatrically on 6 March 2003 and will be titled "Norowareta Seiken" (The Cursed Holy Sword). Source: Moon Phase.
  • More old news (as is a lot of the stuff I'm typing up today), but the official Tenchi Muyo! website has anounced that the release of volume 2 of the 3rd OVA series has been put back from 21 November 2003 to 21 December 2003. Catalogue number VPBV-11805, price 4,800 yen (excluding tax), duration 30 minutes, Dolby Digital sound (5.1ch and 2.0 ch), first pressing will come with Radio Tenchi CD. Source: Moon Phase.
  • Lupin has been arrested. Mainichi Shimbun reports that Fukuoka police have arrested Wada Yuuji (40 years old, unemployed) and two men in relation to the burglary of 172 items of jewellery (worth approximately 9 million yen) from a store in Karatsu City in Kyushu on 25 September 2003. Including that crime, Wada and others are alleged to have carried out 73 crimes over the 19 months since January last year, causing loss and damage of approximately 330 million yen. Wada would gather the accomplices and give out the roles for executing the crimes and selling the stolen goods. 22 people in the ring calling itself "Lupin/Rupan" have been arrested in relation to the crimes, and police are still searching for 6 others. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Kurumada Masami's official website has moved to this site. Source: Aniota BBS. Kurumada wrote Saint Seiya among other titles.
  • From Tokyo Movie Networx come more promotional images for the upcoming Devilman live action movie (the images in the bottom half of the page). From the press conference held on 30 October 2003. Source: Aniota BBS. Toei Animation says that they're fused their anime, digital and CG arts to create an images which they call "T-Visual".
  • TDK Design Inc states that the movie Cello Hiki no Gauche (Gauche the Cellist) will be remastered and re-released on 21 December 2003, catalogue number GNBA-3002, price 3,800 yen. Comes with Japanese and English subtitles. Includes staff interview, colour character designs works, image boards, background art, trailer and ten page booklet. Source: Aniota.
  • As has been mentioned in other places already, a trailer for the upcoming Cutey Honey live action movie is now available for streaming download RealOne's Japanese page. It's presently the feature trailer. Click on the words "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the speed of your internet connection. Source: Aniota. Features Sato "Perfect Body" Eriko. Looks like they're definitely going with the Cutie Honey spelling.
  • Yahoo Japan reports that the 49th School Reading Investigation has found that children in Japan are reading less. The average number of magazines read by children per month is 4.8 for primary school, 4.3 for junior high school and 3.7 for senior high school. This is a decrease of 1.9, 1.2 and 0.7 respectively from last year. In addition, the percentage of children who didn't read even one magazine a month was 27% for primary school (up 9%), 27% for junior high (up 4%) and 29% for senior high (down 0.4%). The drop is partly attributed to the lower number of hit manga. Source: Aniota.
  • The top page of m.o.e's website has updated with a fourth and fifth characters for the original TV anime to be broadcast in 2004. The company will open a page for the anime early this month. Source: Ma-ten.
  • TV Tokyo's website for the TV anime Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure So Nanda! is now open . Source: alternative-live.
  • More details from Paper Moon on the DVD release of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist). 13 volumes in total. I'll consolidate the details here.
    Volume 1 to be released 17 December 2003, catalogue number SVWB-1641, price 3,800 yen (excluding tax), contains two episodes. First pressing will come with slimline super jewel case, bonus disc (trailers, staff interview, cast special message etc) and booklet (approximately 30 pages, characters, background art, design works).
    Volume 2 to be released 21 January 2004, catalogue number SVWB-1642, price 5,800 yen (excluding tax), contains four episodes. First pressing will come with super jewel case and metal box to hold all 13 volumes.
    Volume 3 to be released 24 March 2004, catalogue number SVWB-1643, price 5,800 yen (excluding tax), contains four episodes. First pressing will come with super jewel case and metal binder to hold all the booklets from the 13 volumes.
  • A smidgeon more info on the upcoming Comic Party Revolution OVA series. Aquaplus, makers of the game on which the OVA is based, state that catalogue number for volume 1 will be AQVD-03001 and it'll come with a telephone card. Source: Rakuga Kidou. As I wrote on 19 October 2003, to be released in December (late December), price 5,500 yen.
  • Shingetsutan Tsuki-hime website has updated with seven new wallpapers. Click on the "special" section. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • The Mezzo TV website has updated with the news that the series will commence broadcast on 6 January 2004. Source: Rakuga Kidou.
  • Back on 27 June 2003, I wrote about Toei Animation suing second hand store Mandarake in the Tokyo District Court for the return of a stolen Sailormoon cel. Looks like the litigation dealt with a number of cels, not just one cel. Yahoo Japan, again citing a Jiji Press report, states that yesterday Tokyo District Court judge Mizuno Yuko ordered that Mandarake return 11 cels to Toei Animation, since the cels which had been accepted by the second hand store were stolen goods. Source: ultimatum. See my 23 July 2002 for info about the theft.
  • In Japan, the second season of GiTS:SAC has finally been officially announced by Bandai. It'll be titled "Koukaku Kidoutai SAC 2nd GIG" (GiTS SAC 2nd GIG). 26 episodes, broadcast two episodes per month on the pay-per-view SkyPerfect TV! commencing January 2004. See the link for images from the second series. Source: ultimatum.
  • Mangaka Shiki Satoshi has updated his website to confirm that the original TV anime Hikari to Mizu no Daphne will commence broadcast in January 2004. Anime production by J C Staff and Genco, direction by Ikebata Ryuuji, character design by Iwakura Kazunori (based on original designs by Shiki, Iwakura did the designs for Ai Yori Aoshi). Official website for the anime is also up here, but it's still under construction. It confirms that the katakana for the last word should also be rendered "Daphne". Also, the English title appears to be "Daphne in the Brilliant Blue". Shiki's new manga will commence serialisation in the early (northern) spring of 2004 in Young King Ours magazine. Source: ultimatum.
  • Another site up for the upcoming Yumeria TV anime. Source: ultimatum. This one states that the series will commence broadcast on BS-i on 8 January 2004 (well, actually 30 minutes past midnight on 9 January 2004).
  • Updated the Devilman movie news.
  • NHK's website for its upcoming Hi no Tori (Bird of Fire/Phoenix) V anime is now up, but there's just the single page at present. Source: ultimatum. To be broadcast in the (nortern) spring.
  • Promotional image for the upcoming Yumeria TV anime, to commence broadcast in January 2004. Source: Magicalantique.com.
  • infoseek anime reports (via Sponichi Annex) that the tennis manga Ace wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace) (later turned into a TV anime and movie) will be adapted into a live action dorama series to be broadcast on TV Asahi starting January 2004, with Ueto Aya in the lead role as Oka Hiromi.
  • This infoseek anime report (citing Sankei Sports) states that the upcoming live action Devilman movie (to be released in the northern summer) will cost one thousand million yen. Meanwhile, ultimatum points out that the official website is here. You can also see a CG image on this Sankei Sports report. BTW, on 30 October 2003, I wrote the movie would incorporate "animation and CG". Looks like this should be just "CG animation". I've now amended that entry. Compare the cost of the Devilman movie to that of the Steam Boy anime movie (2.4 thousand million yen - source: Bandai, 19 June 2003 announcement), the live action Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor) movie (one thousand million yen - see 19 August 2003 entry) and the live action Casshan/Casshern movie (said to be 5 thousand million yen - Sankei Sports report).
  • Bandai's page for the upcoming Spirit of Wonder Tsuruta Kenji Wonder Box DVD and CD release has updated. Whereas it was previously stated that the new short anime China-san no Sakazuki would be 7 minutes long, it's now stated that it will be 11 minutes long. You can view four screenshots here. That page also has a pic of the illustration for the box.
  • So the Ikki Tousen manga by Shiozaki Yuji has been licensed by Tokyopop. Now people are going to start to say that the TenTen manga copied the Ikki Tousen manga >_< Well, one good thing to come of this: if and when the Tenjou Tenge manga is licensed, at least I can now rest assured it won't be re-titled Battle Vixens \^_^/ \^_^/ Anyway, I was writing about similarities in artwork earlier. Here's a comparison. On the left is the panel drawn by Oh! great in his Himiko-den manga, published February or March 1999 (can't be bothered checking). On the right is the panel drawn by Shiozaki in Ikki Tousen, published in August 2000. So Oh! great's artwork was done roughly 18 months before Shiozaki's. For similarities between Oh! great's Tenjou Tenge manga and Shiozaki's Ikki Tousen, see these pics, but note that there's a bit of nudity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Sorry, I've typed up some details elsewhere on the web and can't be bothered explaining them here. But in each case, the TenTen artwork (on the left) came out at least 18 months earlier.
  • The official website for the upcoming movie Innocence is now up. Source: Studio Ghibli. It's a shame the Flash intro, which is stylish but simple, is 3Mb in size >_< "The net is vast..." "What is life?" etc. View the first trailer here (presumably more clips will be put up in future). The movie will be theatrically released in the (northern) spring of 2004, although the museum K website states the date will be 6 March 2004.
  • The above site also states that a lower price re-release of the original GiTS movie will be out on 25 February 2004.
  • Volume 3 of the manga Gamerz Heaven by Murakami Maki will be published on 10 March 2004. There'll be a limited edition which comes with mousepad, price 762 yen. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Volume 3 of the manga "R^2 rise R to the second power" by Hakoda Maki will be published by Mag Garden on 10 March 2004. There'll be a limited edition which will come with Kano figure, price 1,524 yen. Source: Mangaoh Club. This manga has been licensed by ADV Films.
  • Volume 4 of the manga Matantei Loki Ragnarok by Kinoshita Sakura will be released on 10 March 2004. There'll also be a limited edition of this manga, which will come with original drama CD, price yet to be determined. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Live action series Pretty Guardian Sailormoon pencil board. Available from Animate from 21 November 2003, price 472 yen (including tax). Or there's the 2004 calendar for the series, available around about now. Seven A2 size sheeets, price 1,600 yen (excluding tax). Where are the R.O.D -The TV - goods?!
  • BTW, for lovers of live action versions of Sailormoon, Bandai will release the Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Memorial DVD Box on 23 January 2004. Subtitle is "Oyama Anza Hen (first part)", so I guess this box only contains those shows in which Oyama Anza had the leading role as Sailor Moon. I'm not sure whether the "first part" refers to the series of DVD boxes or whether it implies that a future DVD box will contain more Oyama Anza performances. Hope you understand the distinction I'm trying to draw ^_^;; In any event, more DVD boxes will be released in future. For now, this DVD Box will contain five discs and cost 27,000 yen. Source: dvd catalog.
  • Volume 1 of the DVD release of Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito will come out on 15 January 2004, price 5,040 yen (including tax). First pressing will come with original trading card. Source: Animate Web Mail Order.
  • It's the weekend \^_^/
  • The Best of Detective Conan 2 CD will be released on 10 December 2003. There'll be a first pressing limited edition which comes with DVD containing creditless OP and ED - price 2,857 yen. Regular edition will cost 2,667 yen. Source: Animate and Neowing.
  • A D.C. ~ Da Capo ~ Vocal Album CD will be released on 26 December 2003. First pressing will come with box to hold two CDs. Source: Animate.
  • Those who purchase the first five volumes of the DVD release of R.O.D - The TV - from Animate will get a figure to go with it. Source: Animate. There'll be nine volumes in total.
  • The Vampire Hunter D Perfect Collection will be released on 4 February 2004, comprising three DVDs and one CD. This will be a first pressing limited edition item and will apparently have DTS sound. For full details, see CD Japan's listing here.


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