30 September 2002

  • Starchild's page for Kikou(?) Sennyu Rouran (to commence broadcast on 15 November 2002) is now open. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • TV Tokyo has announced that it will commence broadcast of (edit 8 October 2002: the new TV series of) Platonic Chain on 4 October 2002. Source: Aniota BBS. For info on this CG anime, see my 8 August 2002 and 18 September 2002 entries.
  • Stingray lists "Cog 1" of the TV anime series Hibane Renmei (to commence broadcast on 9 October 2002) as coming out on 21 December 2002, catalogue number PIVS-2511, price 2,800 yen (excluding tax). I presume this will be start of the series, rather than some special or promotional disc. Looks like this first volume will be 23 minutes long. Source: Moonphase.
  • According to this week's Weekly Shonen Jump, a new Hunter x Hunter OVA will be released in February 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Wonderfarm has announced a Saint Beast anime in the (northern) spring of 2003. Source: Moonphase. A spin-off from the anime series Tenshi no Shippo, Saint Beast will centre on the four bishonen beast gods who appeared as the villians in that series. A few days ago, and prior to the announcement of this anime, a Saint Beast vocal/drama CD album was released.

29 September 2002

  • The homepage for NTV's live-action dorama Psycho Doctor based on the manga by Matoba Ken and Aki Tadashi is now up, though there's nothing to see. The dorama commences broadcast on 9 October 2002.
  • Looks like the Ogata Megumi album which I mentioned on 25 September 2002, "Aitai ~ passed, and next 1992-2002 ~", will be a 4 CD "best of" compilation. As previously mentioned, to be released 4 December 2002, price 6,000 yen. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • It's been announced on Daichi Radio, the radio program with Daichi Akitaroh and Saito Ayaka, that the manga Makasete Iruka! (story by Daichi Akitaro, art by Takashita Takashi) will be animated as an OVA in 2003. Source: Moonphase.
  • Well, looks like the Chii figure which comes with the limited edition version of volume 7 of the Chobits manga was not created by Miyagawa Takeshi but rather by another popular modeller Asai Masaki (also known as Masaki Apsy). Asai Masaki was the modeller for the Nadia figure which comes with the Fushigi no Umi no Nadia DVD box. You can see a small pic of the figure on CLAMP's Chobits news page here. Small pic, but still looks nice ^_^
  • Maybe more news in an hour or two.

28 September 2002

  • I love slow news days ^_^
  • Studio Deen now has it's own official Get Backers webpage up, with a nice illustration on the front page. Source: TA Group BBS. The TV anime series is to commence broadcast on 5 October 2002.
  • Paper Moon has more release details for Palme no Ki (A Tree of Palme) and Arete-hime.
    Palme no Ki:
    To be released 21 December 2002
    Catalogue number TDV-2700D
    Price 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
    Movie approximately 136 minutes, DVD will also have a bonus clip on it.
    To be released 21 December 2002
    Catalogue number SDV-2702D
    Price 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
    Movie approximately 105 minutes, DVD will also have a bonus clip on it and trailers.
    Source: Aniota.
  • About the anime version of Milkyway which I wrote about yesterday - Studio Orphee's diary now states that this will be an adult anime. Oh well.
  • And about my report on Toshiba EMI's "DVD Video Sound" on 25 September 2002. The releases apparently will not be the DVD-Audio standard, but rather the usual DVD-Video. Also, it seems the song Eternal Snow is to be the new ED for Full Moon o Sagashite. I've edited my 25 September entry a bit to clarify that.

27 September 2002 (final update for the day)

  • Chapter 4 of story 3 of the "sound novel" Kamakur@ Love is now up. For more info, see my entry on 31 May 2002.
  • I hate it when I'm trying to update this page and my computer crashes >_<
  • Lemon Heart has announced that it will release an anime based on the adult(?) computer game Milkyway by Witch in the (northern) spring of 2003 with animation by Datama Film. However, while script will be by Studio Orphee's impressive combination of Kuroda Yosuke (Trigun, etc) and Kurata Hideyuki (R.O.D), I presume Lemon Heart tends to be involved with hentai(-ish?) anime. So is this going to be a hentai anime...? Source: Moonphase.
  • Guardian Hearts, the manga by Amatsu Sae and serialised in Kadokawa's Monthly Shonen Ace-A, will be animated by KSS as a three volume OVA, with the first volume due out the (northern) spring of 2003. KSS already has a webpage for the OVA up here. Source: Moonphase. High school student Kazuya lives with five beautiful young girls, but they happen to be aliens. Another romantic comedy.
  • Stingray lists the first pressing of the OST CD to Mahoromatic ~ Motto Utsukushii Mono ~, tentatively titled Ongaku Hen, as coming with a clear CD box to hold all 5 CDs from the series. Details:
    To be released 6 December 2002
    Catalogue number PICA-1258
    Price 2,913 yen (excluding tax)
    It'll contain the OP, ED, BGM and omake messages from Mahoro and Minawa
    Source: Moonphase.
  • Sankei Web reports that the Tokyo Regional Tax Bureau has charged Aoba Publishing Co. Ltd and its president Takeda Hiroshi (57) and tax accountant Takahashi Yukimasa (45) with tax evasion. It's alleged that the company concealed income of approximately 260 million yen in the two years to August 2001 by claiming fictitious subcontracting expenses, thus evading approximately 70 million yen in tax. Aoba Publishing Co. Ltd publishes manga such as the million seller Hamster Club, popular with children and young females. The company has now filed an amended tax return. Source: Aniota.
  • On 27 August 2002, I wrote about the sale of the Rockman Hoshi ni Negai o DVD via Capcom's website towards the end of October 2002. Dengeki Online reports that due to fan interest and early readiness, Capcom has decided to start accepting online pre-orders for the DVD (and Rockman CDs) now, with the sale date of 11 October 2002. If you didn't get these items at the Tokyo Game show, they'll only be available via Capcom's site. For more info, see my 27 August 2002 entry. Source: Aniota.
  • Every now and then, some anime will be promoted on a train or bus. I don't normally write about those (eg the Azumanga bus, etc). But in this case, it's a bit more fitting. Asahi.com reports that a couple of Galaxy Express 999 train carriages have been prepared, to commence running from November 2002. The images of Maetel and Tetsuro appear along the both sides of the carriage, and the face of Tetsuro at the head (as you can see in the photograph). Source: Aniota.
  • Yomiuri Online reports that Nagai Go, author of Mazinger Z, has today commenced proceedings in the Tokyo District Court against the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation and East Japan Railway Company seeking damages of approximately 20 million yen for unauthorised use of the Mazinger Z motif in posters and illustrations at an exhibition at the Tokyo Station Gallery in February 2002. The Foundation disputes that Nagai's rights have been contravened. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Another Friday. Je suis fatigue. Sorry for no update yesterday.
  • I want a Misato soapdish ^_^ (It's to be released in March 2003 together with Asuka and Rei versions, I think - see the fifth pic from the bottom).
  • TV Tokyo's preview for Sister Princess Re Pure is now up here. Source: Magicalantique. The anime will commence broadcast on 2 October 2002.
  • The Overman King Gainer website and Bandai catalogue both advise that the first pressing of volume 1 of the DVD for the series will come with a box illustrated by character designer Nishimura Kinu to hold all nine volumes in the series, a 32 page booklet and an "Encyclopedia File". Both first pressing and later pressings will also have a further 16 page booklet. Details:
    Catalogue number BCBA-1311
    Price 5,000 yen (excluding tax)
    Contains two episodes and special show, 75 minutes in total
    Double-layered, anamorphic letterboxed
    Succeeding volumes will then be released each month thereafter, with those later volumes to contain three episodes each (price 6,000 yen excluding tax). The first pressing of later volumes will also come with an instalment of the Encyclopedia File.
  • I don't get a huge amount of traffic to this site, but I note that some of the visitors are people who maintain or report to other news sites, whether in English or in other languages like Spanish, French, etc. I'm flattered if people take news from my page, but if you're doing so, it'd be nice if you gave me a credit and linked my page. Thanks. That way, when I get something wrong, you'll have someone to blame ^_^;; For those of you who already give me a credit, thanks as well ^_^
  • To celebrate the broadcast of Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna, Sony has set up an "Aki no Mystery Gallery" page with pics from the following anime: Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna, King of Bandit Jing, Mirage of Blaze, Rurouni Kenshin, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, I'll/CKBC and R.O.D. Firstly you'll need to enter the password "spiral". Then click on the star which represents the anime. You'll be taken the page for that anime, with roughly 30 screenshots or illustrations for each anime. Some of the pictures have previously been displayed on Sony's various sites. Back at the main page, if you click on the door instead of a star, you'll be taken to a page with a wallpaper to download for each of the named anime, as well as Kikaider 01. Looks like Sony's site will be up until 4 October 2002.
  • Nikkansports.com reports that Yoshioka Miho will be playing the role of a somewhat ecchi schoolboy (Ichitaka?) in the upcoming I''s OVA. Convenience stores such as 7-11 and Family Mart will start taking reservations on 6 November 2002 (the OVA is to be released on 9 December 2002). Source: Ma-ten. The three idols/first-time seiyuu in the photo in the report are (from left): Yoshioka Miho, Nakane Kasumi and Isoyama Sayaka. For more info about the I''s OVA, see my 12 September 2002 entry.
  • ZDNet Japan reports that Bandai Networks' LaLaBit Market has begun accepting orders for the Gundam "Type Char" motorbike helmet, with the "Char's Zaku" motif. The site will be accepting orders until 29 November 2002 and the helmets will ship in March 2003. Price 29,800 yen (excluding tax). The helmets come in three sizes: M, L and XL. Source: Ma-ten.

25 September 2002 (final update for the day)

  • The top banner on this Sunrise page announces that the Playstation 2 3D robot battle action game Kikou Busou G-Breaker (Ground-Breaker) Legend of Cloudia, to be released on 7 November 2002, will include an anime version clip with original as well as old characters. Source: Moonphase.
  • Impress Corporation and Ichimy report that Toshiba EMI has announced that it will start releasing music as "DVD video sound" as of 7 November 2002. The audio portion of the DVD will contain 48 kHz/24 bit sound, while the video portion will contain still images. First up will be Changin' My Life's new single Eternal Snow. Five tracks will be included on the DVD single, including the (edit 28 September 2002: new ending theme Eternal Snow) and insert song (or songs) from the TV anime Full Moon o Sagashite. The visual portion will contain over 40 stills including photos of the artists as well as illustrations from the TV anime series. Price 1,048 yen (excluding tax). The CD single will be released on the same day for the same price and with the same tracks. But while it won't contain the stills, the CD single of course has the advantage of being capable of being played in a CD player. Source: Aniota and Ma-ten. Note that you can't read the Ichimy article unless you register with their site (registration is free).
  • This is probably nothing new, but I had a look at the Ghibli Museum site today. Nice catbus on the main page ^_^
  • AIC has a page up for the Blue Gender movie The Warrior. I haven't check the trailer yet, but I presume it's the same one as was previously on its homepage. Source: Moonphase.
  • The official website for Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (She, the Ultimate Weapon) has updated with release details for the DVDs. Click on the pick button and on the pop-up window which appears you'll see a pic of the Chise figure which comes with the limited edition version of volume 1. Click on the "More Info" button and you'll see the Takahashi Shin illustration to be used for the box, together with a pic of the box. The 72 minute bonus disc which comes with the limited edition of volume 1 will contain a 25 minute special program "Saishuu Heiki Kanojo no Subete", a 25 minute interview, five 4 minute mini-programs "SaiKano Jyouhoukyoku", four 15 second Family Gekijo TV ads, three 30 second Family Gekijo TV ads and a 15 second CBC TV ad. Source: Moonphase. And note that, among the specifications set out for each disc, the DVD release will have English subtitles. Yes, gotta add that to my buy list \^_^/ For more info about the volume 1 release, see my 12 and 14 September 2002 entries.
  • Tenmon, composer of the soundtrack for Hoshi no Koe, has updated his homepage which a piece of music "Prologue" which you can listen. Just click through to the Download page. Source: Moonphase.
  • A trailer for the Saint Seiya Hades Chapter OVA series can now be viewed at the official website here and at the Toei Animation trailer page here (third item down). Source: Moonphase.
  • Sorry for no update yesterday. Decided to catch up on sleep.
  • Hazukashii ^_^\ My site got mentioned on Jungle SCS's English page. Thanks guys ^_^/ If I'd known you knew about my site, I would've written more about Jan Jan! Junko-chan. Though I preferred Jungle SCS before it set up its English and Korean pages - less competition from anime fans for items then ^_-
  • Thanks to k_chan for pointing that fact out to me ^_^ You may be interested to know that Ogata Megumi (one of my favourite seiyuu too) will be releasing an album on 4 December 2002. Title will be "Aitai - passed, and next 1992-2002-". That kinda suggests it'll be a "best of" compilation. Price 6,000 yen. Source: Reinbo Actress.
  • For those interested in the Tenchi Muyo! Juu Shuunen Kinen (10th Anniversary Memorial) DVD Box to be released in March 2003, you can view a pic of the planned design of the wooden box at Animate's website here. Note the drawer at the base to store the Azaka and Kamidake paperweights. Wonder if it'll come with the purple Tenchi Muyo! print cloth furoshiki as wrapping as well? For more details about the release, see pages like CD Japan's listing or Animaxis' report here (when their site is up again).
  • Shin Seiki Tetsu Mars will commence broadcast on Sky Perfect TV's AT-X on 31 October 2002. It's based on the 1976 robot manga Mars by Yokoyama Mitsuteru (Testujin 28 Go, Giant Robo). Seki Tomokazu will take the lead role as Mars, a boy found on an island which appears after the eruption of underwater volcanoes in 2002. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Kahoku Online Network reports that as a result of complaints regarding the red tint in the Japanese Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi DVD the National Consumer Affairs Centre of Japan yesterday requested that Buena Vista Home Entertainment not cause similar trouble in future. Buena Vista has replied that it will take into account the Centre's comments. The Centre does not regard the present measures taken by the company in placing an explanatory sticker on the DVDs to be sufficient. Source: Ma-ten.

23 September 2002

  • In the October issue of Bandai's Beat Magazine pamphlet comes news that music for Gundam Seed will be composed by Sahashi Toshihiko (Big O, Full Metal Panic). Sound director will be Urakami Yasuo (who has worked on various Gundam series). Source: TA Group BBS.
  • On Yamada Akihiro's official website, he writes that there will be approximately 20 minutes of new footage in the RahXephon movie. Sounds like a digest movie. Yamada is the character designer for the series. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • The 13 episode Sister Princess Re Pure commences broadcast on 2 October 2002. You can view the OP (Tokyo Game Show 2002 Stage version) here in this Aniradi report. Just click on the first link you come across. Source: Moonphase.
  • The November 2002 issue of Kadokawa's Asuka magazine (on sale tomorrow) has announced that the shoujo manga D.N.Angel by Sugisaki Yukiru is to be animated. D.N.Angel tells the story of Niwa Daisuke who switches back and forth with his alter ego the legendary thief Dark depending on which of the Harada twin sisters he's thinking of. Source: Moonphase.
  • According to Houchipurei2, the vampire manga Hitsuji no Uta by Toume Kei (serialised in Monthly Comic Birz), which was recently adapted into a live-action movie, is to be made into a four volume OVA to be released around May 2003. Source: Moonphase.

22 September 2002 (final update for the day)

  • Studio Perriot is selling a character design works book for the anime Like the Clouds, Like the Wind exclusively through its Perriot Shop. Price 2,500 yen (excluding tax), orders close 30 September 2002 and will be shipped at the end of October 2002. This book will contain approximately 50-60 pages (8 in colour) and will be A4 in size. The minimum number of 100 orders to ensure production has already been reached. Source: Aniota.
  • Today Pioneer held an event for its Rondo Robe label. Among the announcements was the news that a Tsuki-hime anime will be produced next year. Tsuki-hime is an adult doujin computer game by the circle Type-Moon, which has since spawned music, books, figures and goods etc, but since Rondo Robe will be behind the anime, I presume the anime won't be hentai. Also promoted at the event were other works slated for completion by Rondo Robe next year, including L/R and Texinolize. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Those who purchase all six volumes of the Asagiri no Miko DVDs will be able to apply for a book containing storyboards by director Moriyama Yuji and illustrations by Ugawa Hiroki (author of the manga on which the TV anime is based). And those who purchase all three box sets of Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan (Ground Defense Force Mao-chan) will be able to apply for a set of three Mao-chan figures. Source: Paper Moon.
  • Nikkei BizTech reports that during a press conference about Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on 20 September 2002, Oshii Mamoru spoke about a full digital anime movie in the works with Production IG (which I presume is the Ghost in the Shell 2 movie...?). Work started two years ago, and the movie should be completed in another one and a half years. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Nikkei Net reports that Japan Rail exhibited its new Ampanman carriage on 20 September 2002. In a three carriage configuration, the front half of one carriage has been converted into an Ampanman playground for children. The walls and floor are padded to avoid injury to the children and illustrated with characters from the popular TV anime series. The service will commence its run on 6 October 2002 between Takamatsu and Tokushima. Special reserve tickets will be required. Source: Ma-ten.
  • Episode 2 of the OVA Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te will be broadcast on TV Kanagawa on 2 November 2002 and on Kids Station on 4 November 2002. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • Volume 1 of the DVD for Overman King Gainer will be released on 21 December 2002. Price has yet to be determined. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • The website for Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~ Someday's Dreamers (to commence broadcast in January 2003) has now opened. Still a lot of sections under construction, but at least you'll get a look at the main characters and see a couple of screenshots. Artwork looks beautiful.

20 September 2002 (updated)

  • In the latest entry in his official webpage, director Anno Hideaki (Evangelion) writes on work on the 2'36'' short Studio Ghibli anime Kuusou no Kikai-tachi no Naka no Hakai no Hatsumei. Postrecording dubbing and photography have been completed and they're now up to the rush check stage. Source: Moonphase.
  • Nikkei Net reports that Fuji TV has acquired a stake in the Chocovader character by paying several hundred million yen to developing companies Sony Music Entertainment and digital film producer Buildup. Chocovader is an alien-toy-in-a-chocolate-egg confectionery. A Chocovader anime will also commence broadcast in October 2002. Source: Ma-ten.
  • The Space Pirate Captain Harlock ~ The Endless Odyssey webpage was finally restored today. Volume 1 "Hakidame no Blues" will be released on 21 December 2002, catalogue number VPBY-11581, price 4,800 yen (excluding tax). The OST CD will cost 3,000 yen (excluding tax), catalogue number VPCG-84766. Source: TA Group BBS.
  • The TV anime version of Tsuri-baka Nisshi (The Diary of a Fishing Fool) will now commence broadcast on the later date of 2 November 2002. Shogakukan, publisher of the manga, has an announcement page here, and Toei Animation also has a page up, but there's not much to see at either. Source: TA Group BBS. For more information about the story, see my 20 August 2002 entry.
  • Bandai has updated its upcoming releases page. I won't go through all the products since I may have previously discussed them or they may be releases of old shows. However, I notice that the first pressing of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex volume 1 will come with a trading-card-type character ID card. Further, Bandai's catalogue page for volume 1 adds that the first pressing will also come with a box to hold the first five volumes of the DVD. It'll be a double layer DVD with anamorphic widescreen picture. Apart from that first pressing bonuses, the DVD will also come with an 8 page booklet. Bonus features on the DVD will be a special CGI movie and a "making" video. For more details, see my 10 September 2002 entry.
  • The three volumes of the Happy World! OVA series (based on the manga serialised in monthly Ultrajump magazine) will be released on 13 December 2002, 28 March 2003 and 26 June 2003. Price of volume 1 will be 2,940 yen (including tax) while volumes 2 and 3 will be 5,250 yen (including tax) each. Source: Animate Yokohama. You can view a few screenshots from the opening title sequence on the KSS's page linked above.
  • More Happy Lesson DVDs are coming out. This time it's "Chara DVD's". The Mutsuki volume will be released on 13 December 2002, then the Kisaragi volume on 24 January 2003, the Yayoi volume on 28 February 2003, the Uduki volume on 25 April 2003 and the Satsuki volume on 26 June 2003. Price of each volume will be 3,150 yen (including tax). Source: Animate Yokohama.
  • A limited edition version of volume 13 of the manga Beck by Harold Sakuishi will be published by Kodansha on 15 November 2002. Price 2,000 yen (excluding tax). Included will be a 40'35'' tribute CD with 10 pieces of music. Source: Mangaoh Club.
  • Next issue of Super Robot Magazine (volume 9, on sale 19 November 2002) will have mahou shoujo Minky Momo against the giant robot Sengoku Majin Goshogun. Huh? Source: Aniota.
  • Chapter 3 of story 3 of the "sound novel" Kamakur@ Love is now up. For more info, see my entry on 31 May 2002.

19 September 2002

  • Shin Seiki Tetsu Mars will commence broadcast on AT-X on 31 October 2002. Source: Anime X-press News (thanks Yankumi ^_^ ).
  • Webpages for this season's live-action dorama series which are based on manga:
    You're Under Arrest (commencing 17 October 2002) - for more information see my 23 August 2002 entry.
    Remote (commencing 12 October 2002) - the page will officially open on 4 October 2002; for more information see my 6 September 2002 entry.
  • Friend Yankumi saw Neko no Ongaeshi at the start of the month and liked it a lot, finding it simpler but more fun and enjoyable than Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, although the latter had better production values. The following is Yankumi's summary/review, though I've edited it. The artwork in Sen was much better and more detailed, more fantastic; the music better and the story also more fantastic. On the other hand, Neko no Ongaeshi was light, fresh and funny - more relaxing work than Sen, which had a more complex storyline.
    Yankumi didn't find all of The Ghiblies Episode 2 interesting, though, only the part about eating curry ^_^ Wasn't impressed by the artwork in this short work either. Note however, the voices in The Ghiblies Episode 2 were performed by famous actors and actresses such as Suzuki Kyouka, Nishimura Masahiko and Shinohara Tomoe. The Ghiblies Episode 2 played first and was about 20 minutes long. After a break of about 10 minutes, Neko no Ongaeshi began.
    High school girl Haru doesn't know what she's doing with her life, and what's more she's depressed because the boy she's got a crush on has a pretty girlfriend. One day, Haru saves a cat from being run over by a truck. The cat turns out to be Run/Lun, son of Neko Ou (the Cat King) from Neko no Kuni (the Land of Cats). That night, Neko Ou and his entourage (a humourous sight) pay a visit to Haru at home to thank her. She's invited to Neko no Kuni but then it's proposed that she marry Run/Lun... In the Land of Cats, Haru meets of number of characters, including Muta, the Baron and the crow Toto. Don't want to spoil things for you, but Yankumi said that the scenes which followed next were creative ^_^ Cast for Neko no Ongaeshi:
    Ikewaki Chizuru as Haru
    Hakamada Yoshihiko as the Baron
    Yamada Takayuki as Run/Lun
    Maeda Aki as Yuki
    Satoi Kenta as Natori
    Hamada Mari as Natoru
    Saito Yousuke as Toto
    Sato Hitomi as Hiromi
    Tamba Tetsuro as Neko Ou
    Okae Kumiko as Haru's Mother
    Watanabe Tetsu as Muta
    Yankumi, thanks very much for your review and for the links m(_ _)m I owe you one (again) ^_^/
  • Bandai has opened a website for OVA series Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu Deluxe. Click on the flowers to watch a TV commercial for the series.
  • "The Paper" is back! \^_^/ The November 2002 issue of Ultrajump (on sale 19 October 2002) will see the commencement of the Shin R.O.D manga (tentative title). Whereas the original manga was by Yamada Shutarou (who has a short manga Hexagon in this month's issue of Ultrajump) with Kurata Hideyuki, Shin R.O.D will be by Ayanaga Ran with Kurata Hideyuki. Shin R.O.D will deal with three sisters, and it seems from the pic that they're each paper masters. Although the blurb refers to "The Paper", there's no reference to Yomiko. Will there be a different Paper...?

18 September 2002

  • Episode one of the (edit 8 October 2002: 2001 version of the) 3D CG anime Platonic Chain is now available for streaming download at Cafe Creators. Episodes two to five will be made available every four days or so. Source: Aniota. However, you'll need to register with the site first (this is free, but the registration is of course in Japanese). For more information on the anime, see my 8 August 2002 entry.
  • The official SaiKano (Saishu Heiki Kanojo - She, the Ultimate Weapon) website has updated with five additional wallpapers to download. Source: Moonphase. Just click on the Present option. You'll need to answer a quiz of three multiple choice questions correctly first, but it's not hard to do with trial and error.
  • Sorry about slow updates recently. Been sleeping a lot.
  • Asahi.com has an article on freeters, ie people like Oe Kintaro in Golden Boy and Konno Mitsune in Love Hina.
  • For anyone considering getting the Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) Complete Song Box, Animate has a complete listing of all 139 tracks here (in Japanese).
  • JVC's page for Overman King Gainer is now up. Source: infoanime.com.
  • TBS' Chobits page has updated. Source: infoanime.com. Included among the updates are details on DVD volume 9, which will be a digest volume. The volume will contain digest episodes 9, 18 and another episode. Episode 26 is supposed to be the last episode. So what's this other episode going to be? Some other digest episode...? I dunno. Volume 9 will be released on 21 February 2003, catalogue number PIBA-7172.
  • Sponichi reports that the 1,500 million yen live action movie Dragon Head (based on the manga by Mochiduki Minetaro) will be released in the (northern) autumn of 2003. The cast and crew travelled to Uzbekistan for two months, where sets were created, including the tunnel where the bullet train crashed, setting the story in motion. Source: Aniota. For more information, see my 10 July 2002 entry.
  • Toho now has a page up for Azumi, the live action movie based on the manga of the same name. Source: Aniota. A trailer will later be available for download. For more information, see Anime News Service's 12 July 2002 entry.
  • The Heat Guy J website has updated with news that the manga version of the story will commence serialisation with the November 2002 issue of Monthly Magazine Z (on sale on 26 September 2002). The mangaka will be Ogishima Chiaki, but based on original character designs by Yuki Nobuteru. Source: Moonphase.
  • Sony's website for Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Travelogue) has updated with a storyboard for episode one of the OVA. A new storyboard will be put up each week. Just click on Products and then select the furthest right menu item. Source: Moonphase. One thing I like about the site is the option to choose from one of three tracks as your background music while you browse the site.

16 September 2002

  • Got the Pandora Tarot, illustrated by Chen Shu Fen. Wonderful pics, but a bit disappointing that the cards are only about 5.5cm x 12.5cm in size. Of the 78 cards, save for ace to ten of each of the four suits, each of the cards are individually illustrated. Also comes with a 112 page booklet (in Chinese) on how to use tarot cards. Not that I'm ever going to use them. Look nice anyway ^_^ Chen Shu Fen's webpage, which she shares with husband Ping Fan can be found here.
  • Episode 2 of the full 3D CG independent anime URDA by Romanov Higa is now available for download. Just click on the #2 link on the left hand side of that page to get to episode 2. This 5 minute episode took approximately three months to create. The low quality version is 7.4Mb in size. The high quality version is 45Mb. In this episode, Elna and Janet don't trust the mysterious girl's story of where she came from, but the Nazis seem to believe it. For more details about the anime and how to view it, see my 7 and 12 May 2002 entries.
  • Kajiura Yuki has stated on the BBS on her website that, although See-Saw composed the ending theme for Gundam Seed, she will not be writing the BGM for the series. Source: TA Group BBS.


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